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Hello everyone, on this occasion I will explain a very good project, which is about (CurrencyAnalytics) For an explanation please read the article below, and immediately to join this project.

What is Currency Analysis (TCAT)?

TCAT is a platform and media community that Google verified only consists of the latest stories from professional writers who value ethics, authentic journalism.
Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly a future token. The crypto market is currently valued at $ 221 billion and Bitcoin is expected to increase to $ 125,000 by 2022. However, the crypto market is a bit complicated. A prospective investor must keep himself updated on the latest discussions on the blockchain scene for informed investment decisions. But there is a catch. Most of the crypto news reports and articles that we find today cannot always provide us with “authentic” data. And it’s dangerous for investors who use banking for their investment.
But this is good news. Leading online crypto source is ready to overcome errors with new “TCAT” tokens. How? Well, the post below explains the importance of TCAT today and why you should invest in it.

Guaranteed the best-informed investment decision

TCAT is on a mission to prevent investor victims by misleading information circulated by ordinary news sources. Most of the crypto news that we find today looks similar. That’s because most news portals only rewrite the same news day after day and republish it with a different name. These regular news sites don’t even need to bother to update themselves with the latest information. As a result, viewers who visit these sites are only left with the useless news that is misinterpreted as “now”. Even worse, many of these regular news sites mislead viewers of dangerous investment errors with inaccurate and biased views.
But TCAT aims to improve to become the most trusted crypto news portal, which is equipped with pro writers only. All funds generated from tokens will be used to recruit the best special journalists and real journalists about the latest and authentic news. So when you invest in TCAT, you will take an active part in the most accurate and up-to-date circulation of crypto information. Because that will allow you to avoid costly mistakes and make very profitable decisions with your crypto investment.

Accreditation from Google News

Another major reason to put your trust in is that Google does that too. Yes, the news site is approved in Google News which further allows only the most accurate data from the portal. So, when a site with high credibility launches a token — it’s definitely worth your money and time.

Great promotional opportunities for business extends promotional opportunities for businesses. Brands will be able to promote their website on the platform and get a full refund in TCAT tokens. In addition, this site will be monetized with advertisements and sponsored posts. has been approved by Google News and receives frequent traffic. Because TCAT is aspired to further site growth, we can expect a greater volume of traffic on the platform over time. The possibility of such high traffic ensures greater opportunities for exposure to brands that promote their websites on the platform in the near future. So when you invest in TCAT, you only expand the exposure possibilities for your business.


People are losing trust in the media at a more quick rate now more than any time in recent memory. Almost 70% of individuals trust that news stories are being planted by oppositional parties, as indicated by Statista.
Maybe much more terrible, Statista likewise called attention to that over 20% of individuals chosen that they “never” trust online news sources, and an extra 20% communicated that they “seldom” trust online news sources.


TCAT is on the mission to counteract exploitation of financial specialists by deceiving data flowed by ordinary news assets. A large portion of the Crypto news we discover today appears to be comparable. This is on the grounds that lion’s share of the news gateways is just revamping a similar news for quite a while and republishing them under an alternate name. These standard news locales don’t significantly try to require the push to refresh themselves with the most recent data. Therefore, watchers visiting these locales are just left with dated pointless news which is confounded as “current”. More regrettable, huge numbers of these ordinary news locales misinform watchers towards hazardous speculation botches with erroneous and one-sided sees.
Be that as it may, TCAT is planned to control up The into the most confided in Crypto news entry, furnished with professional essayists as it were. Every one of the assets produced from the token will be used to enlist the best correspondents and genuine columnists who are amazingly specific about refreshed and bona fide news reports. Thus, when you put resources into TCAT, you will take a functioning part in the course of most precise and current crypto data. It will subsequently empower you to evade the expensive missteps and settle on profoundly gainful choices with your crypto ventures.


There will be 400 million tokens issued. 1 TCAT = 0.1 USD
You can purchase TCAT if you want to buy ad space or publish news on TCAT can may be purchased directly from with ETH/ BTC, as well as on other major exchanges in the future.
TCAT is a cashback token. When purchasing TCAT on The Currency Analytics platform, you will receive an amount of TCAT that is of a comparable dollar-for-dollar value as the token you are paying with. Once the total number of TCAT tokens are sold, then the network will only accept TCAT as a form of payment.

Our Team

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In the event that we see how society has advanced, from inborn social orders we have moved to an alternate social structure in the cutting edge world where individuals work specialized and can do as such in a worldwide domain, from anyplace on the planet because of the approach of innovation and Internet. TCAT is a web-based life stage with blockchain-based budgetary investors. The TCAT interpersonal organization will be one of one of a kind and crypto informal communities that will discover cryptographic aficionados on a typical stage and enable them to spread the intrigue of data, including money-related data, without missing any vital updates.
It is difficult to get the signs about the tomb cash you will put resources into monitoring the monetary improvements on the planet in a split second. It is impeccable that we can see the exhortation of different financial specialists. It is dependent upon us to trust and trust not with different financial specialists, but rather in any event we can have a thought of how things chip away at the market.
Brokers, Sellers, Asset Managers, and Investors. TCAT will empower every one of these members to connect continuously with no issue by distributing refreshes, online journals, pictures, breaks down, individual circumstances, video channels and whatever else that could be imperative.

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