a new Ethereal token that uses Blockchain technology for voting systems,

The investment project in the world of crypto is in great demand with the rising price of bitcoin (the main crypto currency) to reach 100 million rupiah. The ICO project is mushrooming up to confuse you to invest in projects where, well, here I will describe a very interesting project. Let’s look at the reviews
What is Boulé?
Boulé  is a new Ethereal token that uses Blockchain technology for voting systems, doubling the voting bulletin, giving voters the opportunity to choose from a distance, increasing voters and making voting processes cheaper, faster and safer.
The team has developed a voting process in the voting system in the block system. Once the voting process is available, each registered user receives a notification of voting availability. Voters must be enrolled, their ID and biometric parameters must be downloaded, if these indicators are available in the system – they get access to the options panel.
The organizers and voting institutions will purchase the service using the Boulé token, which will be distributed among voters for access to the electoral process. Token can also be a reward for voters who choose long distance, to stimulate the use of digital technology. This choice depends on the voting organizer. Read Whitepaper:
The general placement of token Boulé
The Boulé token (BOU) will cost 1000 BOU for 1 ETH during the entire distribution period without a discount. Discounts up to 20% are only available for original participants. ICO will begin on 25 October. Detailed information on upcoming token placement can be found on the project’s official website –
The sales period will last 30 days or until the 80,000 ETH level is reached. Token will be available for trading on the exchange in November, following the end of ICO. However, Boulé does not intend to participate in the financial speculation that occurs whenever ICO is launched. The team’s goal is to get as many supporters as possible, to find people who see the long-term benefits of this project. Its main task is to stimulate the development of the system as a whole, to encourage direct contact between people about the voting organizers, for correct and correct decision-making on issues of public interest.
Boulé Street Map
To succeed in this mission, we need support, so we create a private group on the telegram to discuss the most contentious issue of remote voting, anonymity, security and possible technical scenarios.
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