A New Stablecoin Pegged To Real Gold



Our history tells about an industrial educated family business with many years of experience in the field of heavy machinery plants – Ceramic production – and our knowledge will now be put into the design and production of a new eco-friendly way of extracting the precious metal from the ground. The gold which will be mined, purchasable only via our GNTO Token on Goldenugget’s platform, will be mined in our properties in Western Africa where we are present since over 10 years. That is the big difference between us and 99% of those “Gold guaranteed” projects on the Blockchain. Afro Splendid Minerals Co. Ltd., is Ghanian registered company 100% owned by GoldeNugget’s founder, and was founded in 2011 as a mining and heavy earth moving machines rental company. Africa is one of the fastest growing emerging markets in the world. We are passionate about the growth and development of this great continent which has so much to offer. Our goal is to help fuel this growth and drive Africa forward by cooperating at our best in sustainable mining projects.

GoldeNugget is an existing reality, with over 3,000,000.00 Euro’s already invested in West Africa for earth moving machines for the gold industry. Where you can really feel the dust, the noise, and the smell of business. Where people really have an objective, where people really see actual results in their hands at the end of the day. Call it “Old Economy”, however this business was once the actual value of money, the same money that still today allows you to purchase bread. So why not unite an old dirty but real business with new innovative industry such as Crypto in Switzerland where purchaser can rely on a predictable legal framework.


Goldenugget is the combination of decentralized blockchain technology and the most antique, reliable, value increasing and stable asset: GOLD! Goldenugget is the first Crypto platform that allows its Token (GNTO) holders to purchase or Dutch Auction its Mined Gold.


Our mission is to create a Gold purchasing platform. The Goldenugget platform allows the GNTO Token purchasers the possibility to purchase Gold directly or to participate at Dutch Auctions which will give them the interesting chance to acquire Gold at a favorable price.


To become the most influential innovator in the field of ground mining on the planet, that’s what we aim to be. As you know, ground mining is not an ecological industry, we, at GOLDENUGGET want to revolutionize the industry. From the use of new eco-friendly non-toxic chemicals, and become the most environmentally-friendly miners on the earth, respecting our neighbors and working with them to create and build infrastructure and services so that once the project is finished they will have something to prosper on.

How does it work?

  • GNTO is GoldeNugget’s ERC20 compatible token registered on the Ethereum main net, minted in 30.000.000 units with 18 decimals, and will be used by purchasers to purchase Gold at “outlet” prices, or on our Reverse Auction website or Dutch Auction. 
  • The Goldenugget Blockchain is a EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible public licensed blockchain with Proof of Authority Consensus Algorithm.
  • The blocks are verified every 30 seconds.
  • The Goldenugget Blockchain stores and tracks all the operations from Gold manufacturing to delivery of the purchases and of the Reverse Auctions website, the tracking papers of the items for sale, making them redeemable at any time.

IEO (Initial Exchange Offer)

IEO stands for Initial Exchange Offer. We are not a Cryptocurrency Exchange, however we exchange our issued Tokens with our manufactured Gold through different mechanisms of simple exchange or Dutch auctions. In order to participate in our Crowdfunding we have opted to implement the KYC and AML procedure and to sell our Tokens on the Swiss based Eidoo Exchange platform so that purcahsers understand the difference between a real and sustainable project versus a possible scam. This allows us to transmit all the possible safe and safeguarding measures in terms of trustworthiness and clarity on the project.

The token will be backed by gold and the token sale will not be carried out through a traditional ICO, but through an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), as the sale will occur directly on the Eidoo exchange. The token issuance will be carried out by a Swiss company based in Canton Ticino, the Pieffe Consulting SA, which will deal with the marketing of gold.

In connection with carrying out the activity of gold broker, and before making gold transactions, GoldeNugget will be affiliated to a SRO organization.  GoldeNugget IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) will begin in May 2019 and will run for 4 months or until the hard cap is reached.

The major problems:

-Mining enviromental Responsability

-The Crypto “Jungle”

-Utility, security or Stable Tokens?

The Solution:

Solution 1 | Clean & Eco-friendly Mining

Solution 2 | The Cryptographic project

Goldenugget: A New Stablecoin Pegged To Real Gold

At a time when stablecoins are becoming increasingly popular in the crypto market, the Goldenugget project, which has been active in the gold mining business since 2011, has decided to launch its own ERC20 token, GN Token. https://www.forbes.com/sites/eidoo/2019/03/28/goldenugget-a-new-stablecoin-pegged-to-real-gold/#314c957fab55

The benefits of a stablecoin

The volatility of cryptocurrencies is not a novelty and stablecoins are increasingly establishing themselves as a means to facilitate the entry of people into this sector.

The Founders

-The founders of the company are Ettore Massimiliano Nassetti and Roberto Piras Arrobbio and have known each other since their college days in Switzerland. They have decided to combine their senior experiences and friendship for this revolutionary blockchain project.

-Mr. Nassetti, Founder and President of Goldenugget comes from a family of Entrepreneurs in various industries such as motorcycles, hospital equipment and ceramic machines, dating back to the 1920’s. He spent the last 30 years living and working in various countries in Asia developing the family businesses. He has spent the last 6 years in Ghana (West Africa) managing the gold related family business.

-Mr. Piras Arrobbio, Co-Founder, comes from a family of diplomats and has been active in the trading of ferrous and non-ferrous metals since the early 1990’s. In his life he has travelled and lived in countries all over the world, acquiring experience in the mining and metals industry.

Technical overview

Token Name: GoldeNugget Token

Token Symbol: GNTO

Total GNTO amount: 30,000,000 GNTO

Available for IEO (Hard Cap): 19,500,000 GNTO

Emission Rate: New Tokens will not be emitted

Exchanged Tokens:

Will not be released on the market for a period of 12 months

Released Quantity: Tokens that have been exchanged to Gold on Goldenugget’s platform will be released in the market through exchanges at market price.

Conversion Rate: 1 GNTO = 1 USD$ or ETH equivalent

Minimum transaction amount 0.8 ETH

Soft Cap 2,000,000 GNTO

Hard Cap 19,500,000 GNTO

The token is classified as a utility token because its purpose is to allow access to the blockchain-based platform for the purchase of gold. The specific function of the token is to allow users of the platform to buy physical gold from Pieffe Consulting SA, extracted by AfroCo, at a fixed price.



The Goldenugget platform allows the GNTO Token purchasers the possibility to purchase Gold directly or to participate at Dutch Auctions which will give them the interesting chance to acquire Gold at a favorable price, that should improve the reputation of our crypto projects in the world market. Excellent an innovative project that is building a reputation-based social platform that bridges the trust gap between blockchain investors, influencers, and project teams with great prospects. Besides that, I saw a team that was very reliable and experienced in managing this project, am sure this project will bring great success later and I will always support this project and I think that this project has a strong team, which has experience for future development, this is a good project for investment. A strong project with strong team members, I so excited to be part of this great opportunity. In my opinion, it will have a successful future!

Be part of the Crypto revolution and purchase Goldenugget Token right now!

  • Website: https://www.goldenugget.ch/
  • Whitepaper:  https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/5603921/Whitepaper%20Goldenugget.1.1.pdf
  • ANN:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5143332.msg51057493#msg51057493

Social Media:

  • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Goldenuggetproject/
  • Twitter https://twitter.com/GoldeNuggetCH
  • LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/goldenugget/
  • Reddit https://www.reddit.com/user/GoldeNugget-Token/

Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.


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