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Casper API is the infrastructure of decentralized cloud-based data storage for DApps with an universal API. 

1% of total token supply will be distributed in the Bounty Program (1 CST = 1.2$). Bounty will be paid in CST tokens.

The Bounty campaign will start on 1st of February and proceed till spring 2018. During this time, all participants will be able to earn “contribution” bounty. After the campaign has ended, we will distribute the entire award among all campaign participants within 3 weeks.

30% – Signature campaign
15% – Facebook and Twitter campaign
30% – Media (Steemit, Golos, Medium, Youtube, Blogs)
15% – Moderation
1%  – Telegram AirDrop
9%  –  Future contests (Future advertising, Turbo, Bug) 

What advantages will you have:

Resistance to censorship.
Without a single center and host, a decentralized application cannot be destroyed or changed by force. With the right approach, even disabling the Internet will not cut down your network and your application will be able to work with those users who are nearby.
In a decentralized network, pieces of data needed to run the application can be pumped from several nearby machines participating in the work of DApp!
Privacy of information.
In a decentralized network, information can be stored as a set of encrypted synchronized copies of the blockchain — while the information itself is at all, but the ability to get and use it only you — the owner of the key.
Resource saving.
All the power of the network is combined, so that all its nodes work on one blockchain. And all the power of this computer can be used for the benefit of DApp based on this network. At the same time, you being part of the network infrastructure, can make useful calculations for it even on your phone — using your idle power and getting paid for it by the cryptocurrency network!
Pre-sale of tokens has already taken place and behind the idea of this project is the Legion Digital team with good experience in this field.
But there is still the main sale of tokens, where you can take an active part. I recommend you to join, you will see a picture of the distribution of tokens:
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