With the increment of bitcoin prices in dispersion between 1000-2000 $ in one day even just a few hours this phenomenon is very attractive for speculators and traders, ups and downs of bitcoin like roller coaster also impact on the rise and fall of altcoin price as a whole. So this new ICO  Abelon will be a container of traders with a nice user interface that can be used in andoid, ios like on netbooks and other computers. The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has had an influence on the dedicated exchanges; the number of which, has and continues to show significant growth. Statistics show that more than 100 of the existing cryptocurrency exchanges handle an impressive turnover of cash – more than $10 billion a day!

Abelon is a universal platform which makes trading on several exchanges with one account a practical possibility. Transactions can be made from any Android of iOS device as well as desktops and laptops. This unique project allows users to maximize profits by opening a deal on ‘Exchange A’ and closing on ‘Exchange B’.

Abelon unites the best features of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges while helping users avoid their disadvantages.Please visit http://abelon.org/

Advantages of the Abelon Platform

A Low Commission Fee:

Reduced commission fees are highly attractive to traders. The ability to conduct transactions with a minimal commission fee is facilitated by a high turnover as the volume of trade of all users passes through one account for each stock exchange. The following graph shows how commissions are reduced for traders using Abelon over the course of a month.

The platform is suitable for both professional and novice traders.

Its main advantages include:
•A user-friendly interface designed to provide the optimum balance between simplicity and functionality
•Support for both desktop and mobile devices
•One of the lowest commission rates on the market (as a result of large turnover)
•A system for inter-exchange arbitration


Monetizing the Project

Abelon http://abelon.org/ will be monetized in various ways:
1. Its Own Commission.
This will be minimal at only 0.02%. A gradual increase in the volume of trade within the project will result in reduced commissions to the exchanges used, thereby lowering fees for the end user.
2. Monthly Fees.
Abelon will be available on both a free and a paid basis. In the free version, access to the service will be limited to the web version. The monthly version will allow access to the platform from any device, including mobile phones and tablets. The price of subscription will be fixed and 0.005 BTC per month..
3. Connecting Additional Exchanges to the Account.
After registration, a trader can select one exchange for trading. In order to more effectively capitalize on different quotes, there is a paid feature of adding further exchanges under one account. The cost of connecting one additional exchange will be 0.001 BTC.


Abelon plans to release 7,960,000 ABD tokens. The share of tokens will be distributed during the ICO. 333 ABD tokens will be offered for 1 ETH. More tokens will be used to pay for partner services, advisors, and the operation of a wide bonus program.

  • 1,000,000 PRE ICO;
  • 5,000,000 ICO;
  • 240,000 Bounty Program;
  • 300,000 for Advisors;
  • 1 000,000 Reserve.

Funds received from the token sale will be used entirely in the development of the project. Unsold tokens will be permanently removed from the markets.

Arguments for the Purchase of Tokens.

  • Tokens purchased by investors can be used to pay for services in the future
  • The cost of connecting an additional exchange will be 1 token per month
  • The monthly service subscription fee will be 5 tokens
  • It’s far more profitable than payment using cryptocurrency
  • High demand for internal tokens will create a shortage, increasing their actual value
  • The value of the tokens is tied to the value of the cryptocurrency. This means that initial investors can be guaranteed to earn on the differing exchange rates



Out team will hold two rounds of investment fundraising. The plan is to sell 500,000 tokens at the first stage. The funds received will be used to develop the web platform and mobile applications. Any participants in the Pre-ICO will receive a 100% bonus – that is, all purchased tokens will be doubled. 1,000,000 tokens will therefore be released at the Pre-ICO stage.

We consider the investors involved in financing the project in its formative stage as our friends. For our friends, we will have another wonderful bonus in store: Lifelong free access to all functions of the Abelon platform.

PRE ICO will begin in December 2017.


During the second stage of investment fundraising we plan to release 5,000,000 tokens. 333 tokens will be available for 1 ETH. All funds received during the ICO will be used to investment in the balances of the cryptocurrency exchanges used to trading.

ICO will begin in March 2018.

A further 1,000,000 project tokens will initially be reserved in order to offset possible fluctuations in the Bitcoin to Ethereum exchange rate. The reserve will be withdrawn once the ICO is complete.

1 BTC = 5555

1 ETH = 333



SOFT CAP 300 000

HARD CAP 500 000


MARCH 2018

SOFT CAP 3 000 000

HARD CAP 5 000 000


MAY 2018



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