AdMine – a social network of brands based on the Blockchain

A network of social networks is a map of all relevant ties between the studied nodes. Such networks can also be used to determine the social capital of individual actors. This concept is often depicted in social network diagrams that manifest a node as a point and a bond as a connecting line.
The analysis of social networking networks views social relations as nodes and ties. Nodes are individual actors within the network, whereas bonding is the relationship between the actor. There can be many types of bonds between nodes. Research in various academic fields has shown that social networking networks operate on many levels, ranging from family to country, and play an important role in determining how to solve problems, run the organization, as well as the degree of success of an individual in achieving his goals.One industry is developing the brand of social media network in the world is ADMINE.

AdMine is a brand social network based on BlockChain technology. We want to draw users’ attention to advertisements and improve their effectiveness by creating favorable conditions, where all participants benefit from cooperation. To view advertisements, users will be credited with crypocurrencies, which can be used to purchase products on the internet, may be withdrawn into bank accounts or cards or otherwise exchanged with other cryptoes.
The uniqueness of the AdMine system is an intelligent contract, designed to ensure the security and tolerance of overall system errors. All procedures within the platform, from creating ad campaigns to user communications, use smart contracts as independent arbitrators to meet the obligations of all parties. Smart contracts are impartial and do not depend on intermediaries, the deal is in a distributed and decentralized blocking network.

By using our platform, company administration can customize
ad campaign independently (without the help of a broker). For this purpose, it is enough

  1. Sign up for free at AdMine
  2. Budget deposits
  3. Set user revenue to apply
  4. Explain the purpose of the test and make the role of testers on the constructor
  5. Select users based on their interests
  6. Launch a campaign that will independently hold a tender and
    will select the player
  7. Interact with testers collect data
  8. Determine the completion level of the task completion of the completion of the session

Our project is designed to help advertisers with any level of knowledge.
Even brand-entry owners can be easy and completely free to create
ad campaigns using pre-adjusted scenarios or
create it yourself.
The uniqueness of the AdMine system is in the use of smart contracts designed
to ensure the security tolerance and errors of the system as a whole.
All the mechanisms within the platform, from the creation of an advertising campaign to holding
survey, using smart contracts as an independent arbitrator in the execution
obligations of all parties.Ad security is guaranteed the absence of a possibility for the offender to
placing their malicious code on the advertising market page.
AdMine has all the technical tools that ensure mastery of user uniqueness
and allows the ad market to describe the advertising campaigns that are created based on
personal data of each user. One tool for achieving this goal
is the allocation of ad content on the IPFS file system resources. Because of the content
static and does not require the operation of additional client programs. All of which
required is to describe its contents and ensure that the user
have noticed it.

Media Coin Token is an ERC-20 compatible token distributed on Ethereum blocking pursuant to Token Coin Media’s ERC-20 smart contract.
Pre Sales ICO: 18 – 28 December 2017
Limited token number: 5,000 000 MediaCoins
Symbol: MCN
Price: 1 MCN = $ 2.5
Token Number: 100,000,000
Minimum purchase Media Coins: 0.1 ETH
Token Allocation
-5% General Sale Pre Sale ICO
-60% of ICO general sales during Crowdsale
-10% Pool
-15 % Users will go to AdMine team and will be blocked for 12 months
-6% going to AdMine adviser and will be blocked for 12 months
-2% sent to WINGS DAO launch, evaluation, social promotion
-2% Bounty program

The number of tokens is limited to 100,000,000 without the possibility of subsequent emissions. At the end of ISO all tokens will be distributed among investors, unsold token will be deleted. This approach will ensure the absence of inflation within the system, which will not contribute to token depreciation, create conditions for sales and profitable exchanges.
Investor income grew in proportion to the increase in the number of participants in the system. The globalization of the system will bring investors an income comparable to all the rapidly growing cryptoes such as bitcoin and ETH.

Overview of the project being run by ADMINE with the support of experts in the field to realize the success of future, if you want to get more complete information read Whitepaper and can also join the social media with LINK below as a reference material.

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