ADMINE-Increase Their Effectiveness By Creating Favorable Conditions

In the modern world, the internet has a leading place in life and mind
human. The great opportunities provided by the online world bring every manufacturer,
mediator or product / service provider to represent their company,
introducing new apps and outlining various advertising campaigns on the Internet.
Today the advertising industry is one of the largest global industry sectors. advertising has become one of the driving forces of Internet development.The first internet advertisement appeared in 1994 The growth in advertising profits continues to stimulate countries like Argentina,
Brazil, India, Indonesia, China, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, South Africa. In 2025 due to the increase of mobile internet users amounted to 4 billion
person. It is expected to have a rapid development of new segments in advertising
Internet in all major markets and increase the investment attractiveness of IT-platform for
meet user needs.Our goal is to create a social network of brands based on technology
Blockchain.We want to attract users’ attention to advertising and increase its effectiveness by creating favorable conditions allow all participants to benefit from cooperation.users will get cryptocurrency and can buy goods on the Internet,transfer them into their bank account or card or turn them into crypto ones
other.User connecting technology enables the anonymity of savings in the network when
receive personal advertising advice and at the same time provide information
personal to the program, which works in an autonomous mode with no possibility
operator to intervene in the work process. As a possibility
additional to earn money, users will provide personal information
add-on to advertisers for free as part of work with technology
paid filters.


Allows advertisers to advertise, free of charge, and allows users to search for power while viewing an ad. The user can choose which ads they want to watch.
We offer banner network is built upon the principles of social networking, where advertisers will be powered as investors and users will choose the ads they want to see, they can subscribe to their brand and get paid to see the selected ads. On our platform with a special mechanism to attract advertisers personalized will save you money and will choose the most appropriate clients.
The idea of

  • We came to the conclusion the advertising network on the Internet today
  • Time is a very big market. However, once its resources are actually used

for profit.

  • This is reflected in the features that there are very many dangerous sites and, very
  • Often, we can find an account with bot, cheat rating or become a victim


In our opinion, we have been outlining the unique concept that allows big earningsthe amount of money through banners
Our primary goal is to determine the wishes of the user. The problem is today only 3a banner ad from the 10 shows that are relevant to the userIn this case, there is only one solution. Each user must provide a validthe information in the questionnaire about his car and are interested inRelevant advertisingTo fit, we are creating social networks where all participantslisted below could exist simultaneously

  • Advertisers
  • Advertising market, publishers
  • Users

Token Distribution

5% Public sale Pre Sale ICO
60% Public sale ICO
10% Users Growth Pool
15% are sent to AdMine team and will be blocked for 12 months
6% are sent to AdMine advisors
2% will be sent to WINGS DAO – launch, evaluation, social promotion
2% will be allocated for the bonus program

Pre Sale ICO

To draw the attention of investors, within the framework of the advance sale tokens campaign,
we give bonuses:

1 day 50% bonus tokens
2-3 day 30% bonus tokens
From the 4th day 25% bonus tokens




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