AceD Cash (ACH) Token

  • AceD Cash Futures

AceD Cash is a new innovative cryptocurrency emerging in this new age of digital finance.

AceD Cash is the official currency of the AceD Vault, an investment platform in the AceD coin ecosystem.

AceD Vault & AceD Cash are tethered to AceD Coin. The only means of obtaining AceD cash are in the ICO or by exchanging AceD Coin through AceD Vault’s internal exchange. AceD Cash will yield daily and sustainable returns on investment packages, making it a premium investment for long term future gains.

  • Aced Cash SpecificationCOIN NAME: AceD Cash
    ALGORITHM: 100% PoS
    PREMINE: 15m
    MAX SUPPLY: 250m
    BLOCK TIME: 1 minute
  • AceD Cash Investment Packages

PackagePrice ($ACH)Dividends Accrued DailyCapital Return

  1. Starter250-50000.15%After 240Days

2. Medium5001-250000.17%After. 210Days

3. Pro25001-500000.20%After 180Days

4. Expert50001+0.25%After 150 Days

  • AceD Cash ICO Sale

AceD Cash is a new innovative cryptocurrency emerging in this new age of digital finance. AceD Cash ICO will be open to public starting September 20th 2018. Consisting of 5 rounds, with an early bird start price at 0.25 USD per coin during first 2 days of the ICO. Investors will benefit from these prices as the launch Investment price will be set to $1.00 per coin on October 21st 2018. Participate in AceD Cash ICO, the most sustainable investment platform to date.

ICO ROUNDDatePrice ($)Round 1Sep 21-220.25Round 2Sep 23-290.30Round 3Sep 30-Oct 060.40Round 4Oct 07-130.50Round 5Oct 14-200.55

Launch Price $1 per ACH

  • AceD Cash Referral Program

AceD Cash offers a rewarding referral program with 3 levels, 3%, 1.5% and 0.5%. Each level is the distance from your original referral. So if you refer person A, and person A refers person B, and Person B refers Person C, You receive 3% of person A’s original investment, 1.5% of person B’s original investment, and 0.5% of person C’s investment.

  • Aced Cash Official Links
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  4. Bitcoin Talk:

Social Media:

  1. BitcoinTalk username: soto lamongan
  2. BitcoinTalk Profile Link:;u=1531574




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