Admine – Decentralized Platform to Monetize Online Activity

AdMine is a brand social network based on BlockChain technology. We want to draw users’ attention to advertisements and improve their effectiveness by creating favorable conditions, where all participants benefit from cooperation. To view advertisements, users will be credited with crypocurrencies, which can be used to purchase products on the internet, may be withdrawn into bank accounts or cards or otherwise exchanged with other cryptoes.

The uniqueness of the AdMine system is an intelligent contract, designed to ensure the security and tolerance of overall system errors. All procedures within the platform, from creating ad campaigns to user communications, use smart contracts as independent arbitrators to meet the obligations of all parties. Smart contracts are impartial and do not depend on intermediaries, the deal is in a distributed and decentralized blocking network. PROJECT AdMine our main goal is to determine the desires of users.This is that only 3 banners of 10 show relevant ads to users. Example: there are 3 people who have BMW cars, Mercedes, Audi properly.

Our goal is to show each car brand accordingly.


in this case, there is only one solution. Each user must provide valid information in the questionnaire about the car and are interested in getting relevant ads.

To make it possible, we create a social network in which all the participants

listed below can exist simultaneously.

◉ the advertiser ◉ advertising

market, User

◉ Publisher


Allows advertisers to place ads without commissions, and allows users to earn revenue while viewing ads. Users can choose which ads they want to watch.

We offer a banner network built on the principles of social networking, where advertisers will act because investors and users will choose the range of ads they want to see, they can subscribe to their favorite brands and get paid to see the selected ads. On our platforms with a custom mechanism for targeting advertisers’ personalized results will save a significant amount of money and will choose the most appropriate client.

Description of Tokens Token

Media Token-Shaped Token TOKEN is an ERC-20 compatible token distributed on Ethereum blocking based on Token for Coin-shaped Media ERC-20 smart contract.

ICO: 18 Pre-Sale — December 28, 2017

Limited token amount: 5000 000 MediaCoins:

MCN Price Symbol: 1 MCN = $ 2.5

Token Number: 100,000,000

Purchase Minimum money media: 0.1 ETH

allocation Token

-5% General Sale Pre Sales of ICO

-60%; ICO general sales during Crowdsale

-10% Room

-15% of users will go to AdMine team and will be blocked for 12 months

-6% will be AdMine advisor and will be blocked for 12 months

-2% sent to WINGS DAO launches, evaluation, social promotion

-2% Bounty program The

number of tokens is limited to 100,000,000 without the possibility of subsequent emissions. At the end of ICO all tokens will be distributed between investors, unsold tokens will be removed. This approach will ensure the absence of inflation within the system, which will not contribute to token depreciation, create conditions for sales and profitable exchanges.

Investor income grew in proportion to the increase in the number of participants in the system. System globalization will bring investors an income comparable to all the rapidly growing cryptoes such as bitcoin and ETH.

Overview of the projects being run by ADMINE with the support of experts in the field to achieve success kedepanya, if you want to get more detailed information read the whitepaper and can also join the social media with the LINK below as reference material






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