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About Aclyd 

Aclyd Bring Alcoholic Beverages From The Fields To Your Doorstep Using A Blockchain-Payment System Which Is Fast, Transparent, And Able To Restrict Minors From Access. The ACLYD Project operates outside of any private entity, and if any such entity associated with the project should stop doing business, ACLYD would continue to go on. ACLYD token is not a security and purchasers have no access to dividends or profits.

Basic Information

Token Name Aclyd
Token Symbol  ======
Social Media Aclyd Ico Review : Verification/Security System & Payment-Processing Aclyd Ico Review : Verification/Security System & Payment-Processing Aclyd Ico Review : Verification/Security System & Payment-Processing
Payment Accept ETH, BTC, LTC
Platform Ethereum
Language English
Soft Cap $ 500,000
Hard Cap $ 10,202,500
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The Platform

Aclyd decentralized platform speeds up payment processing for all market participants — farmers, producers, importers, wholesalers, merchants, and end consumers — who currently experience payment lag times of up to 90 days.

The Wallet

Door-to-door delivery of alcohol is the future of the industry, yet one hurdle remains: ensuring that clients are of legal drinking age. Aclyd digital wallet and DAPP will optimize consumer targeting by giving companies the tools needed to restrict minors’ access.

The Token 

A common currency among marketplace participants who are often located in different countries would speed transaction processing, increase efficiency, and lower payment processing costs, allowing for a global marketplace that operates within the transparency of blockchain.

A Smart Contract

A decentralized App (DAPP) which allows independent farmers and producers to use their mobile devices to create smart contracts and receive payment for goods and services, cutting payment times and costs, and allowing transparency in pricing to better manage supply chains.

The Problem

  1. Online delivery services must ensure minors are not purchasing alcohol.
  2. The industry currently suffers from expensive processing with long payment delays and sluggish inventory management.
  3. Importers and wholesalers are currently subject to expensive currency conversions as well as lengthy payment processing delays.
  4. Lack of pricing information and failure to use forward contracts leads to costly supply chain disruptions in agave ( tequila) and hops (craft beer), both of which disproportionately affects small producers and independent farmers.


  1. Aclyd ACLYD wallet restricts alcohol purchases to those meeting age requirements.
  2. Usage of ACLYD tokens allows for seamless processing of transactions, orders, and international transactions.
  3. The borderless ACLYD token can be utilized throughout the value chain from consumer to farmer significantly reducing costs and eliminating payment processing delays.
  4. The ACLYD platform offers independent farmers and producers the ability to form smart contracts for the future delivery of products,  empowering them with pricing information and the ability to make more informed planting decisions.

The Aclyd Project Starts In Your Wallet

They want to be your new drinking buddy with wallet Dapp which features: (1) easy blockchain wallet set up; (2) goods can be purchased using any payment method; (3) token purchase is automated within the buying process; (4) retailers receive payments instantly in token; and, (5) platform provides powerful sales tracking and inventory management tools.

Door-to-door delivery of alcohol has double digit growth of 32%, and we plan to expand our identity verification tools beyond this market in to private and public government usage.

Token Sale

In an effort to remain compliant, the Aclyd crowdsale plans to utilize both Reg S and Reg A+ Securities Act exemptions, as set forth by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The initial investment round will be for international contributors only (Non-U.S.) with a Reg S exemption. In tandem, they plan to file for a Reg A+ Tier 1 public offering exemption in order to allow for unrestricted trading of the tokens that are distributed during ICO, once the project launches. This will allow all U.S. contributors, including non-accredited investors, to legally purchase and utilize a separate security token offering (STO).


Using the power of blockchain to provide the alcohol industry with a frictionless payment processing and smart contracting system which raises accountability, reduces costs, cuts transaction times, and allows for greater distribution of wealth.



Jessica Contreras CEO

Shahid Chishty CSO

Kanisha Dennis CMO

Chai Shepherd CTA

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