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Islam is a special religion, particularly on the grounds that the budgetary relations in the Sharia are obviously directed and have various genuine necessities and limitations. Islamic back is then again called moral fund, and this is a completely reasonable name. As indicated by Sharia law, a Muslim ought not give cash for development (win premium), put resources into precluded exercises (betting, generation of denied items), take part in exchanges with over the top vulnerability.

Blockchain technology is additionally based on guaranteeing genuine, direct and transparent platform. It’s extremely a fundamental capacity for the advanced world, be that as it may, unfortunately, the quick improvement of the business prompted a mystery: the digital money advertise pulled in an enormous number of fraudsters and rather than neatness and straightforwardness, showcase members got a duplicity and a shadow advertise. The name of our organization ADAB Solutions is an incredible duty. Adab is a lifestyle in Islam, which we think about normal in regular daily existence, as well as a mandatory reason for business relations. We take care of the issue of adjusting crypto assets for perfect moral and cultural/social values of Islam by making a worldwide cryptocurrency platform for Muslims and the world at large.

Individuals ought to trust cryptocurrency it’s direct, solid and safe. Today nobody can ensure that the coins and activities recorded on customary cryptocurrency exchange conform to standards of Islam. In Adab there will be no ventures identified with any of the accompanying such as: Gambling, Usury, Immoral Service, Production of Alcoholic drinks and tobacco item, and Financial pyramids. There will be no theoretical arrangements, edge exchanging or activities not comparing to the standards of Shariah. An extra posting necessity is the endorsement by the Shariah Advisory Board. These confinements are not authorized just for religious reasons, they additionally bar the presence of low-quality resources on the trade. For the first time in the cryptocurrency market, ADAB SOLUTIONS will execute the Shariah Advisory Board inside its structure making a dependable platform for launching halal activities.

ADAB Solutions project is building up the First Islamic Cryptocurrency Exchange (FICE), in view of the Shariah norms. The motivation behind the ADAB Solutions project is the formation of a cryptocurrency platform, exchange and services that consent to the standards of the Sharia and work on the standards of Islam. ADAB Solutions will make it’s services dependent on the high good and social estimations of Islam and will give access to all clients of crypto-financial aspects. The standards and estimations of the venture agree with the standards on which Islamic fund is constructed and are situated in light of the standards of the Sharia. The Islamic financial model today is a standout amongst the most powerful zones of the advanced economy, which is effectively moving past.

Furthermore, in this we see an astounding open door for the market to utilize basic and evident standards of genuineness of Islam. Presently there are no organizations offering coordinated answers for Islamic sepulcher venture. Adab plans to tackle this issue. Customers and financial specialists utilizing Adab services which will make certain that their activities completely compare to the standards of Islam, which is affirmed not just by the feeling of our Advisory Council, yet additionally by the assessments of different specialists and the general supposition of the network. Adab thought isn’t just to make an organization; this is an endeavor to build up new moral principles for business service in the business.

ADAB Solutions will be overseen as per the necessities of the Islamic arrangement of corporate administration created based on the models of AAOIFI and IFSB. Shariah Advisory Board consistence with the standards of Islam in FICE exercises will be given by a free body containing legitimate specialists in the field of Islamic law and back and specialists in the field of the cryptographic money showcase. Quarterly, 5% of net pay and 2.5% of the yearly net benefit of the undertaking will shape the premise of the Adab Charity store and everybody can add to this reserve. Adab Solutions will pass an autonomous affirmation of all administrative and authoritative reports and methods. Adab Solutions will complete the yearly review for consistence with the standards of Islamic back by free and respectable organizations.

Adab – the conduct recommended by the standards of the Sharia, including great behavior, measures of goodness, politeness and humankind. Monotheism calls for confidence.” Faith requires the recognition of standards. The groups oblige a man to be raised. He who does not have politeness, is a long way from standards, confidence and monotheism. Cordiality is the strict recognition of what finishes deeds and exercises. Adab Solutions will draw in a huge number of users who have not previously invested into cryptocurrency assets and this will profit the whole crypto-economy that will increase with new members, who already just watched its development from the sidelines.

ADAB Token
Total number of tokens: 500,000,000
Token Price: 0.1 USD
Payment Method: BTC, ETH
Soft Cap: 2,500,000 $
Hard Cap: 17.290.000 $
Start: 25.07.2018
End: 15.11.2018
Minimum Sales Volume: 1000 ADAB

Road Map
Step 1: Beginning of the study of the cryptocurrency market in the Islamic community.
Terms: June 2017- September 2017.
Step 2: Formation of goals and objectives to solve the problem of access of Muslim population
to the cryptocurrency market.
Terms: September 2017 – November 2017.
Step 3: The development of the philosophy and mechanics of the exchange, based on the principles of the Islamic financial model.
Terms: December 2017 – May 2018.
Step 4: ICO to finance and promote the Islamic cryptocurrency exchange.
Terms: September 2018 – November 2018.
Step 5: Development of the program mechanism of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange.
Terms: July 2018 – September 2018.
Step 6: Registration of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange. Start of work on AdabCrypto (News Portal & Forum) and Adab Charity.
Terms: October 2018 – December 2018.
Step 7: Alfa release of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange, functionality and security check.
Terms: December 2018 – February 2019.
Step 8: Launch a large-scale marketing campaign, in order to attract new users on a large scale.
Terms: December 2018 – December 2019.
Step 9: Beta release of the Islamic Exchange First Islamic Crypto Exchange with the support of cross-platform trading clients.
Terms: April 2019.
Step 10: Official launch of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange.
Terms: July 2019.
Step 11: Expansion of the functional content of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange.
Terms: June 2019 – December 2019.
Step 12: Run Adab Charity.
Terms: August 2019.
Step 13: Ormation, on the bases of ADAB Solutions platform and First Islamic Crypto Exchange, of a reliable and developed infrastructure based on the principles of Islamic finance.
Terms: December 2019 – July 2020

Timur Turzhan: CEO, Founder
Rustam Turzhan: COO, co-founder
Maxat Salpyn: Deputy CEO of Islamic Finance
Aleksander Mamasidikov: Director of Marketing
Dmitriy Rovenskikh: Director of project promotion
Asset Barakbayev: СТО
Pavel Krayev: Head of development Department
Didar Bidam: Senior IT advisor
Khalil Ben sassi: Graphic designer
Mamoun Jamaladdin: Community Manager (Arabic)
Abeer Mousa: Community development manager

Board Of Advisors
Md Mofassair Hossain: Advisor Marketing and PR
Gaurav Areng Chakraverti: Marketing ICO Advisor
Jorge Rodriguez: Security Advisor

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