ADMINE-Increase Their Effectiveness By Creating Favorable Conditions

ADMINE-Increase Their Effectiveness By Creating Favorable Conditions


In the modern world, the internet has a leading place in the life and the human mind. The great opportunities provided by the online world carry each manufacturer, mediator or product/service provider to represent their company, introduce new applications and outlines a variety of advertising campaigns on the Internet. Excessive amount of media content, coupled with quality and ad formats, there are no restrictions in many cases the target audience. Users watch ads they don’t need or equally brilliant, that contribute to inefficiency of advertising commercials. We’re used to change the current approach by creating innovative platforms based on the principles of social networking. This platform will allow advertisers to become investors,
The advertising industry is currently one of the largest sectors of the global economy. According to analysts, advertising has become one of the drivers of development of the internet. Internet advertising first appeared in 1994, and since then the volume of the online advertising market has grown exponentially: from 37 million dollars to 5 billion dollars in 2000, and up to 158 billion in 2016. According to the results of the analysis of the market of advertising in more than 50 countries, internet classified ads will reach approximately 556 billion dollars in 2017.


AdMine is social networking brands based on BlockChain technology. We would like to draw the attention of users against ad and increase their effectiveness by creating favorable conditions, where all the profit from the cooperation. To see the ads, the user will be credited with the crypocurrencies, which can be used to purchase products on the internet, can be pulled into a bank account or a card or exchanged with other crypto. The uniqueness system AdMine is. Adjusted for security. All processes in the platform, starting from work ad creation to user communications, using smart contracts as independent arbitrators to satisfy all parties. Contract intelligent impartial and does not depend on the contents of the deal, there are in network blocking distributed and decentralized.


Allows advertisers to advertise, free of charge, and allows users to search for power while viewing an ad. The user can choose which ads they want to watch.
We offer banner network is built upon the principles of social networking, where advertisers will be powered as investors and users will choose the ads they want to see, they can subscribe to their brand and get paid to see the selected ads. On our platform with a special mechanism to attract advertisers personalized will save you money and will choose the most appropriate clients.
The idea of

  • We came to the conclusion the advertising network on the Internet today
  • Time is a very big market. However, once its resources are actually used

for profit.

  • This is reflected in the features that there are very many dangerous sites and, very
  • Often, we can find an account with bot, cheat rating or become a victim


In our opinion, we have been outlining the unique concept that allows big earningsthe amount of money through banners
Our primary goal is to determine the wishes of the user. The problem is today only 3a banner ad from the 10 shows that are relevant to the userIn this case, there is only one solution. Each user must provide a validthe information in the questionnaire about his car and are interested inRelevant advertisingTo fit, we are creating social networks where all participantslisted below could exist simultaneously

  • Advertisers
  • Advertising market, publishers
  • Users

Opportunities and advantages of platformAdMine:

Mining MediaCoin

For each display ad, the provision of personal data and participation in campaign ads, the user receives an internal currency, which can be directly transferred to a bank account or exchanged with other crypto.

User card

In her personal profile, users can subscribe to favorite tunes, plug the social accounts to find interet automatically, see new deals and receive a discount.

Search Users

Smart Edition find users by interest, location, gender and other data, while maintaining user identity without being noticed. Advertisers can create their own filters based on user data.

Open Stats

Settlements along in the system built based on BlockChain technology, which makes them fast and secure. Advertisers see who want and for what, by receiving the operating statistics at any time.The main campaign in thesis drew attention upon ICO:The number of tokens is limited to 100 million-without the possibility of subsequentemissions. At the end of the ISO all token will be between between investors, token unsold will be removed. This way will be guaranteed the absence of inflation in the system, which will not contribute to the depreciation of the token, creating conditions for sales and favorable currency.
AdMine designed so that when the form of the purchase of internal currency (MediaCoin) submitted by the user, this platform automatically generates a request form at MediaCoin to purchase stock from investors with the current rate. For the user this process will not be visible, the user will receive the balance on their wallets-is proportional to the amount of the transfer. Thus, the system automatically.
Income investors grew in proportion to the increase in the number of participants in the system. Globalization of the system will bring investors a comparable revenues with all the crypto-growing, such as ether, bitcoin. Investors can sell the token to the new user. To do, enough to make the orders automatically exchange token.

Token Distribution

  • 5% General sales Pre Sale ICO
  • 60% public sale ICO
  • 10% of users
  • 15% sent to tim AdMine and will blocked for 12 months
  • 6% sent to plaintiff AdMine and are given hours for 12 months
  • 2% will be sent to the launch, evaluation, social promotion WINGS DAO
  • 2% will be allocated to bonus program

Pre Selling ICO

  • 1 day 50% bonus token
  • Bonus bonus 2-3 day token
  • From the bonus day 4 25%

AdMine Team

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