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ABELON 2017 — Look at the beginning of a real explosion on the cryptographic market. This allows a cheaper crypt to attract more attention and price range from the merchant. The share of bitcoins in world market capitalization has increased from about 80% to about 50%. Perfect differentiation has made a step in the market.
As a result of this differentiation, some exchanges are becoming more popular. This led to a smooth transformation of the crypto currency in the euro, the dollar, the ruble and various currencies. A large number of people took advantage of the difference in value, turning the exchange into a large revenue-generating device.
What is Abelon?
On its official website, Abelon calls itself the “Platform for trading on crypto-exchange exchanges, wherever you are engaged.” This means that we suspect that this decision is for those who have a high activity in the world of cryptography, which requires hope and convenience.
Abelon combines the best features of the leading crypto exchange exchange, helping users avoid their losses. In general, this platform is suitable for professional traders and beginners.
Its main advantages are:
  • A user-friendly interface that provides an optimal balance between simplicity and functionality.
  • Support for desktop and mobile devices.
  • One of the lowest commission rates in the market (as a result of a big turn).
  • System of intercommunity arbitration.
Interest in the cryptic industry is growing. Various sales transactions developed at the highest price, and, of course, we will draw the Abelon level for each crypto and trader.
Commission for a low commission?
The reduction of commissions is very attractive for traders. Ability to make transactions with minimum commission costs is facilitated by excessive turnover, since the volume of trade of all customers passes through one account for each change in inventory. The following diagram shows how fees are deducted for use by Abelon within one month.
To achieve a turnover of $ 300 five times a month, it is desirable to have an investment base of investors, each purchase and sale of $ 5,000 (about 1 bitcoy) in one step. A bright three-month campaign and an advertising campaign should attract this amount of traders.
Arbitration between Exchange?
Alternative costs for cryptography — a huge treatise for a short period of time. Abelon customers have unlimited and simultaneous access to costs for various trading systems and can choose the most beneficial alternative for conducting transactions through arbitration. This is the fastest way to make a profit.
User-friendly interface and support for multiple platforms?
Traders can conduct transactions at any time and in any place, as they have the right to enter the most famous system — Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Simplicity and attention. What does
Management of trust management?
Trust management is another important function. Traders can create their own, show the report and the percentage of the profits of their personal portfolio. This is a super-dealer portfolio that you can use to increase your bandwidth.
Other users can transfer their own capital controls to selected investors. Perhaps he will not be able to remove the budget assigned to him, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity, using 100%. The terms between agents and investors can be discussed at the male or female stage, the services of which are fully guaranteed in respect of some of these situations.
Financial plan?
Investment Requirements:
So far, the challenge was only in the form of a prototype, and during this time it took $ 300,000. The price range can be distributed in four areas number one:
  • Security group
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Desktop application for Mac OS and Windows
The full costing structure is as follows?
  • Development of the platform — 300 000 dollars.
  • Preparation for ICO — 200 000 US dollars.
  • Marketing — 500 000 dollars.
  • Top up the balance on the Cryptocurrency Exchange — 5
  • million dollars.
  • Tokomiik
Abelon plans to release 7,960,000 attacks of ABD. The proportion of tokens can be allocated by ICO. 333 ABD tokens can be assigned to 1 ETH. More tokens can be used to pay for affiliate services, consultants and huge bonus applications.
  • 1,000,000 PRA ICO;
  • five, 000 000 ICO;
  • 240,000 Bounty Program;
  • three hundred thousand for the counselor;
  • 1,000,000 reserves.
  • The funds received from the sale of tokens can be used internally. Unpublished tokens can be eliminated on a regular basis.
outgoing group will retain two rounds of investment fundraising. The plan is to promote 500,000 tokens on the first level. Earned budgets can be used to expand web platforms and cellular programs. Each depositor in Pre-ICO will receive this one hundred percent bonus, all purchased bills are doubled. One million tokens will be launched at the ICO Pre level.
We remember investors who participate in financing a business in a formative form as our friend. For our friends, we will have other excellent bonuses: free access to all the possibilities of the Abelon platform.
PRA ICO will begin in December 2017.
We plan to launch five million tokens during the two levels of fund-raising. For 1 ETH, 333 tokens can be accessed. All funds received under the ICO can be used to finance the balance of the cryptographic exchange used for trading.
ICO will begin in March 2018.
Seven similar project tokens will initially be reserved to compensate for the possibility of fluctuations in the cost of exchanging biotones for ethics. Backup can be canceled after the completion of the ICO.
240,000 tokens can be allocated to the Bounty Program and three hundred thousand to challenge counselors.

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