As technology keeps advancing, we keep seeing more and more innovative applications and implementations, it is obvious that there are yet lots of solutions to be proffered by the internet and technology as a whole. In more recent times, we have come to see the blockchain as a solution to the problem of having an efficient electronic ledger system that would stand to be fault-proof as well as be durable enough to stand the test of time and against different shades of fraud.

The blockchain technology has presented itself to us as a viable means of electronic record keeping, not just for ordinary file storage, but rather for transaction history storage. This has proved instrumental in changing the way we have come to view transactions in general.

In today’s write up, I will be discussing about the various problems faced by real-time networking data transmission and the possible solution that VANTA NETWORK is bringing to table to bring about an end to those related problems.

As the rate at which more and more data is being generated worldwide by connected devices, gadgets, individuals and organizations, the current traditional network servers are facedwith problems of limited bandwidths. This problem of throughput limitation will bring about an increase in the operational cost. Virtually everyone knows the fact that industries such as the internet of thing (IoT), communication systems, streaming services, educational sectors, gaming and many more generates hundreds of data point which requires a secure scalable network to help them transmit these data points between the connection.

Aside the problem of limited bandwidth, security threat is also a major problem limiting real-time connectivity. since most entities that transmit data are being anchored on centralized servers, any system failure of these servers will make data points vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This constitutes to the reason why a secure, scalable and decentralized connectivity is indispensable.

VANTA NETWORK emerges to provide a turnaround solution that will put an end to data transmission related problems. Vanta is developed and specifically designed and optimized to create a secure network for various entities among which are the internet of things (IOT) such as vehicles, home appliances, and environmental gadgets that contain electronics, software and connectivity to connect, streaming and communication system with a real-time connectivity for these various entities to interact and exchange data in a decentralized and distributed ways without the interference of a central body or a third party.

The technology been built by the VANTA NETWORK platform will makes use of the blockchain technology to create a secure server that will help connect diverse entities together on a secured, global, scalable, and evolving network layer of the internet. VANTA NETWORK protocol was designed purposefully to tackle the main challenges which limit the fluent interaction and exchange of data in product smart chains. With transmission of data becoming increasingly fragmented, scalability and cost concerns of current decentralized solutions become evident.

The VANTA blockchain is a specialized blockchain aimed at real-time networking related services such as high-definition broadcast streaming, group video calls, and low latency data processing. The team are also targeting sectors such as education, entertainment, gaming, finance, and governmental organizations, and plan to build a platform blockchain, and also provide a core module in the form of an SDK and/or API to allow platform-independent access to the VANTA network

The VANTA NETWORK does not emerge to provide just a single function. It will use the potentials of the blockchain technology to easily interconnects diverse entities, and also enables devices to interact with each other autonomously. The VANTA blockchain will create a secure cloud infrastructure for developers to integrate their proposed decentralized application known as Dapps. Dapps are blockchain embedded software program which is not controlled by any central body. Thus, the VANTA platform will create a portal where there will be flow of data between the various connected entity. The privacy of various data being transmitted will be ensured and well secured.


VANTA created a cryptocurrency that will powered it’s entire ecosystem. The token is anchored on the secure Ethereum blockchain and a swap will be available by Q3 2019 after the successful development of VANTA’S NETWORK Mainet. The token system has been well structured by using both deflationary and inflationary measures, the token will be used to incentivize the whole ecosystem through adequate compensation of devices that make use of the vanta’s nodes. It also has a staking model to enable free usage of it’s network.




Website: https://vanta.network/

Whitepaper: https://vanta.network/doc/VANTA_White_Paper.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vantanetwork/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vantanetwork

Telegram: https://t.me/vantanetwork


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