A Brief Review Of Toqqn

Privacy and social life. In addition, users get cryptography every day using a new ecosystem based on action. It is a track record.

Toqqn platform development: Toqqn platform development Conventional systems are used to make Toqqn a user-friendly platform. At the same time blockchain technology will adopted to decentralize user data. There is no need for data on our platform or servers. This is done to prevent any kind of abuse.

Why Toqqn?

This is what you want to do. Therefore, we reward them with cryptography.


Built to use, it will be very user friendly; At the same time, the user data. Thus, it is impossible to prevent users from using your personal data.

Period Of Time

Fundraising for the first week of September 2018. The development of the platform is already underway. It is a fully functional beta version.

Toqqn, a 100% ad-free, blockchain-based social platform Blockchain Integration. Users get cryptography through a new ecosystem based on action.

50% of the total TQN supply (toqqn own crypto currency) Creating a new cryptocurrency. As part of Toqqn’s mandate to implement cryptography into the masses,

The platform has been rewarded with our cryptographic key, also called toqn. Cryptography for people who could not contact him.

According to their actions, toqqn will be deposited to all user accounts every day. Users can track their earnings through their personal dashboard, which can be removed from their wallets once a week. If you’re already a client, you’re already purchased.

This provides a true utility of our crypto token. It is unnecessary to reckon the third party.

OOOBTC Exchange Website: https://www.ooobtc.com/

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