AdMine Crypto Project

The presence of the Internet in the form of interactive media in 1993 adding to the alternative media which used party advertisers to promote products, services, and ideas.

However, the success of new products via the Internet advertising began to appear in the year 2001 with the attendance of the 2.0 Web platform that allows the onset of interaction between sellers with consumers or between consumers.

The prominence of Internet-based advertising is to reach potential consumers anywhere and anytime. In addition, the existence of the Internet allows advertisers to place advertisements on the websites and social media are not paid. Entering the 21st century advertising in the media of the Internet increasingly permeates the world.

A number of Internet sites including search engines Google yahoo and others started the change in the digital advertising industry by expanding its contextual relevance, with more emphasis on supplying the desired consumer product search rather than overwhelm consumers with information – information that is not required. This marked a trend of interactive advertising are more personal and customized.

And year after year will increase his wish to continue there is a platform that is assured and quality.

The future Aim:
To create a social network of brands based on the Blockchain technology.
Make it open on internet to attract user’s attention to advertising
Increase effectiveness by creating favorable conditions that will enable all participants to benefit from collaboration. And to viewing ads, users will get cryptocurrency and will able to buy goods on the Internet, transfer them to their bank accounts/cards or convert into other cryptocurrencies.

How It Works: When searching for information corresponding to the requested Game number selected in the blockchain, and each record will have information about data provider, date, Admine and the use of the game. It change the global market of used game by making it honest, transparent, reliable and with equal access to information for each participant, And also each user can create a card of favorite brands.

The Allocation Of The Token
admine token distri.png
5% public sales of Pre Sale ICO
60% of the public sale of the ICO during crowdsale
10% user growth in the pool
15% will go to the team and will blocked AdMine for 12 months
6% will go to the advisors AdMine and will blocked for 12 months 2% will be sent to the WINGS DAO — opening, evaluation, social promotion 2% Bounty Program.

admine team.png

The efficiency of approaches using in the system AdMine is rapidly getting closer to 100%, as it directly affects exclusively that group of people who are interested. And users can spend the money, received for views, to buy products that they advertise. As a result, key advantages of the platform in comparison with classical methods of advertising. Also AdMine has all technical tools that ensure control of user’s uniqueness and allows advertising markets to elaborate advertising campaigns built on personal details of each user, and each user is condemned to receive offers only from the category, which suggests him the informational resource that he has visited.

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