Invest Platform is a system created for both experienced traders, amateurs or just individuals who have no learning and time, and need to profit with the best traders on the cryptocurrency trades. Due to our platform, every client increment the odds of duplicating their capital. A broad social system enables you to take after experienced investors and invest in a similar currency combine in the meantime.

The Facts and Problem in Trading

The vast majority of the new investors will at some point or another lose a substantial piece of capital by not having background, tolerance and great learning.

After first disappointments, traders begin searching for assistance from others. They pick bunches on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter however shockingly 99% of the proprietors of these gatherings give false data and examinations that don’t mirror the present market circumstance. Administrators on this sort of gatherings don’t gloat about their wages in light of the fact that as a general rule they don’t acquire by any stretch of the imagination.

In spite of the fact that costly flags from paid gatherings, investors still lose more than they pick up.

For what reason do starting traders lose money?

~ They don’t have room schedule-wise to legitimately research their investments.

~ They don’t have enough learning about specialized investigation.

~ They don’t have enough involvement with cryptocurrency trades.

~ They don’t have the privilege mental outlook.

~ They don’t have the persistence

The idea of Invest Platform is very straightforward:

An experienced investor, who has a demonstrated reputation, can impart his trading procedure to other clients. Learners (or experienced traders who need a break) would then be able to take after any dealer that offers his procedure on our platform, just by buying in to that specific merchant.

Both the experienced dealer and the client who bought in to the merchant are connected through an API. Along these lines any offer or purchase arrange the experienced dealer makes is naturally duplicated to your record, on the trading of your decision.

The fundamental focal points of utilizing an API benefit is that you stay in full control over your assets, private keys and decision of trade (e.g. Bittrex, Binance, GDAX, Poloniex, Bitifinex).

We will probably unite starting and experienced traders in a win-win circumstance. Due to our platform, every client builds the chance to amplify their benefits. The starting dealer does as such by appreciating the aptitudes and achievement of experienced traders; while experienced traders do as such by being able to offer their paid administrations to a vast gathering of people.


What sets invest platform a section from the opposition?

As opposed to aggressive platforms offering comparative administrations, our platform has a few key preferences which we might want to feature:

No concealed fees — Competitive systems are costly and request extravagant expenses. The Invest Platform offers a free platform based administration that brings both start and experienced traders together. Our platform is open through the staking of INV tokens and just charges 10% on the benefits made by clients following a broker of their inclination.

Safety — Competitive systems expect clients to store money into their own particular wallets. This leaves clients in danger of potential theft. Our platform has adopted an alternate strategy. By associating our clients through an API, you keep access to your money constantly. Not exclusively will this spare you profitable time from not sending reserves from and to wallets; all the more vitally, you won’t be presented to theft. As an extra wellbeing measure we have constrained the API unmanageability to just having the capacity to open and close positions. Withdrawals will be obstructed at the API level. Our platform itself will be anchored by Google two-factor authentication, instant message authentication and IP whitelisting.

Everybody wins on our platform


Procure by investing in an indistinguishable positions from an experienced investor.

Increase important information from experienced investors.

Have the capacity to talk about and make inquiries straightforwardly to an experienced investor in the visit.


Offer learning with the clients who are bought in.

Doesn’t pay any commission!

Develop their profit, status and finishing our positioning system.

The Team

Mateusz Fraczek~Founder & CEO
Rafał Wlaz ~ CTO and Security Expert
Pawel Dedio ~ Android Developer
Lukasz Jackiewicz ~ Senior UI/UX Designer
Jonas Zeno ~ Mobile Applications and Blockchain Developer
Alex Kowalski ~ Lead Backend Developer
Agnieszka Sasin ~ Marketing Expert
Marcin Kurzepa ~ Frontend Developer

The Advisors

Simon Cocking ~ Marketing Advisor
Jason Hung ~ Strategy Advisor
Adnan Javed ~ Blockchain Advisor
Andrew McGlan ~ Strategy Advisor
Anthony Ginsburg ~ Technical Advisor
Emma Adkins ~ Investor Relations Advisor
Rumen Slavchov ~ Marketing Advisor

Visit the links below for more information:
WEBSITE: https://investinbrokers.com/
WHITE PAPER: https://investinbrokers.com/whitepaper.pdf
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/InvestInBrokers
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/investinbrokers/
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/investinbrokers
LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/compa….ny/invest-in-brokers
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@investinbrokers

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