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VOLUM is a development based blockchain-period holding association. Holding associations have been some part of the business and contributing scene for quite a while. Without a doubt, the most comprehended associations on earth, including Alphabet (Google), Berkshire Hathaway, General Electric and Bank of America are functioned as holding associations. VOLUM utilize the benefits of a holding association structure which, by design, limits risks through improvement, and grants a shared system to quickly achieve economies of scale. In the VOLUM point of reference, all portfolio associations impact a run of the mill neighborhood cash and blockchain advancement organize that enables streamlined stock system the officials, B2B business focus trades maintained by trustless smart contracts and pushed data examination. Portfolio associations benefit by vertical in addition, even compromise openings with other VOLUM working associations. VOLUM takes minority ownership positions in a wide extent of associations, ensured advancement and diverse assets. These focal points are tokenized on the VOLUM decentralized stage and made available to theorists on modernized money exchanges.

VOLUM has made a Multi-Sector Enterprise and Business-2-Business (B2B) Platform which will empower associations to rapidly scale and grow all around by using most of the power likewise, benefits given by blockchain advancement.

It is associations which have substantiated themselves to have unprecedented potential are fit the bill to use the VOLUM Platform. Through its stage and its neighborhood computerized cash token VOLUM (VLM) is making a natural network for increasing the accomplishment of promising associations by giving them the normal resources for form into overwhelming forces in their specific markets and cause certified industry interference

How it Functions

VOLUM does wide research and checking to find the absolute best associations for its stage.

VOLUM then empowers these associations to join its stage.

VOLUM’s working associations have then met all requirements for the exceptionally favorable circumstances of the stage.

The VOLUM Blockchain Platform

The VOLUM stage will run just on VLM utility tokens. VOLUM’s blockchain arrange depends on the Ethereum blockchain and will be totally fit for executing adroit contracts.

This stage is absolutely dynamic and gives associations more imperative legitimate and oversight capacities than they have ever had already. With the VOLUM blockchain arrange, associations can Track, Route, Identify, and Source, all of the data activity that happens on their supply chains. Most of the data will be dashed into the PLATFORM which can be trusted and checked whenever in the midst of exercises.

The last result of using the VOLUM arrange is that associations will be able to scale from neighborhood to overall markets much faster, and they will have significantly progressively vital control of their supply chains. This is valuable for everyone.

VOLUM’s Operating Company Portfolio

VOLUM has executed a comprehension for endeavor terms to take a minority stake in five (5) totally blockchain-based portfolio associations ensuing to the fulfillment of VOLUM TGE.


A Spirits Industry organize that uses a versatile/social elevating application to interface customers to the best spirits settings by attracting them by methods for educating, photos and posts.


ISBG is a world-class fashioner, supplier, and publicist of creative Wine and Spirit brands. We mean to be a positive industry disrupter as an authentic brand incubation center and be on the primary edge of present-day brand exchanges.

ISBG isolates themselves by perceiving and making new bleeding edge approaches that address present issues and future market necessities. From current age experiential publicizing to out-dated beating the black-top, ISBG will be included a submitted and lively gathering guided by shared destinations and sound models.

Imperativeness RESCUE SYSTEMS CORP. (“ERS”)

ERS is the maker of “Sharp Energy Devices” that pass on a changing perspective to imperativeness capability (reserves), prosperity, and security to the power space. ERS considers a cutting edge development association having new essentialness prohibitive organization frameworks and hardware that use the most present and anomalous state control checking enhancements and phenomenal imperativeness tests available.

ERS’s dangerous advancement will beat its resistance and set a self-important benchmark which will be troublesome for contenders to reach. It will open new asks for while making contention irrelevant.

ERS has a relationship with in excess of 10,000 workplaces and different property the official’s organizations in the northeastern United States with obsession in New York City by methods for OCS Chemical Engineering, one of their financial specialists. These associations will reinforce their passage into the power watching business segment.


Summit Financial will go about as a Captive Finance association of Energy Rescue Systems Corporation (ERS), to synergistically enable ERS to create earnings over the total of its item contributions.

Top Financial is joined up with Puerto Rico as an International Bank under the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Act 273 empowering the association to misuse a specific corporate pay charge rate of 4%. They offer to finance to associations in the U.S. Furthermore, abroad.

Top Financial has counseled with ERS (the creator) a reaction condition in the leasing program thus lessening examiners’ peril if there ought to be an event of customer default, with the ability to form into a billion-asset association driven in a general sense by New York building owners requiring imperativeness saving apparatus.

Top Financial, the prisoner leasing association of ERS (Energy Rescues Systems), is rushing ahead with their most enthusiastic undertaking, that of supporting ERS in unequivocally cutting imperativeness demand by financing auxiliary selling building focus electrical structures. Given this probability to change wasted quick and underhanded essentialness costs into as of late found pay and asset regard, ACME made an appealing, versatile and dispersed (P2P) financing instrument that consolidates square chain development to achieve settled work forms through modifying record/character the board, trade planning, items provenance/pursue limit, etc between all of the accomplices.


GridPower Network outfits a full essentialness system with both approved and prohibitive development that questions and interprets data from electronic contraptions related with ERS’s splendid socket(s) for fundamental imperativeness, prosperity, and security essential authority information. The use of novel computations and radar development will outfit customers with profitable information about the state of-soundness of their capacity space and any related electric or electronic contraption through checking participations of ERS’s clever essentialness device(s). Enrollment reports, just as dashboards, will speak to the imperativeness draw, usage, and waste at the divider connection all through a customer’s electrical system(s).

Gridpower Network’s structure facilitates gear, programming and frameworks to: (1) question the direct of capacity to ensure clean power at the divider and help recognize/educate the customer regarding approaching electrical fire perils just as security breaks; and (2) help customers drive the engaged leeway of intensity as the vital Minority-had, essentialness re-seller association in the United States.

2019 – 2020
Quarter 1
Build VOLUM Platform MVP
Token generation event
Quarter 2
Close token generation event
Trial of the VOLUM platform before public release
Launch and onboarding of first companies to the VOLUM platform for pilot program
Airtab token implementation for Airtab App
Develop milestone program for investment in each portfolio company
Quarter 3
Start the 2nd stage of development of the VOLUM platform
Implement remaining features and additional content to the platform
Onboard new companies and expand the use of the VOLUM platform
Quarter 4
Implementation of milestone program for the investments in portfolio companies
Business and financial licenses submission for ACME Financial
Blueprint development of blockchain architecture for ERS and GridPower Network
Smart contract development for ACME Financial
VOLUM platform marketing campaign to attract new businesses
Expansion of Airtab to European and Asian markets
For more information, please  visit;
Website: https://volum.io/
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