AdMine – a social network of brands based on the Blockchain

AdMine is a brand social network based on BlockChain technology. We want to draw users’ attention to advertisements and improve their effectiveness by creating favorable conditions, where all benefit from cooperation. To view advertisements, users will be credited with crypocurrencies, which can be used to purchase products on the internet, can be withdrawn into bank accounts or cards or exchanged with other crypto.

The uniqueness of the AdMine system is. Customized for security. All processes within the platform, from creating job ads to user communications, use smart contracts as independent arbitrators to meet all parties. Smart contracts are impartial and not dependent on content, the deal is in a distributed and decentralized blocking network.

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Benefits and advantages of admine
Within the frameworks of raising funds for the development of the project, we created an ICO-based campaign.
Calculations occur through a token, thereby implementing local financial system that is independent from external currencies and quotations. The volume and distribution of the token is regulated by a smart contract, the working conditions of which are open to any potential investors. The main campaign thesis on attracting finance based on ICO
To raise funds for the development project, we issue MediaCoop tokens based on smart contract technology of ERC20 standard.

Tokens can be used for calculations within the system or for earning profit by exchanging them back at a more favorable rate.

The number of tokens is limited to 100,000,000 – without the possibility of subsequent emission. By the end of ICO all tokens will be distributed among investors, unsold tokens will be deleted. Tis approach will ensure the absence of inflation within the system, which will not contribute to the token depreciation, creating conditions for profitable sale and exchange.

AdMine is designed in such a way that when an internal currency (MediaCoin) is a form of stock exchange. MediaCoin purchase from investors at the current exchange rate. For the user this process will be invisible, the user will receive a balance on his / her wallet – in proportion to the amount of transfer. Thus, the system automatically buys token from investors by distributing them among users within the system.

The investors ‘income with grow in proportion to the increase of participants’ number in the system. The system globalization will bring investors an income comparable to all rapidly growing cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, ether.

The Investor can sell the tokens to new users. To do so, it’s enough to create a purchase order and the system will automatically redeem the tokens.

Investors will be able to see in real time how the invested ad money is utilized!

AdMine Token
The Media Coin Token is a token compatible with ERC-20, distributed on the Etereum block according to Token Coin Media ERC-20 smart contract.
Pre Sell ICO: 18-28 December 2017
Restricted Token: 5000000 MediaCoins
Symbol: MCN
Price: $ 1 MCN = 2.5
Number of tokens: 100000000 MCN
minimum amount Coin purchase: 0.1 ETH

Set a flag
5% Total sales from Pre Sale ICO
60% of ICO public sales during the crowd
10% of users
15% growth pool will go to AdMine team and will be blocked for 12 months.
6% will attend AdMine consultants and will be blocked for 12 months.
2% will be sent to opening, evaluation, social advertising WINGS DAO
2% Bounty Program

The number of tokens is limited to 100,000,000 without the possibility of subsequent emissions. At the end of ISO all tokens will be distributed among investors, unsold token will be deleted. This approach will ensure that no inflation in the system, which will not contribute to token shrinkage, will create conditions for profitable sales and exchange.
Income of investors grows in proportion to the increase in the number of participants in the system. The globalization of this system will bring investors an income comparable to all the fast-growing cryptosystems, such as bitcoyne and ETH.

Street card
Our roadmap is ICO

2017 AGREEMENT, TEAM CREATION Development of plans and design of the system’s financial section, including business ideas.
2017 SEPTEMBER WORK PROJECTS Create a project prototype, formulate the system requirements.
2017 OCTOBER TESTS The ability of research systems, website creation, ongoing project development, the development of participant system purses.
2017 START FROM NOVEMBER The creation of a complete website, the launch of the first version of the program in registration mode, infographic formation, launches the participant’s wallet.
2017 DECEMBER PRE SALE STARTING Launching pre-sale project, continuing development of key products, implementing interface parts, launching intelligent contract integration project within the system.
2018 COMPLETE EASY AND EASY WEBSITE FOR FEBRUARY CREATION FOR CRYPTO TRADE TRANSFORMATION AND TRANSFORMATION Development and debugging of crypto currency exchange systems using major exchange APIs.
2018 OFFERS OFFER CREATING COINS Started an ICO, created load testing infrastructure, built land to simulate stock exchanges, embarked on the development of embedded web-based projects.
2018 APRIL WITH THE USE OF STOCK EXCHANGE, LISTING. Introducing cryptocurrency in the stock market, by integrating its own sign in the cardiothransplant system of liver exchange, on the basis of core testing. Development of intellectual contract system is complete.
2018 JUNE LAUNCHES WEB INTERFACE, INCLUDING THE WEBSITE FROM THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF ARCHITECTURE, ADVERTISERS AND USERS. Start the intellectual contract management system. Run the alpha version of the program, perform testing with real users, debugging the filters completely.
2018 REFUND FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FOR MOBILE DEVICES Runs a working version for mobile devices.
2018 SEPTEMBER RELATED TO AD ADP MARKET, CREATING GATEWAYS AND COMFORTABLE API FOR RELATIONSHIP Communication with existing advertising market, gateway creation and convenience for connection. Enter the ad market, launch the product beta.
2018 NOVEMBER BETA VERSION Start an internal content classification service with the ability to create smart contracts for advertisers, perform user tasks, and evaluate quality. The start of the project development analysis section, reports, statistics and analysis.

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