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As the day breaks into divergent and convergent challenges, humans as self-conscious political animals are strategizing on various ways to make life easier, more affordable and human-centered. The introduction of the Blockchain came as a result of the failures of the past and the need to revitalize the transactions between different institutions and persons. The Blockchain technology was invented in 2009 and met with oppressive regulations but with the provision of standard services and credibility of the system, the structure is witnessing massive investments from different walks of life. Analysts have maintained squarely that more and more people are coming into the virtual currency market, while improvements are undertaken to further simplify the processes of interrelating with each other through the instrumentality of the Blockchain 2017 saw the commencement of a real outburst into the cryptocurrency market. This allowed less luxurious cryptocurrencies to attract more attention, and funds, from investors.

Bitcoins share of the global market capitalization went from around 80% to roughly 50%. A distinct variation has gradually appeared in the market. As a result of this distinction, a number of exchanges have become progressively popular. This has made changing cryptocurrencies into Euros, Dollars, Roubles, and other currencies easy. A large number of people have taken advantage of the difference in rates, turning these exchanges into an effective profit-making tool. To make the system better for the everyday transaction in the cryptocurrency market, http://abelon.org was created as completely decentralized platform.
Abelon is a worldwide platform which makes interchange on several exchanges with one account a practical possibility. Transactions can be made from any Android of iOS device as well as desktops and laptops. This exceptional project allows users to maximize profits by opening a deal on ‘Exchange A’ and closing on ‘Exchange B’. To give you a better insight into the functionality of the platform, the diagram below gives an insight.
Low Commission Fees:
Reducing commission fees is very attractive to traders. The ability to conduct transactions with minimal commission costs is facilitated by excessive turnover because the trading volume of all customers passes through one account for each stock change. The following chart shows how commissions are deducted for use of Abelon during a one-month route.
To achieve a turnover of $ 300 five-fold according to the month, the customer base of investors, each buying and selling $ 5,000 (about 1 Bitcoin) step by step, is desirable. A lively 3-month campaign and marketing campaign may have to attract this merchant volume.
Trust Management:
Trust management is a further but important feature. Merchants can create their own, show the record and profit percentage of their personal portfolio. This is a super dealer portfolio that can be used to drive capacity on.
Other users can transfer their own capital controls to selected investors. It may not be able to withdraw the budget entrusted to them, lowering the dangers of fraudulent activity by using 100%. Terms between agents and investors can be negotiated at the male or female stage, whose services are fully guaranteed against some of these situations.
Arbitration Between Exchange:
The alternative cost for crypto is a huge treatise in a short period of time. Abelon’s customers have unlimited and simultaneous access to the costs of various trading systems and can choose the most profitable alternative to transacting through arbitration. This is the fastest way to profit from.
User-Friendly Interface & Multi-Platform Support
Merchants can conduct transactions entirely anytime, anywhere because they have the right entry into the most famous system — Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Simplicity and attention.
Project Abelon
Abelons can be monetized in various ways:
1. His own commission.
This can be at least only 0.02%. A slow spike in the lower levels will lower commissions to the used exchange, thereby lowering the cost for the end man.
2. Cost.
Abelon may be available at each loose and paying foundation. In unopened models, logging in to services may be limited to the clean version. The month-to-month version will apply access to platforms of all kinds, including cell phones and illegal drugs. Constant cost required and zero.Half BTC in line with month ..
3. Linking Extra Stock to Account.
After registration, the dealer can choose a stock exchange for buying and selling. To be more successful at maximum unique cost, there is a paid feature to add more streams under one account. The price for an additional one exchange relationship could be 0.001 BTC.
Financial plan
Investment Requirements:

Until now, the challenge is only in the form of a prototype, with $ 300,000 required throughout the whole. Price range can be spread in four areas number one:
  1. Server
  2. Security tea
  3. Mobile app for iOS and Android
  4. Desktop app for Mac OS and Windows
The challenge may be very effective when the initial number of cryptocurrencies has been provided, willing the buyer to make transactions with outer boundaries. Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently the most widely traded cryptoes. In fact, they account for more than 50% of the overall turnover rate.
Our typical analysis of the crypto-curential transactions on the exchange shows the general transaction value is 0.8 BTC and 4.5 ETH. An energetic trader that applies at a great stage has an average turnover of 25 months per month 25 BTC and forty-five ET.
Our funding in every exchange must be 100 BTC and 500 ET. ROCK is collaborating with the 5 most reliable exchanges on the initial platform, which means a complete investment of 500 BTC and 2500 ETH.
This amount will be possible. Abelon’s management has planned an ICO to help raise $ 6 million. These funds will also be spent at some stage in the disposal of the business.
The complete costing structure is as follows:
1.Platform development — $ 300,000.
2.Preparation for ICO — $ 200,000.
3.Marketing — $ 500,000.
4.Recharge the balance on the Cryptocurrency Exchange used — $ 5 million.
Abelon plans to release 7,960,000 ABD tokens. The proportion of tokens may be shared over the ICO term. 333 ABD tokens may be assigned for 1 ETH. More tokens can be used to pay for partner services, advisors, and are huge bonus apps.
  1. 1,000,000 PRA ICO;
  2. 5,000,000 ICO;
  3. 240,000 Bounty Program;
  4. three hundred thousand for the Advisor;
  5. 1,000,000 Reserves.
  6. Funds received from token sales can be used within. Unsold tokens can be eliminated on a regular basis.
Argument for Token Purchase.
1.Tokens supported by investor means can be used to pay for future offers
2.The value for an additional trading relationship may be 1 token corresponding to the month
3.The monthly subscription fee can be 5 tokens
4.It’s a cheaper way to use cryptocurrency
5.High demand for an inner token will create flaws, grow actual costs
6.The token price is related to the cost of cryptocurrency. The right way to be convinced to get on different trading levels
Ilya Usachev –Chief Executive Officer
Dmitry Tertishny — Chief Training Officer
Clement Letto — Back-up Equipment
Timovey Karasw — Commercial Marketing Manager
These team is responsible for the creation of the open sourceproject that hope to unites developers around the unified platforms for a stock exchange transaction.
Integrity, efficiency and innovation are the virtuous hallmarks of the organized team.
ICO — March 2018
Listing on the Exchange — May 2018
Connecting 1000 traders — November 2018
Pre — ICO commences — December 2018
Within this periodical spacing,
Closed Testing will occur — April 2018
While the launch is fixed for August 2018
Remunerations will be the sole prerogative of the ethereum technical staffers.
1 BTC = 20 000 ABD-Coin
1 ETH = 70 000 ABD Coin.
A further 10 000 000 project token will originally be initiated into the auction sphere in order to off-set any fluctuation in the ETH bitcoin exchange rates.
It is economically advantageous to withdraw any left-over of bitcoins.
Already Pre ICO bitcoin sales has commence since 7th December, 2017
Investors can use ABD-Token to pay for services in the ETH platforms and in any other crypto currency market.
Monthly subscription fee is pegged at 5 token.
Successive token ethics implementation, attract bonuses to the investors.
Renewal cost is subsidized at a rate of 1.5 token per quarter.
Our investment in each substantial exchange platform is to collaborate a 15% ETH bitcoin interest rate with five other partners.
Abelon will be available at both free and paid services.
In the free version, webcam will be a verifiable system while on the paid basis, the use of any devices ranging from iPhones, androids, laptop and desktop mechanisms will be allowed.
These include:
Clunky inter-face
Difference in trading partners
Undue charge and unwarranted dues and fees
Limitation to devices usages
The above pin pointed facts discourage to a point of non-profitability and a diversion from set goals.
Marketing is an opened business where sellers and buyers interact to a profitable relationship, and Abelon offers a didactic platform to trade on all crypto currencies and bitcoin within the Ethereum block-chain environments.
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