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ADAB Solutions ICO

ADAB Solutions ICO

Adab Solutions ICO ratingADAB Solutions ICO – The ADAB Solutions adventure is developing the FICE – First Islamic Crypto Exchange, in light of the Shariah norms. The inspiration driving the ADAB Solutions adventure is the generation of a computerized cash stage, exchange and organizations that agree to the benchmarks of the Sharia and work on the principles of Islam. ADAB Solutions will make organizations in perspective of the high great and social estimations of Islam and will offer access to all customers of crypto-economics. The gauges and estimations of the endeavor agree with the measures on which Islamic back is built and are arranged in light of the guidelines of the Sharia. The Islamic fiscal model today is a champion among the most special zones of the forefront economy, or, in other words, past

What is FICE

FICE (First Islamic Crypto Exchange Switzerland) the primary cryptographic money trade as per Sharia standards. Numerous cryptographic money, due to their attributes, are haram. Today nobody can ensure that coins and tasks recorded on ordinary cryptographic money trades are as per Islamic standards.

In FICE there will be no theoretical exchanges, edge exchanging or tasks that are not as per Sharia standards. Extra rundown necessities are the endorsement by the Sharia Advisory Board.


Because of the ethnic vulnerability of the Muslims to the digital currency, the occupants of these nations remove themselves from this procedure, which constantly prompts non-cooperation in the presentation of mechanical developments.

Among the issues that are presently seen in this field, I would single out the accompanying:

The nonattendance of control of the cryptographic money with Sharia law and the capacity to exchange on the crypto-trade markets. These two principle issues can be tackled by the ADAB arrangements venture.

Likewise, one can not but rather underscore that the potential chances of this market are huge. All things considered, very nearly 2 billion individuals stay without access to the cryptographic money.

Also, consistency with Sharia law won’t permit out of line tasks and exchange:

This market can turn into a standard, an assurance and security of digital money exchanges.

Solutions of ADAB Solutions

  • The principal crypto-trade stage, relating to the standards of the Sharia.
  • ADAB arrangements are called upon to join the digital money and sharia standards. The warning committee, comprising for the most part of individuals who regard the laws of the Sharia, will examine and advance the Crypto-cash.
  • A gigantic gathering of people.
  • It has just been specified that the capability of this market is vast. All things considered, the sharia law is seen in the request of 120 nations situated in Europe, Asia, and North Africa.
  • Another market framework.
  • The task ADAB arrangements present the idea of digital currency in the standards of Sharia. This new point will turn into the reason for self-direction of the digital currency market and increment its believability among Islamic states.
  • Security.
  • The ADAB arrangements venture has in its basic the most elevated security guidelines and interesting specialized arrangements that impeccably coordinate solid wards.

Features of ADAB Solutions

Shariah Compliant
As specified prior, the FICE is shariah-consistent which makes it extremely one of a kind. This is to guarantee that a worldwide framework that has at its center Islamic back is made. There is a Shariah Advisory Board which inquires about and guarantees that the components part of the trade’s environment are on the whole agreeable with shariah law in this manner advancing the advancement of Islamic crypto-financial matters.

Gigantic Audience Including Non-Muslims
Despite being based on shariah standards, this trade isn’t constrained to Muslims just, in spite of the fact that it focuses on the more than 120 nation nations part of the Islamic Ummah. Once more, this is to guarantee that Muslims with an exceptionally strict feeling of regard for Islamic excellencies can have and exchange digital forms of money at their doorstep.

A New Market Altogether Whilst
Applying and combining the standards of shariah and additionally the standards of Islamic back, another market is made by and large. This market clearly will have the most elevated amount of control to guarantee the crypto instruments found inside are up to standard.

ADAB Solutions ICO Token

Detail: ADAB Solutions ICO Token
Token ADAB
Price 1 ADAB = 0.1 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC
Hard cap 18,700,000 USD
Country United Arab Emirates
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA
ADAB Solutions ICO

ADAB Solutions ICO Team

ADAB Solutions ICO

ADAB Solutions ICO

ADAB Solutions ICO

ADAB Solutions ICO Roadmap

ADAB Solutions ICO

ADAB Solutions ICO

ADAB Solutions ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0x964B446b9Afe543002FE3CB380489f80b5bBb4a9


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