Hello everyone, especially to the crypto community around the world, on this good occasion I will introduce a Project that I think is very special, supported by a very brilliant idea idea, This project is  Inpactor

This is an open invitation to the world

Join the new humanitarian ecosystem – backed by the Corporate Social Responsibility Token – to create greater financial transparency, better governance, greater accountability, and greater social impact.

FACT: 95.4% of charity donations never reach the intended beneficiaries

When you donate money for a purpose, you may realize some of it goes towards “operating costs” and other costs.But do you know how many of your donations are yawning without ever reaching the people you donate in the first place?

Surprising reports by The Guardian  1  , Giving USA  2 and World Disasters Report  3  reveal the sad truth:

In 2015 alone, out of about $ 373 billion in donations, only $ 11.2 billion goes to affected countries. Another $ 5.9 billion was given to local NGOs. While the staggering $ 355.9 billion goes towards “overhead”. It’s a staggering 95.4% of the funds disappear into thin air- consistent figures from year to year.

This figure is unacceptable and proves that something is broken in the humanitarian sector. This is a wake up call for us to find a better way, sooner than later.

The disastrous consequences of  a damaged humanitarian ecosystem

Public confidence erodes

Due to the many problems in this sector that have been going on for decades, trust has gradually disappeared from companies and the public.

Donations shrink

As a result, both public and corporate donors shy away from philanthropy initiatives and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Social problems continue

Suppressing societal issues in desperate need for sustainable development is left unattended, exacerbating the situation further.

Current model does not work …

Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon called for a review of all humanitarian sectors just before the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul.

“We’re still working on an old-fashioned, centralized, top-down system that believes in control errors. We are trapped, and we are not talking about real issues, which are incentives, behaviors, and governance. What we need is a new eco-system of intelligent humanitarianism, which responds to what is needed, which is flexible and diverse, and financed in new and intelligent ways. “

We take the call very seriously …

Introducing a new ecosystem of intelligent humanity.

Over the past few months, we have seen launches after the launch of white documents aimed at improving the damaged humanitarian system by creating financial transparency.

Besides the fact that financial transparency is just a symptom of a broken system, the proposed solution is also between ten and twenty years away before they actually come true.

Let’s not sit and wait for that …

  • This coming May we launch the world’s first one-stop shop for social impact.
  • This block-based platform will address 5 major industry issues, including financial transparency.

You are invited to join this humanitarian revolution …

We are sedition

A growing global community with chapters in 46 countries. We will launch a blockchain based platform that will transform the humanitarian industry forever.

We are 

next generation social business

What started as a social movement in 2011, spread all over the world like wild fire. After 6.5 years, the Insitement has branches in 46 countries, organizing 100 social events and projects, and is widely regarded as the # 1 social business in Southeast Asia, implementing CSR solutions for some of the world’s largest Brands.

We believe that Corporate Social Responsibility should be an investment for Brand – not just donations. This is a great way for Brands to attract more customers and strengthen Brands.

Hasit helps Brand design and implement CSR initiatives in line with the value system embedded in Brand DNA.

Our clients are some of the biggest brands in the world

We have designed, developed and implemented CSR initiatives and humanitarian projects for reputable Brands, such as  Pepsico  ,  FedEx  , and L’Oreal  , and have implemented multinational sustainable development programs for the  Ministry of Finance of Malaysia  ,  Ministry of Youth & Sports , and many again.

Some of our work

We have implemented sustainable development programs worldwide for corporate and government clients.

VIP 2017

In partnership with the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia and National Strategy Unit (NSU), Incitement implements ten social impact frameworks in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Liter of Light Malaysia.

Aiming to eradicate energy poverty worldwide, Liter of Light is an official initiative of UNESCO partners under the International Light Year 2015. So far, Incitement has lit more than 35 villages.

Growth of sedition

The initiative began in 2011 to help empower refugee youth in Malaysia, who are denied all forms of formal or occupational education, by providing them with leadership and development programs.

As shown in

Hasitan has received extensive media coverage for its work, both regionally throughout Southeast Asia as well as globally.

5 major issues

The humanitarian industry currently faces 5 major problems; financial transparency is just one of them.

Scandals after the scandal find their way into the humanitarian industry

These are some of the recent global headlines

We believe Corporate Social Responsibility is the solution

The reason why we focus on CSR, apart from 6.5 years of direct industry experience, is because we believe it has the potential to be the single most powerful force that drives positive change for humans and the planet.

The corporate sector is well-equipped in terms of funding, talent, and infrastructure. And given the importance of Gen Y and Millennials putting on ethical and sustainable practices, the nonprofit sector has an interest in CSR to serve the workforce and consumers in the future. It is clear that Brand plays an important role in sustainable development.

Today’s CSR landscape

Corporate responsibility is increasingly popular among Brands as a strategy to improve performance.

It is clear that CSR is a tool

with great potential

By enabling Brands to do more & better CSR, we can strengthen and accelerate social impact making, making the humanitarian sector more effective.

But there are 5 major industry problems that are 

we must discuss first

The currently ruined humanitarian ecosystem stops CSR from reaching its full potential. Our solution addresses all these issues.

And there are many issues of individual stakeholders

In addition to issues across the industry, the three most important stakeholders have their own unique challenges. We will discuss all of them on our platform.

Meet Inpactor.

The only platform we need to create a social impact in a reliable, scalable, and transparent way – with the right incentives for Brands, Causes, and Volunteers.

One-stop CSR platform

Inpactor is the first one-stop platform in the world that connects Brands to Causes for Volunteers, enabling them to easily create and implement Humanitarian projects, and get incentives for their businesses and performance.

Inpactor is an underlying technology that provides a scalable solution for a hasit approach to CSR. Not only will it enable the creation of more social impacts, it also provides better and more consistent solutions to each stakeholder challenge. Plus, this platform is free for anyone to use.

Inpactor solves individual stakeholder issues for Brands, Causes, and Volunteers

Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to leave it behind, and present a new solution that makes it obsolete.

Benefits to Brand

  • Find social projects that fit easily and remove long selection processes.
  • Accept the ‘branding facility’ as an incentive for CSR initiatives & grow your brand.
  • Use CSR for impact, marketing, and retention – all at once – aligning internal cross-departmental motives.
  • Measure the impact of CSR on your business in terms of ROI.
  • Create meaningful employee engagement programs.
  • Benefit from improved efficiency in project planning with better project management tools.
  • Working with responsible and reliable organizations & impact-verified measurements and reports.
  • Make social responsibility a part of your core business & attract more customers.
  • Easily attract & retain talented employees, and improve employee productivity.
  • Use premium features to get more from the platform!

Benefits for Causes

  • Easily list your projects & publish them to the 1000s network of Brands and Volunteers.
  • Withdraw funds from the Brands by giving them a ‘branding facility’.
  • Attract, recruit, filter, and review volunteers using a recruitment tool designed specifically for Causes.
  • Use customized project management tools for humanitarian projects.
  • Create a list of your projects & impacts to your Causes Channel to generate exposure and awareness.
  • Measure & report your impact using the Hourglass Inpactor tool developed in collaboration with Taylor’s Education Group.
  • Find and apply easily to grants that match your Cause
  • Use premium features to get more from the platform!

Benefits for Volunteers

Find suitable social projects based on your preferences easily.

Work on a project based on the skills you already have, or the skills you want to acquire.

Make a list of your work on your public profile & create your resume.

Accept an incentive to volunteer (more on this in the Token page)

Publish your experience directly to LinkedIn.

Collaborate with Causes using shared project management tools.

Build your network through social media approaches like Inpactor for humanitarian work.

Use premium features to get more from the platform!

Unique look & feel of Inpactor

The goal is to connect Brands, Causes, and Volunteers to create more social impact using a new, yet intimate and intuitive interface.

Easily create & publish social projects in Inpactor.

It’s never easy to create a list and present your social project in an elegant way to thousands of Brands and Volunteers.

Explore projects and social content as if you were on social media.

AI Inpactor will serve you the content and projects most relevant to you in customized news feeds.

Show your work on your public channel or profile.

Brands, Causes, and Volunteers build their social impact portfolios in public profile channels to show the world.

Inpactor from start to finish

Here is a visual representation of how Inpactor approaches the interaction between Brands, Causes, and Volunteers, and how it enables seamless collaboration between the three.

CSR Token for Inpactor power.

A smart, reliable, transparent and measurable human ecosystem with improved incentives and governance, supported by blockchain & global community.

CSR Token

There are two tokens – CSRi and CSRm – which together will solve five problems across the industry.

Why are there two tokens?

CSRi and CSRm serve different purposes, but interact synergistically to solve five problems across the industry.

The main benefits of Token CSR

A new era of humanitarian work through the use of technology to empower Brands, Causes, and Volunteers to create more, and better social impacts.

Measurable incentives for Brands

Brands are given CSRm every time they fund the Project. CSRm is awarded as a bonus for sponsoring a Social Project and credited to their Inpactor account. This is done to encourage Brands to actively and continue to contribute to the social mission using Inpactor.

Strong & reliable collaboration

A tailored smart contract is generated for each Project to disburse funds throughout the Project cycle, based on achievement of mutually agreed milestones and Project parameters between Brands and Causes, prior to the Project kickoff.

Introducing Basic Cost & Performance Costs for Causes

In Inpactor, Causes are required to set their Basic Costs & Their Performance Costs. Basic Fee will be disbursed upfront. However, Causes will receive their Performance Fee only when their Impact Report is validated during the PoI. If the Cause does not produce an agreed outcome, Performance Costs will be redeemed to Brand.

Evidence of Impact (PoI)

Unless you are directly involved in the Project, there is little or no certainty as to whether the Causes impact of the claim has been made accurate and correct. Proof of Impact (PoI) is a voting system, programmed into intelligent contracts, requiring Volunteers to validate the Submitted Impact Report. This allows distributed consensus regarding the accuracy of reporting.

Spend CSRm

In Inpactor, Token holders can spend CSRm on premium ads and subscriptions. Other Token holders can risk their CSRm using Inpactor’s Proof of Stake (PoS). CSRm can also be spent within our Vendor network on goods and services, as well as stored on exchange platforms.

How CSR Tokens are integrated into Inpactor

Here is a visual representation of how CSR is

seamlessly integrated into the platform.

The swimlane diagram below provides a visual representation of how CSRi lives in the Inpactor. By integrating smart contracts and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) into Inpactor, the ecosystem is enhanced to provide greater transparency, reliability, and accuracy of reports.

Since CSRi is only used in Inpactor, Figure 2 also displays streams when CSRi is created and destroyed. The only way for CSRi to get out of the platform is to convert it to fiat or CSRm. This ensures that CSRi is exclusively used for the creation of social impacts.

Meet Team

Each is strong. Together unstoppable.
Founding team

Marketing | Operation

Technology | Blockchain

Advisory Board

Advisory Board Incitement comes with the support of prominent figures from various relevant industries.

Global community

Incitement is a growing global movement since 2011, with events held independently in 46 countries.

So my review of this amazing project,

Hopefully adding information that can provide more benefits in investing in the future, Let’s succeed this project

For More Information please Click below:

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