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Good Night, Cryptocurrency friends, whom I really admire, you are a future cryptocurrency miner before I want to explain what Krytokurenz is.

Cryptocurrency is the latest innovation in the field of digital currency technology. This technology uses cryptography for security, making forgery impossible. The price value of the cryptocurrency is largely determined by the buying and selling power of the users of this technology.

Cryptocurrency is being developed by various companies and engineering teams in different parts of the world. Even Google Ventures invests in one of the cryptocurrency technologies.


Moozicore is a revolutionary background music service for places where music is very important to clients. The goal of Moozicore is to develop places like bars, restaurants, fitness centers and other entertainment options by creating an individual social music experience for each client.

Different types of platforms in the world, but rarely involved in platform exchanges, but perhaps the exchange platform is leading the best programs for improving project development in the present and future.

Moozicore has created a new innovation along with the development of the world of cryptocurrency. Moozicore also offers you an altcoin token that is no less sophisticated than other old coins, even if the altcoin is new, but the price is relatively competitive in the cryptocurrency market. For further clarification, I will provide information on the introduced by Moozicore chips.

Moozicore Features

So, for us, it is simple and easy. Found next to the institution with “Our ” genre of music, headed there, “fixed ” app tokens and enjoy. But why owners such a service? First of all, it seems to the ordinary layman that the sphere of service is such a simple and easy business. Moozicore Took, built café, hired cooks and waiters and business went. In fact, it all depends on the area, the concept, the menu, and many more factors. And not always, even if all thoroughly calculated, the level of income of the institution meets the requirements of the owner.

Moozicore can easily redirect visitor flows to locations that were previously out of demand. No, the problem is a bad cook and diluted beer he cannot decide, but try to fix it and point out the pressing problems can. Without visitors, or rather without their flow, it is very difficult to identify other problems.

Now the owners do not have to soar with the concept. Bought sound equipment (if suddenly there is no miracle), decided with the genre and forward-catch a new stream. Keep? Well, this is about you. There you can and the concept of a tune and so on.

Do not know what genre to choose? Connect everything. Then you will see what your visitors prefer and decide with the genre. Moozicore And maybe you will remain-omnivorous musical institution, why not.

Another thing that gives us in terms of marketing. To order a song or vote for a sequence, you need Moozicore tokens. A small part takes the platform-most of it goes to our pocket. What can we do about it? Selling on the stock exchange is good. But why not make bonus hours, days, when in addition to lunch our visitors will receive a bundle of tokens as a gift? Feel the power of marketing?

Well, here, I think, everything is quite understandable, so we go to the ICO project.

ICO Moozicore

Token: MZG (Standard ERC20)

1 Mzg equals 0.025 USD

Soft Cap-266 million MZG

Hard Cap-664 million MZG

1 billion of all released MZG plan to distribute as follows:

50% sale on ICO;

20% referral and bounty;

14% of the project team;

11% conversion to Mzi;

5% bonuses.

All attracted funds will go to the following goals:

45% on platform marketing;

35% optimization and development of the platform;

15% License;

5%-legal expenses.

Visit Link Below for Details Information About This ICO:

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