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Crypto N’ Kafeis the first decentralized coffee trading ecosystem powered by Ethereum blockchain technology. The primary concept is to revolutionize the coffee industry by connecting coffee farmers and consumers directly, eliminating non-transparent intermediaries and avoiding retailer domination. The ecosystem offers a variety of smart contracts to facilitate operations within the coffee trading ecosystem.

How It Works?

Farmers will be able to access to CNK platform, set their pricing scheme and select the best deal from importers, roaster and retailers. On the other hand, importers, roasters, and retailers can buy coffee beans directly from farmers at an agreed price. The payment for all transactions will be settled using the CNK token as digital cash within the platform.

Two of the most widely grown coffee plants in Africa are Coffea arabica and canephor (also call Robusta). Coffea liberica is also grown, but in more limited production. Ethiopia, Cameroon, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda are some of the larger producing countries in Africa. If there is a good system in place for selling coffee with the Crypto N’ Kafe platform, it should encourage more farmers to become more independent and start their own operations. Many farms are usually around 20 acres with multiple types of crops planted. Sometimes farmers will group together and farm larger areas for a landowner. The landowner might take a large share of the sale price and leave the farmers little income. If a fair system is in place for farmers to sell their own coffee, they can hopefully move away from this, and start their own farms. Once the Crypto N’ Kafe system becomes familiar to the farmers, the platform can grow and expand more rapidly.

Farmers should be able to have a more stable income from using Crypto N’ Kafe. Some farmers might also decide to grow specialized and premium crops. With access to more direct buyers of coffee, there is more demand for niche premium products. This way, farmers can take care to produce smaller high quality batches and make more income than before. Hopefully, Crypto N’ Kafe can change the way small farms in Africa do business. Blockchain technology has the ability to truly change the way business is conducted. If you have a further interest in learning more about Crypto N’ Kafe, you can visit the links here.

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Crypto N’ Kafe Whitepaper


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