ADAB Solutions – The First Islamic Crypto Exchange

What is ADAB Solution cryptocurrency all about ?

Adab solutions project is developing What will ken as FICE- first Islamic crypto exchange predicated on shariah norms. This platform is engendered as am exchange and accommodations that comply with the norms of the sharia and operate on the principles of islam, withal engender accommodations predicated on the high moral and cultural values of islam and provide access to all users of crypto- economics. The Islamic crytocurency platforms engendered by adab solutions will implements the possibility of purchasing ADAB tokens by users during ICO. This platforms will solve the quandary of halal cryptocurrency trasactions, providing access the crypto currency market for the muslim ummah, which is about 22% OF THE WORLD populations and manages Islamic financial assests.
Features and measures in implementing Adab solutions cryptocureency project to be Halal.

They will consummate and pass Islamic expert assessment on compliance with sharia law
They will organizes the shariah supervisory board under the first Islamic crpto exchangr
They will adhere to documents and procedures, prepared on the substratum of a seroius analyis that regulates the company work with crypto assets in accordance with the norms of sharia.
They will make their public perception or company image to be good.
Their main activity is maslahah ( Remuneratively lucrative for all) while the haram (illicit) element Is absent or vey minute. This their activities is commented and additionally coalescing the benefits of gregarious development and investment opportunities predicated on the distribution of profits and loses for a wide range of entrepreneurs and investors.
Their level of interest will not exceeds that of law established by SAC.
Paramountcy of investing in this platform
The main paramountcy of investing in this platform because its will promote crowd funding from the Islamic perspective which its advantages is outline below:
Operates predicated on the distribution of profits and loses as required by the principles of Islamic finance
Promotes innovation
Promote job creation
Supports magnification of enterprises and sanctions the future IPO in incipient sectors
Minimizes risk by dividing capital into several start ups
Open an incipient asset class for minute and medium sized investors and determinate ;
rovides access to capital for wide range of entrepreneurs thereby reducing the funding gap.


Symbol: ADAB

Token type: ETH (ERC20)

ICO Price: 1 ADAB = 0.1 USD

Min purchase: 100 USD

Total supply: 480.000.000 ADAB

Available supply: 345.000.000 ADAB

Soft cap: 2 500 000 USD

Hard cap: 18 700 000 USD

ICO Start date: 6th of September 2018

The Great Reasons on Why Muslims Should Join ADAB Solutions:

To make you become much more familiar with this business and finance, you need to know some more detailed information like the important reasons why the Muslims should join this business. Here are the most important reasons that you can consider before making your decision for entering this great business. Let’s check them out below!

First Islamic Crypto-Currency Business Finance
As mentioned before, ADAB Solutions offers you more than a sophisticated solution for the future digital economy, but it also tries to combine the Islamic principals and systems in running the proper business flow based on Qur’an and Sunah. Therefore, Muslims countries are highly recommended to try this brand new digital business and finance that hopefully can improve the development of the economy and find the best solutions for kinds of issues in the related field, like poverty and others.

Bring further expansion into the business finance field
Since ADAB Solutions comes with something new which people never see before, it becomes one of the best weapons that can be used to attract much more participants so that they could join this brand new method of crypto-currency business to experience the challenges as well as the advantages they could get by joining in.

The model of Islamic economics is considered one of the most suitable models for modern business
According to the statistic data, Muslims in the world exist in more than 120 countries that cover Europe, Western, Central, South and South-East Asia and North Africa. As a result, it means that there is around 22% Muslims population in this world who can contribute in expanding this business. Additionally, the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also agrees with the possibility for ADAB Solutions to reach the successful development in the future.

One of the most significant contributions from the Muslims countries is Iran. Here, the financial system is established through Islamic models which mostly based on Islam principals. Next, the place is taken over by several countries coming from Asia, which are Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Meanwhile, in other countries with no Muslim populations, the emergence of this business would possibly come from the Muslims people who are looking for business and finance that is ran within the Islamic principals. Also, several Islamic Banks and Finance companies can also be found in UK and US. Thus, it shows that people’s enthusiasm towards the Islamic business and finance system is considered well-developed during this time.


Those are several alternatives plans that are implemented in this project to prevent any kinds of Haram activities that can confuse. After all, if you are getting much more interested in this project, then, what are you waiting for? Come and check the official websites of ADAB Solutions, as well as other relevant links related to the project, how to join and how it works, advantages you can get, and many others. All have been provided in the paragraph below.


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