The evolution of internet and blockchain technology is drastically changing the way humans interact and carry out their daily activities. As it continuously breaches the problems of distance, time and space in all sectors of human endeavors, more and more people are connected globally through this universal network for the purpose of business dealings and getting certain jobs done.
At the core of this evolutionary technological trend is freelancing and it is swiftly becoming a mainstream industry and growing at an unprecedented pace. Currently, as statistically observed, the freelancing industry is worth approximately $1.5 trillion annually. 77 million people identify their primary employment as freelancing.
The problem
As the freelancing industry continues to grow in geometric progression, there exist some factors which has consistently impeded its growth and smooth operation. Most existing freelancing platforms are faced with the following challenges:
• Currently, freelancers are faced with exorbitant commission charges of five to twenty percent of their earnings by existing freelancing platforms. These high commission rates which are not easily justifiable have greatly discouraged existing and potential freelancers in the industry.
• The centralized authority flow adopted by current freelancing websites and organizations where major decisions affecting members are decided by very few people is a major concern among freelancers. It raises doubt on the integrity in dispute resolution process and gives freelancers little or no room in deciding the trend in the industry.
• Most often, freelancers do not get paid promptly after jobs are completed and handed over to clients. Freelancing websites creates some stringent bureaucratic payment procedures which may take days, weeks and sometimes a month without any guarantee that payment will be made eventually.
• Sometimes, due to bias and personal reasons, clients leave some unjust negative reviews about freelancers which do not represent actual position of the transaction among them and since such reviews are conspicuous to other potential clients, some freelancers are frustrated as a result.

Payperblock – The Revolutionay Game Changing Solution
Developing on the blockchain technology, Payperblock targets at becoming the pace setter platform in the freelancing industry. Drawing its strength from a pool of blockchain experts with recognized proficiency and activeness in diverse industries ranging from developers, software engineer, website developers, 3D mockup artists, writers, digital marketing personnel, remote assistants, etc., Payperblock will revolutionize the freelancing industry in the following way:
As a substitute to the conventional centralized managerial structure, Payperblock will develop an autonomous blockchain technique that will intentionally vest the decision and policy-making powers within the freelancing platform on a large group of token holders through vote in chatting the course of the platform thereby ensuring fairness in decisions making and confliction management, builds trust among members and at the same time solves one of the greatest problems in the freelancing industry. This is made possible with the development of Payb blockchain which functions as a decentralized digital machine, for peer to peer contracts.

Some of Payperblock Unique Selling Points
Payperblock will charge the lowest commission rate in the freelancing industry. One percent commission provision for clients who make payment using PayB coins and a maximum of two percent for clients who may choose to pay with Bitcoin currency.

At Payperblock, freelancers’ payments are guaranteed as we will employ a decisive mechanism that freezes the agreed contract amount in the client’s Ethereum account which is then transferred to the freelancer when job is completed. Any conflict arising from the contract is resolved by an independent group of token holders to ensure fairness.

Dispute elimination method: We will implement a method that will considerably diminish the occurrence of disputes altogether. We will set up a robust management system that both parties can monitor for a solid workflow that will lead to a successful project.

Payperblock ICO: The Strategic Funding Plan
PAYPERBLOCK will adopt the Initial Coin Offering procedure to fund the business plan. Out of the planned total of ten Billion tokens that will be minted by Payperblock for the purpose of executing the business, the general public will be offered 45% for purchase, 25% will be held back for future development, 15% for the development team and project advisors while the remaining 15% will be channeled as bonus on the Payperblock platform

The platform will accept currencies such as ETH, BTC, and LTC for payment, exchange rate of which shall be determined on the penultimate date to the ICO date.
The chart below identifies planned allocation of the ICO Fund:

Our Unique Core Values
• At PAYPERBLOCK quality delivery and integrity are at the core of our goal. At every point in time, we treat situations and people with utmost fairness, sincerely and honesty.
• Irrespective of gender, race or other orientations, we show maximum respect for individuals and groups alike.

• We pay attention to our activities to ensure that they are in conformity with all known laws that regulate how we interact with the environment. At no point shall we deliberately engage in activities that will negatively impact on the environment.
• Excellence is our watch word. We continuously strive towards attaining the needs of our clients by challenging ourselves to always improve on our products and services.
• At PAYPERBLOCK, we believe that Together Everyone Achieves Much.

As the internet offers more and more opportunities in the freelancing industry and despite the current problems faced by freelancers in the areas of dispute resolution process, unguaranteed payment, delay in payment, high commission rate as well as centralized policy making procedures adopted by freelancing websites and organizations, PAYPERBLOCK through its revolutionary game changing and pace setter platform is developing a reliable blockchain technology and a the structure of the marketplace operations that will be intentionally kept as autonomously distributed and solving the problems in delayed payment and conflict resolution. Freelancers and clients who will use the platform are guaranteed an exciting experience.

Payperblock PROJECT TEAM

For more information visit:
WEBSITE : https://payperblock.com/
Das WHITEPAPER : https://payperblock.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/WHITEPAPER_ppb.pdf
ANN-THREAD : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4686095
FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/Payperblock-821176318089462/
TWITTER : https://twitter.com/payperblock
TELEGRAM : https://t.me/joinchat/IZbKTlFWa0v9Oph89EK9c



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