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What is the Sp8de Platform?

How are you friend. today I will review about Sp8de company. is a blockchain based platform for a decentralized casino gaming app. The sp8de platform is based on the fact that early blockchain and Bitcoin casinos simply did not get it right. The Blockchain community was younger and wilder, ideals of distributed freedom were burning brighter, early adopters who applied blockchain technology to gambling promoted the wrong ideals; those undermining the image of decentralized casinos. Instead of promoting transparency and cost efficiency that characterize blockchain technology, they promoted anonymity and cyber anarchy. Instead of making the casino for everyone, they kept it to themselves.

Blockchain and Casino

Sp8de creates a special protocol for a decentralized blockchain-based casino application with the application of unique features. the concept lies in the application of cryptography and intelligent game theory, combined with a belief in the current industrial revolution. Blockchain is made the ultimate technology for creating casino applications for gambling around the world to be trusted, and highly transparent. In particular, blockchain has the potential to provide transparency to all transactions, drastically reduce the house edge, nearly eliminate transaction costs, ensure the trust between players and other industries.


Sp8de Mechanism

Sp8de created and developed a blockchain-based casino gaming app. in blockchain technology, sp8de created the Cardano system. The Cardano system itself is a monumental work that embodies the best practices and most far reaching innovations in the area of cryptocurrencies and packs them into a single state-of-the-art system. It is being developed and maintained by a large team of PhDs in the field of programming and cryptography, and experienced engineers. Spade uses Cardano to design his ecosystem and thus solves problems typically associated with on-chain casino gaming applications.

Ouroboros Protocol

To run casino gaming applications, sp8de uses the Ouroboros protocol, which is the safest protocol in the world.

Follow The Satoshi Procedure

In the auroboros protocol there is Follow The Satoshi (FTS) procedure. Its essence is simple: assuming input of the uniform randomness, FTS is guaranteed to select a stakeholder with the uniform probability proportional to the number N of coins (or satoshis) one possess relative to the total number of coins in the system. In short, FTS does the job: it possess the qualities required to make an effective POS protocol. But, as always, there is a catch: FTS assumes input of ‘proper’ randomness. But where does it come from? Before answering this question, let us lead your through the mechanics of FTS procedure itself,  it will prove useful later on. The FTS proceeds along the following steps:

  1. The fresh randomness is injected into the system.
  2. It is used to ‘pick’ a single satoshi, the smallest unit of account in the system, an analogy to cent for US dollars.
  3. All satoshis have ids. The state of the protocol determines which is the last one to hold the satoshi selected.
  4. This user becomes the ‘leader’ or in other words is entitled to sign a block

This simple procedure satisfies the input of unbiased randomness, it will select a stakeholder with the probability proportional to one’s stake in the system.

Fair Coin Tossing Procedure

This procedure is a known result in the field of academic and applied cryptography. It was first coined over 30 years ago and its mechanism is well studied and understood and is, thus, very efficient.

 Public Verifiable Secret Sharing Procedure

Publicly Verifiable Secret Sharing (PVSS) PVSS basically ensures that the message is delivered to everyone’s one key key. The combined procedure is called the Fair Coin Tossing protocol with Guaranteed Output Delivery (FCT GOD). Armed with the PVSS and FCT machinery, Ouroboros protocol proceeds in steps: a step in the protocol proceedings.

Token Sp8de (SPX)

Use Token

  1. For project Oprasional 20%
  2. Develop project 45%
  3. Legal status 10%
  4. Marketing 15%
  5. Advisory 10%

Token distribution

Spd8de creates the token ERC20 platform ethereum under the name SPX. this token has been distributed with an amount of 8,888,888,888 SPX tokens. distribution allocation as follows:

  1. For Sale of tokens with amount = 3,655,555,558.4 SPX
  2. For Jackpot with sum = 3,455,555,552 SPX
  3. Time token 1,777,777,778 for marketing purposes, consultation, and further development of the project.
  4. Contribution Now, at the sales stage of the SPX token. by visiting www.sp8de.com

Here are the details of the SPX token sales along with the bonus Jackpot

Total Bounty Pool will be divided As follows:
  • Twitter campaign – 15%
  • Facebook Campaign – 15%
  • Translation and Moderation Campaign – 22.5%
  • Content Campaign – 12.5%
  • Reddit Campaign – 5%
  • Signature Campaign – 20%
  • Bug Reporting & Creative Development Campaign – 10%
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