About CompositeCoin

Platform Compositcoin brings together innovative projects for the real economy and their potential investors. Unlike other aggregators, the third and mandatory sides of the process are experts, if necessary also perform a mentor role in the development of business innovation projects.

The project expertise is carried out by independent experts in two key areas. The job of a technical expert is to provide an opinion on the scientific and technical prospects of the project being prepared for the ICO. Business experts examine the commercial components of the project: markets, project teams, commercialization prospects, financial models, etc. The earnings of each expert depend on the income of the Compositcoin platform, which motivates them to produce the best quality. performance of their work.


To an investor

To companies that signed ICO

To an expert

The proposed project for investment has been reviewed and received investment evaluation by qualified specialists. This allows to significantly reduce investor risk when investing capital.

Possible portfolio investment in selected projects for selected priorities: development stage, sectoral focus, etc. This diversification strategy makes investments accessible to various investors, including. have no education and special experience.

The function of the platform combines the necessary service components and ease of use. The intuitive structure of the platform makes the investment process simple and logical.


Token fee:

CMN 0.5 $ for Pre ICO

Token fee:

CMN 1 $ on ICO

IC Pre-date: 13 January 2018–31 January 2018

Bonus program for initial token buyer not provided.

• Minimum cost: $ 0.2M

• ICO main goal: $ 0.5M

• Maximum cost: $ 1M

ICO date:

March 1, 2017–30 March 2017

• Minimum cost: $ 1 million

• ICO main objective: $ 5M

• Maximum Cost: $ 10M


March — July 2017 — development of platform concept “CompositeCoin”;
August — October 2017 — preparation to enter Preico;
November 2017 — starting from PreICO advertising company;
December 2017 — PreICO start;
January 2017 — February 2018 — create prototype platform;
March 2018 — ICO begins;
April 2018 — entering the shop “CompositeCoin” stock exchange. Function of further development platform;
May 2018 — launch of “CompositeCoin” platform; 
August 2018 -50 first grounded innovative project;
January 2019 -500 puts an innovative project.
March 2019 — launch currency trading to ensure maximum liquidity of published tokens.

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