Probit Exchange SWOT Examination

Searching for that cryptocurrency exchange that looks beyond the customary so as to fulfill the needs of numerous investors, then consider Probit, a really decentralized blockchain platform. Here is the SWOT examination of this project will help investors to make informed decision regarding their digital asset.


One thing that Probit will expedite board is a recommendation that seeks to restore confidence once more into the crypto world by operating as a really worldwide platform.

ProBit operates with a coordinating engine that prides itself as one the world’s fastest and most efficient, processing well over 1,500,000+ exchanges per second.

Probit comes as a safe and very secure platform that traders can trust to invest in. Probit platform focuses on three key areas of information storage and security: It stores more than 95 per cent of digital assets in chilly wallet; two, it stores information with one of the strongest encryption calculations; three, Probit supports FIDO U2F hardware security keys and in addition software-based 2FA l which prevents hackers from entering without a key.

Probit perates a customer support service that works around the clock, round the week and round the year. every minute of every day service is guaranteed.

Probit is designed to work with all the major existing coins, utilizing Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), (EOS, and its very own coins, the BoriBit Token (PROB), as its base currencies. A total of 150 digital currencies with the same number of as trading pairs will go with the proposition at its dispatch.

Probit will use every single significant device and platforms including Chrome, Safari and Edge browsers, mobile devices, like Android and iOS.


The way things are, probit has no Know Your Customer (KYC) and AML features that will ensure due diligence, close monitoring, and accurate report of suspicious exchanges and in addition prevention of subsidizing of illegal and terrorist trades.

There are additionally hazards associated with utilizing the Probit platform which its Whitepaper states. These dangers include deliberate activities, for example, DDOS assaults, phishing, and stricter than anticipated regulatory requirements.


Probit has a huge pool of opportunities in becoming crypto most used and prevailing exchange platform with the abnormal state of its security architecture.

Once more, its superior technology offers Probit greater chances of pulling in a considerable measure of companies to be listed on the platform.

Wide device coverage is a great method to expel all existing trading platforms. Relatively few exchanges work with all devices, which Probit does.


Like every other Exchanges, Probit faces a potential threat in the area of worldwide doubt about the future of cryptocurrency.

The security architecture of Probit does not still completely prevent hackers from figuring out how to ‘demystify’ it.

Additionally, there are developing regulations against cryptocurrency investment in some regions and purviews around the world, and Probit isn’t immune to such.


From the above examination, unmistakably Probit presents itself as a great threat to Chinese-based two most adopted cryptocurrency exchanges on the planet, Binance and OKEx. Potential investors will make no mistake experimenting with this stunning platform.

Important Links on Probit

Website – https://www.probit.com/en-us

Whitepaper – https://www.probit.com/assets/whitepaper/whitepaper_probit_en.pdf

Telegram – https://t.me/ProbitEnglish

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/probitexchange

Twitter – https://twitter.com/ProBit_Exchange

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