About (EROS) Erosion

Ethereum’s First Hypodeflationary Asset

(EROS) Erosion is the first hypodeflationary™ currency originally based on the ethereum blockchain

What is Erosion Token (EROS)?

Erosion Token (EROS) is a gradually deflating (hypo-deflating) currency on the Ethereum blockchain. There were originally 10,000,000 EROS created and no more will ever be minted. Every time Eros is sent, 0.01% of the transaction is gone from the total supply FOREVER. The low 0.01% burn amount allows much more feasibility for these tokens to be used in dapps

The difference

You might be thinking to yourself, “Boo! Another copycat of bomb!” but this is simply not the case, the economics are completely different.

Heres the simple difference, BOMB is hyperdeflationary, EROS is hypodeflationary

Its quite simple, while bomb tries to explode its tokens quickly (hence a 1% burn) Erosion tries to slowly erode the tokens to provide a slow erosion like decrease (slow but deadly!) (Hence a 0.01% burn)

The goal

We all know bomb token, it is after all the bitcoin of deflationary currencies, but there is one major problem in bomb. Dapp unfeasability.

How do you expect any DAPP to even work with a 1% burn every transaction?That too with a minimum burn of 1 bomb?

Simple dapps like a cointoss or dice games already have a house edge, and now plus a 1% burn would turn the players bankroll to dust.

You cant expect any real DAPP to become popular with economics like this. This problem is what EROS tries to solve.

With a 0.01% burn, EROS is 100x more feasable to use in dapps, while still providing the long term benefits of deflation.

Erosion also has a feature to prevent self destruction at the end of its life, which is to round off the decimal burn at the 14th decimal place, this makes it so at the end, no matter what, atleast 0.000000000000010000 EROS remain

EROS Features

Hypodeflationary 0.01% Burn Rate

During each transfer made 0.01% of the transaction will be burned and removed from existance.

Dapp Compatible

ERC20 standard protocol for easy Dapp intergration while still providing the long term benefits of deflation.

10 Million Max Supply

There will only ever be 10 million EROS tokens created. This supply will decrease overtime increasing scarcity.

Non Self Destructing Asset

EROS burns down to the 14th decimal meaning there will be a remaining supply once all burning has completed.

Expansive Dapp Ecosystem

EROS will be integrated into a large expansive ecosystem of dapps that will help drive mass adoption.

Does EROS Have a Minimum Burn?

EROS does not have a minimum burn, unlike bomb, EROS has 18 decimal points in its token contract, allowing for precision transfers, EROS also does not burn further than 14 decimals, meaning that in the far far future, EROS will not self destruct.

Token Detail

Total supply- 10,000,000 EROS

Spacedrop total- 8,000,000 EROS (80%)

Bounty total- 1,000,000 EROS (10%)

Team + Miscellaneous(listing payment, etc) – 1,000,000 EROS (10%)

Decimals- 18

Burn roundoff – 14

Burn rate- 0.01% of each transaction

Token name- Erosion

Token symbol- EROS

Erosion is an ERC20 based cryptocurrency

Discord- https://discord.gg/JkpgXGc

Telegram- https://t.me/joinchat/Hdql7herrnTGn6_g9O6OFA

Twitter- https://twitter.com/Erosion_token

Contract address- https://etherscan.io/tx/0x5dab61e742ef7820c5c4434fdfcf10c5b66434e53360d7dfae142b7afb891701

Website- https://erosiontoken.surge.sh/

ANN Thread- https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5161708

Thank you my best regards

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