About the project  Atronocom

The world of money is revolutionizing before our eyes. Cryptocurrency creates a new paradigm for alternative payment systems and decentralized banking. There is no doubt that the adoption of various cryptocurrency users is increasing rapidly.
About the project 
Atronocom has been established to ensure that it has been an industry standard. The world of cryptocurrency and its associated requirements is becoming more and more complex. In the field of natural conditions, it is important to implement only real imperfect ones. market demand.
He worked at ATRONOCOM Ltd.
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Atronocom’s Vision:
ATRONOCOM is positioning a secure platform in one world.
It is a very complex environment.
Atroncom will be concerned.
There are a number of factors that are important to you.
Smartphones have become a necessity that cannot be avoided by everyone, because the intensity of use and diversity will grow with the development of the device. Fans from the first hour of the crypto movement are now approaching 60 years of age. Thus, the age of the products we developed and their associated products is an important factor in Atronocom’s judgments and decisions.
Atronocom decided to follow the path of the SAFT Crowd Sales (Simple Future Token Agreement) to raise funds in order to move faster and more in the interests of our users and supporters.
For the “bidding process”, Atronocom has chosen a POS / DPoS matching methodology and will be able to join many employees and networks where they work with tokens, and thus be able to participate in the project. According to Atronocom, the POS incentive mechanism is a form of appropriate participation of participants and their networks.
In a Mobile World, Take What You Need With You
Mobile Staking on Android
Mobile Staking on iOS
Banking & Online Payments
Debit Bankcard
Exchange – OTC
High Security Text Messenger
We are striving to break boundaries and taking steps toward true and full decentralization, with the first real mobile DApp dedicated proof of stake with Algorithmic payout
Worldwide Token Sales
The Worldwide Token sale is the basis for ATRONOCOM to start with the project as by side of raising funds for a fast grow and marketing, it is a great marketing tool for the project.
Masternode Operation System
We will send the technical information out after the Presale. You just have to drop us a message if you are interested in working with us.
Staking Applications for Android and iOS
ATRONOCOM is providing a state of the art light node solution for your smartphone which allows you to stake where ever you are.
Crypto Bankcard, Wallet and Exchange
Banking features for FIAT & Crypto all in one, well designed DApp.
OTC Trading
The solution is on your ATRONOCOM DApp and is fast and easy from your phone.
High Security Messenger
All you need for communication – only faster and more secure than anything you’re using today.
Token Information
Name: Atronok
Token symbol: ATRO
Platform: Separate blockchain
Type: Own
Price in ICO: 0.6000 USD
Token Details
Total supply
4 billion
Token distribution
The token will be sent with the launch of the Network in the final Q2
Received Currency
Min’s contribution
Company Details
Registered Company Name
Registered Country
United Arab Emirates
Established company
1 Jan 2018
additional details
MVP / Prototype
Building a New Blockchain
2018 January-March
Project preparation and definition.
Technical planning and team building, and starting programming and library tools for cellular and banking versions.
Test for the first co-developer and implementation of the security concept.
Completion of components for banking, bank cards and Messenger, and for smartphones. The beta version of all components was completed successfully. The optimization process is injected.
January 2019
API and interaction structure, and online beta.
DApp activation and network light nodes, relay nodes and master nodes
July 2019
Expansion of platforms and marketing activities, as well as planning and participation in international events.
Our Amazing Team
Meet the Passionate Team that is bringing this exciting project to life!
Thomas Koller
With the position of Chief Executive Officer, as well as the analytical and conceptual planning,Thomas and his team have now brought to light a project that has been prepared over a long period of time. The many years of experience in various positions in finance and planning now benefit ATRONOCOM’s plans. Thomas is a visionary from the very beginning and brings together his entire network to ensure the success of the project.
Manual Fizimayer
In the position of”Chief Operational Officer”, Manuel takes care of the day-to-day business and supervises the individual working groups to ensure user-friendliness. With 4 years of experience in cryptic currencies and own trading projects, Manuel had a clear idea of how the ATRONOCOM user interface should be implemented.
Maximilian Kozdroń
As the communications manager and the driving force behind one of Europe’s largest crypto networks, Maximilian brings 6 years of experience and thousands of hours of structuring and developing countless concepts for the crypto world to the ATRONOCOM team.
Nicolas Schmid
Nicolas Schmid, is an expert for software development, as a manager of major projects instate-owned companies and international corporations and as an expert for the crypto world, supports Nicolas ATRONOCOM in word and deed. This highly complex project is the result of decades of programming experience.
Marc Schildknecht
Since 2015, Marc has held leading positions in mining projects in Switzerland and abroad. As a technical genius he is responsible for the processes and controlling of the mining processes and coordinates the team to secure the technical basis.
Tino Ahlers
For decades, Tino has worked with the opinion makers and leaders of our society as a motivator and coach. He is the owner of an influencer marketing agency that reaches over 20 million people worldwide and manages various projects in the crypto industry. With Atronocom, Tino creates new yardsticks in its field of activity.
Peter Wong
Member of the Management Board of Apex Capital Ventures HK LTD. Peter has more than 30 years experience in traditional banking and trading and has worked for various banking institutions in Asia including HSBC, DBS and Standard Chartered Bank.Peter has been responsible for project structuring and asset management of the Apex board since 2011.
Matt Wei
A former HSBC banker and member of the Legal and Compliance Department of HSBC Singapore. Matt joined Apex Capital Ventures HK Ltd. in 2010 as Compliance Officer and Legal Advisor. Matt focuses on new technologies and new compliance regulations. Matt has extensive experience with block chain implementation projects as an IT legal and compliance manager at Apex.
Alexander Sabeti
Alexander is a senior board member of Apex Capital Ventures Ltd. and has worked in the financial sector since 1993. Alexander has worked in companies such as HSBC New York, HK and Dubai, Mercer NYC, Litasco Dubai, Glencore NL and CH. His professional focus is on asset management, project management, project consulting, trade structuring and finance.
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