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Author: Musbarmalet
Topic: u Run it – Gambling platforms that are managed 100% by the community.
Reference: Official website of Www.urunit.io and Whitepaper
About U Run It
U Run it’s miles a modular, comprehensive, and absolutely equipped platform. Operators can installation the U Run It platform, customize it for their brands, upload sport content material, and release casinos in just a few days. Operators may even keep away from many troubles and costs associated with returned-workplace integration, accounting, and person control.
U Run It platform offers the entirety they want to manipulate licensed and profitable casinos: included returned office, sport control, protection, transparent sport results, availability of unique content, and incorporated analysis of players and their conduct.
problems in the market
Time can go by way of, technology can trade, but the relevant principle in the world of gambling remains the same: players come to casinos and spend their money in hopes of triumphing speedy.
The problem is that most of the players who lose and don’t even have the possibility to influence casino paintings in any manner. hence, it can be concluded that the primary troubles of the playing market are:
  • on line casino customers are courageous people who keep to look for movement and novelty; they may be bored fast and are pressured to transport from one on line casino to any other casino constantly to discover something special.
  • It’s hard for casinos to draw new gamers, and that they continue to be compelled to spend most of the income from commercials, bonuses, affiliate programs, and different gimmicks to attract customers.
  • regardless of how a great deal cash the casino will spend to keep their clients so long as possible, however it won’t work, customers received’t last lengthy.

How will URUNIT solve this trouble?Of path, all games along with card tables, poker rooms, tournaments, slot machines on this platform might be controlled via the gamers themselves.

  • the easiest manner to give an opportunity to every user to turn out to be a sport proprietor is to draw a lottery. pix are held automatically. Winners have to pay a small fee in the URUN token to affirm their proper to very own the game.
  • players can decide the parameters of the game or tournament they host and come to be the proprietor of the game for now. as an example, every sport is rented to 1 participant for a small charge.
  • during this rent, the owner of the sport now not only video display units what is going on however additionally performs critical capabilities as a moderator.on the end of the length, the sport owner will get hold of maximum of the earnings generated for the duration of the hire length.
  • try to imagine? If there may be a choice, who nevertheless desires to play in an everyday on line casino that doesn’t provide the opportunity of being a part of it.
URUNIT’s main competitive advantages
  • gamers not play against casinos, they’ll compete with each other for the right to host the suit.
  • As a end result, the whole place and all the tactics in it’ll develop into one big and interesting recreation. The excitement and interest of casino gamers will boom threefold.
  • sizable price discount in attracting and preserving players together with the exponential boom in platform reputation, as well as the range of users.
Why do you’ve got to shop for URUN tokens?
  • restricted offer
URUN clever agreement via a decentralized blockchain protocol will make sure that handiest a positive variety of URUN tokens can be issued during the ICO. And there may be no greater token issues after the ICO.
  • Jackpot picture
each token holder may be capable to take part in our each day, weekly and monthly jackpot pics. As many as 70% of all tokens gathered by means of the platform will be used for jackpot pics.
  • Compliance with guidelines
we’ve got obtained expert advice from the pleasant attorneys who specialize inside the control of cryptocurrency finance. URUN tokens are utility tokens, now not safety. this indicates a quick listing on the change after the ICO.
  • regular request for tokens

URUN Tokens are needed with a view to use the U Run It platform, but the range of move tokens will continue to decline. URUN tokens are used as “gas” for all transactions to pay for offerings on the platform, and with every transaction, a small variety of tokens are “burned” (they’re eliminated from circulation). but, at the identical time, the range of casino operators using our platform and the whole quantity of players using URUN tokens will grow exponentially. therefore, the call for for URUN tokens will retain to increase.

  • Technical benefit
now not handiest programmers can broaden URUN smart contracts; we have extra than 3 years revel in in blockchain answers and the high first-rate and security of this smart contract has been showed by means of a technical audit carried out by way of the first-class specialists in blockchain security.
blessings of URUN token holders
The URUN Token will deliver the holder the proper to turn out to be a full player inside the platform with all of the advantages:
here is a listing of numerous benefits for URUN token holders:
  • Can participate in every day jackpots (price range – 40% URUN tokens, accumulated by means of shape-plates for the duration of the day)
  • Can take part in weekly jackpots (funds – 15% URUN tokens, gathered through the platform for a week)
  • Can participate in monthly jackpots (funds – 15% URUN tokens, collected by using the platform for a month)
  • regular increase in token call for
  • area leasing
  • purchase services at the platform
  • change rank
  • opportunity to use tokens as sport currencies on the platform
  • access to beta trying out of games (closed checking out before launch)
  • possibility to promote tokens in the largest crypto exchanges
URUN Token
Our tokens are made by using the ERC-20 general and are used in platforms for:
fee of services on the platform by way of the consumer
Transactions among users at the platform
payments to third-party sport developers
charge from the operator
Token description
Token distributio
Token sales schedule
URUN token sale will take place in three stages:
Token Distribution and Use of Funds
The possibility of a pump & dump is low
Unsold Tokens, Which ARE Posted For Sale During Pre-sale, Pre-ICO, And ICO Campaigns Will BE Distributed Proportionally Among Those Who Buy Our Tokens During The Pre-Sales And ICO Stages. The Token Provided FOR The Founder Will Be frozen for two years from the end of the ICO Campaign. Tokens Provided For Team Members Will Be frozen For One Year From The End Of The ICO Campaign.
Project Team
Project team
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