A Scalable, Flexible and Decentralized Ecosystem – PLAZA

The ecommerce industry is growing at an increasing rate, the desire of humans to buy and selling is consistent thereby creating a more value to ecommerce industry, It is on this ground a project called PLAZA was born to transform this industy.

PLAZA is a project that aimed at revolutionizing bCommerce industry whose MerchantChain blockchain is the fastest in the world, MerchantChain assures us more stability than traditional crypto tokens.

The platform will enable users to conveniently browse best shopping deals across the internet anytime from anywhere globally. All this is done with outmost security and transaction speed guaranteed.

The Plaza ecosystem is designed in such a way that is flexible, scalable and fully decentralized with a goal of achieving high stability and effectiveness.

In the Ecosystem Plaza platform users can relate with each other and how Plaza’s utility token (PLAZA) and PlazaDollars (PL$) can fully sustain the operation of the platform thereby eliminating the direct effect of Cryptocurrency market volatility.

Indeed, the Plaza team have done a great job by putting this wonderful ecosystem into being. All thanks to them.


Square Freedom Lifestyle: This is one of the most amazing component, it focuses on providing seamless browsing, search, and payment tools are more convenient, more private, more liberating, more rewarding, less expensive, and just as secure as traditional tools. This is all made possible with interaction of the state-of-the-art PlazaWallet.

PlazaMarket: This component create a conducive atmosphere for online shopping, it has a PlazaChatBot which enable the customer to discover what he/she is searching for and at the best affordable cost without the influence of intermediaries.

PlazaConcierge: This is an Amazon Alexa-enabled hand free smart speaker that enhances users interactions and notifications. Users can mine Plaza and earn token through the PlazaConcierge.

PlazaCard: Design just like a prepaid debit card to enhance convenient payment. It is use to make installments at any trader and it even gives you a chance to pull back cash at ATMs. it operation is seamless.

Court Merchants: This component allows users to acknowledge PlazaCard installments. Vendors can likewise offer section level PlazaCard Emerald and do top-ups for the purchaser.

Plaza Arbitration: This enables payment within the Ecosystem. It uses the Plaza chatBot to carry out transactions.


The Blockchain everyday use is faced with numerous challenges, amongst which are;

Slow speed
High cost of transaction
Poor security as such hack cases
Lack of scalability
Complexity in usage


Having carefully researched the existing problems in the Blockchain everyday use, the Plaza team are providing the following solutions;

Fast and incredible speed

Reduced cost of transaction

Infinite scalability

Highly secured (SSL secured)

Inherent sustainability

User friendly interface


It will interest you to know that 211,721,500 PLAZA has already been sold, and 35,445 ETH raised. To purchase the token you will need to use ETH and also a ERC20 compatible wallet.

Plaza Token (PLAZA) is an ERC20 compliance utility token on Ethereum blockchain. It fuel the operation of the ecosystem and can be traded against any Cryptocurrency on secondary market after the Crowdsale.

Token symbol: PLAZA

PreICO Price: 1 ETH = 7500 PLAZA

ICO Price: 1ETH = 5000 PLAZA

MVP/Prototype: Available

Minimum investment: 0.25 ETH

Hard cap: 100000 ETH

Country of origin: Singapore

Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist: YES

Restricted countries: USA & China


We can not deny the fact that there are numerous projects out there that focusing on transforming the E-commerce industry but without sentiment PLAZA project is unique, the project MerchantChain is such an innovative feature that will enhance smooth transaction on the ecosystem. The team are superb with many years of experience in the field of Blockchain and commerce, No Wonder the tokensale was able to raise to raise 35,445 ETH in this bear market. I urge my readers to check out this project.

Kindly visit the following links for more detailed information

Website: https://plaza.systems/

White Paper: https://plaza.systems/whitepaper

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