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05.12.18 Betform platform? It is a decentralized platform designed for convivial wagering. 0 published
28.11.18 Raido Financial a set of universal crypto tools for trading, exchange 0 published
27.11.18 Wellmee is a mobile application which mentors you in your life according to your specific character 0 published
27.11.18 Level01 is the World’s 1st Peer to Peer (P2P) Derivatives Exchange with Artificial Intelligence 0 published
27.11.18 Crypto Circle eXchange is a platform that will help facilitate simple and more successful trades thr 0 published
26.11.18 Securypto is an Zerocoin, Masternode based blockchain project focused on anonymous storage & transfe 0 published
23.11.18 Bitfxt is an IT firm that develops valuable blockchain software. 0 published
21.11.18 MITOSHI IS the next generation of online gaming and crypto-lotteries powered by the blockchain 0 published
20.11.18 Lynked.World is a blockchain based secure platform for individuals and institutions to own, control 0 published
19.11.18 SEYBLOCK decentralized escrow platform 0 published
19.11.18 The Excalibur OS is an OS that’s having mining management system, a system in which user can mine mo 0 published
18.11.18 GOeureka is a travel tech company utilizing blockchain technology to make a hotel booking platform. 0 published
17.11.18 Bistox is the currency exchange new cryptocurrency most sophisticated and secure in the market today 0 published
16.11.18 Bitether is opening a new era of cryptofinance for the Internet of Values. 0 published
09.11.18 Capella Utilizes Blockchain Technology to adopt and revolutionize renewable energy. 0 published
08.11.18 Neironix is the first international rating agency of the assessment of investment risks in the block 0 published
07.11.18 Criptonity has set the goal of creating a change in the crypto exchange 0 published
07.11.18 Octus will interact with smart contracts from i.e. Ethereum, to execute token´s transference contrac 0 published
06.11.18 EOSex is a platform initiated as a global one-stop trades system for the purpose of quality resource 0 published
05.11.18 LOLIGO is the safest and most advanced ICO crowdfunding platform. 0 published
04.11.18 VENUSENERGY — The Environment-Friendly Solution For Our Energetic Needs. 0 published
03.11.18 Buzzex aims to be on top of the latest developments 0 published
03.11.18 Dtrack is a complementary cryptocurrency that has been developed on ethereum Network to allow anyone 0 published
03.11.18 Greencoin is a platform focused on connecting green systems manufacturers and Installation companie 0 published
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