A Third Generation Blockchain For Real-time Data Networking

The rate of mass adoption of blockchain in the market is remarkable. Much of the growth of the technology can be credited to the huge media headlines it made in 2017 — with a huge number of the early adopters now part of the crypto-community. Despite the noticeable pace in the development of the blockchain, the existing level of advancement is insufficient to sustain the demand requirements of data processing and transactional throughput. Thus a new generation of blockchains — a third generation blockchains are trying to provide solutions to the pains felt in the usage of blockchain for both community and enterprise-based utilities.

In 2009, Bitcoin started the dawn of blockchain but it was Ethereum that made the mass-grade utility of the technology possible by allowing users to perform cross-product integration. Ethereum has proven to be successful because of the advancements happening in its blockchain and also because it’s network is in high demand, it is regarded as a legacy second generation blockchain. The challenge though is that major enterprises that hope to utilize the Ethereum network for their connectivity and data processing must share it with many other projects. Consequently, the network is overloaded making it unable to satisfy the demands of businesses and the general community.

While the obvious benefits of blockchain can not be denied, the technology faces scalability challenges — and third generation blockchains are emerging to proffer solutions. This is what has inspired to the creation of VANTA.

A Scalability Solution

Massive attention was brought to blockchain technology in 2017 and while 2018 mostly saw the fulfilling of the huge, sudden rise in demand for the technology, 2019 is focused on successful adoption into more use cases.
Through the utility of parallel execution of transaction, VANTA is designed to be a high performance blockchain developed for the era of scalability anf real-time networking needs — this makes it an ideal solution for enterprise challenges. VANTA team guarantees that their blockchain network poses the ability to achieve a very high scalability by being able to process high transactions per second (tps) at a very low cost.

The basics of blockchain is that the technology is able to provide a scale of value to interactions, this way, the network necessitates some degree of transaction fulfillment. It is rather strange that despite the fundamental functionality that blockchains are supposed to serve, they are still insufficient to fulfil scalability and real-time networking needs. Hence third generation blockchains such as VANTA stand to become the future of this technology. Innovative advancement is an important requirement for the success of an industry, and those products that can capture the advancements the market needs will be able to topple even the established industry leaders.

An Enterprise Solution

With every new innovation, and advancement in technology, businesses and technology are becoming increasingly entwined. Many companies and enterprises are adopting advanced technologies and the current attention is on blockchain.

Although blockchain products have seen popularity, they still face the challenge of mass-utility. Blockchain needs to be able to support and satisfy enterprise-grade needs before it attract public usage on a world scale. VANTA’s team has set out a clear mission in mind for fulfilling enterprise-level solutions.

VANTA will operate as a permissioned blockchain — this clearly defines the facial of the team to serve this development as a well prepared enterprise solution. This blockchain is developed to be able to process and transmit real-time data between humans and devices efficiently and at a very low cost, thereby making it feasible for the project to compete with existing real-time networks providers.

VANTA is utilizing a tested intelligent network mechanism which comprises of the ARKAS protocol and the consensus algorithm. The team guarantees that these protocols will be able to process all transactions in the fastest possible time.


VANTA is a third generation blockchain cored on providing an enterprise solution. It leverage various innovative features to bring about effective real-time networking and scalability though the fulfillment of extremely high transactions per second.

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