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Adosia – ADO Massive Bounty Program
As crypto moves into the third generation, the tremendous opportunity to take advantage of the troublesome blockchain ledger solution to the market is presented. While the ERC20 specification works well for applications that are not tied to critical transactions, the ability to produce high-speed plumbing applications is entirely dependent on the ability to effectively support significantly larger transaction volumes.  Adosia makes use of current technology (equivalent ERC20) while, in parallel, strategically aligning the multi-pronged approach to utilize the next generation of third generation technologies necessary to enable seriously disruptive blockchainbased initiatives. Adosia has a product, and we have a plan.
Ad Tech, Internet of Things (IoT) dan Adosia Token (ADO)
 Adosia embarked on an ad-tech initiative (established in 2012), offers a value proposition to improve and create new ad inventory that can be viewed on publisher websites. Adosia first realized revenue from our ad serving platform in 2014, and has generated billions of impressions and generated millions of ad revenue to date.

Adosia enters the consumer space of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Q2-2017, and our current foothold in the ad-tech and existing technical infrastructure enables the implementation of our accelerated vision for significant disruption and flows by utilizing blockchain technology. IoT open Wi-Fi Open Adosia hardware products near production (with the next product line currently under development). Adosia leads our blockchain initiative with prototype IoT hardware, with the aim of building the foundation of decentralized mining hardware to support the Adosia eradication initiative. In parallel, Adosia also strategically aligns to position Adchica ad-tech and future empowerment initiatives through leveraging the advantages opened by the advancement of third-generation kriptocurrency architecture.

Adosia will leverage our industry experience in ad-tech to conduct aggressive campaigns in creating a decentralized display advertising ecosystem that leverages blockchain for ad targeting, delivering and measuring. The technology required to effectively handle the high transaction volumes demanded by the ad technology platform for ad delivery and view measurement, visibility, and user engagement while leaving the headroom for a suite of innovation features has not yet been realized. To effectively disrupt ad technologies, Adosia intends to install proven ad placement and placement technology with a high-speed blockchain-based measurement and targeting mechanism that requires third-generation cryptocurrency platform performance.

The Adosia Token (ADO) will be launched with the ERC20 token specification on the Ethereal blockchain. The ERC20 specification is sufficient for use as the base currency for handling transactions that are relevant to the first phase stage of the Adosia platform. ADO will be used to compensate Adosia Publishers for advertising revenue generated by their Adosia ad placement, and to allow end users of Adosia IoT Platform to purchase Adosia IoT Hardware and issue monthly or annual subscription payments for IoT Adosia-related services. The subscription price will be based on the amount of Adosia IoT physical hardware connected to an IosO Adosia account during a particular billing cycle, and will support both consumer and company price levels.

The Adosia approach to implementing WiFi-connected hardware within the ecosystem (IoT) takes advantage of a core concept – each hardware component will require functionality that can easily be customized by end users using Internet-connected devices. This approach allows end users to set up custom triggers or actions that apply to the same device, or even peripheral devices connected to the same hardware user Adosia account. Any hardware or sensor component may also be installed to trigger an external warning or notification, or to replace arbitrary digital IO or other hardware components, all of which are based on a pre-defined device profile configuration. This customizable device profile can be easily updated and even scheduled to be active at any time or interval as desired.

Adosia’s approach to hardware control and adjustment allows Adosia platform users to create special use cases to create better quality of life, and only limited by the user’s imagination. This is a remarkable advancement that offers a number of new benefits that will become clearer when reading detailed IoT product descriptions as outlined in this notebook.
Adosia IoT: Early Roadmap WiFi Product
• BluPonix  – Self-Watering Piping & Personal Hydroponics Systems
• TapLock  – Capacitive Sense Tap Password Locks for Doors & Secret Safes
• MailMan  – Solar Powered Mailman Visit Detector – You have Mail!
• GarageBug  – Garage Door Sentry with Remote Control & Motion Detect Alerts
• CryptoCam  – Hidden Security Sentry & Room Okupancy Tracking Camera
• OpenPlug  – WiFi Programmable Smart Electrical Wall Outlet
Approach to IoT Productivity
The Adosia IoT product will initially be released in the form of an open hardware hobby device, with each product line then switching to a strictly tested subassembly that can be used by entrepreneurs and third-party system integrators interested in creating their unique product offering using Adosia’s core hardware IoT. The Adosia hobby kit will consist of custom open hardware and electronic components manufactured by Adosia. Adosia will then follow up with the productization of our own ready-made consumer version of every product line. Continuous feedback received from the Adosia community will be considered and possibly incorporated into this consumer product offering.

The Adosia roadmap outlines plans to launch an open platform API, allowing developers worldwide to interact with Adosia hardware in creating their own custom third-party applications. The roadmap of Adosia is ambitious, and our executive team’s ability to imagine, customize, execute and implement new and proven disruptive technologies. 
Mining with Adosia IoT Hardware
Adosia hardware carrier account users will have the option to earn additional revenue using their IosT Ios Adosia hardware to mine. Adosia hardware operators can be individual platform users who control a handful of devices, or third-party system integrators or product manufacturers that control thousands of devices.

Adosia estimates the level and scale of malicious attacks against WiFi IO devices increase in the coming years. This attack would require a major goal to secretly build a decentralized network of compromised hardware to mine on behalf of the evil side while unsuspecting IoT hardware consumers absorb the cost of mining power. The peripheral benefits for allowing mining on the Adosia IoT device are the general basis and consensus for the specific mining revenue ranges expected to be generated by each device provided for each supported mining algorithm. This approach provides an expansion mechanism to assess whether certain hardware has been compromised (hacked) to be mine on behalf of harmful third parties at the expense of hardware operators. Adosia does not claim this observational approach as a substitute for the application of sound security protocols.

Adosia also aligned the entry of ethics to offer incentives to mining users’ opt-in browsers through the content of gating publishers and other traffic monetization widgets.
 Mining Adosia IoT Mining Revenue


Adosia will lead our initial initiative by releasing our first product from our BluPonix initiative. BluPonix is ​​the first open WiFi hardware platform for personal plant development, and making crops grow into a fun and fully customizable experience with the internet. Both markets kriptocurrency and market marijuana legal is increasing, and BluPonix create a unique value proposition for entry by targeting consumers who are trying to seek cannabis legally in their own homes with ease, while also targeting the consumer market that is entirely separate to the planters who have the encryption itself that text or email when their water reservoir needs to be refilled. Unlike the overly saturated competition that works to position marijuana as the final product,

Possible configurations are limited only by the end user’s imagination. For example, in the case of BluPonix, devices connected to the Adosia platform can be easily configured to send text or emails when the water reservoir is low or follows a set of digital inputs that detect motion. Another example could be switching on an external fan or lamp when the temperature reaches a certain threshold, or for certain cycles or time periods specified during a given day. As Adosia releases additional products, this approach will forever improve the way we can interact with our homes and will provide a better quality of life overall.

BluPonix has been selected as our main product initiative with respect to current market conditions. BluPonix products have also been successful in prototypes and lean for production. The Adosia roadmap quickly followed up on nearly half a dozen distinct and marketable IoT WiFi-programmable hardware products that all of them could be end-user-hosted and configured by the web in a way that is not currently available. The BluPonix Space Hydro hybrid kit will be available to ship along with ADO coin releases. The Ice Hydro Kit will be available in May 2018. The ice board is undergoing revision of their third round. See for product specifications and schemes.
TapLock is a touch key based keyword platform that forever changes the way we use keys at home and our business. Instead of using keys, biometric or temporary access codes, TapLock uses some capacitive touch sensors that must be stimulated in the correct pre-defined (keyword) pattern to trigger the unlock of TapLock-enabled devices. The TapLock touch sensor can be detected through the wood and configured remotely via the Adosia platform. 
One of Adosia’s TapLock use cases will require furniture that has a hidden locked compartment to store valuables or even possess a firearm discretely. If the TapLock device is opened, TapLock can be configured seamlessly with the Adosia platform to send alert notifications or to trigger or perform other actions that a separate external Adosia IoT hardware must perform. TapLock is in the second generation prototype phase

MailMail is a solar-powered WiFi module that hangs in your mailbox and keeps notes when your mail goes. Mailman can be checked on request or programmed to send a warning or to trigger other IosT Adosia hardware into action. Introduction MailMan requires the development of an additional battery power module battery module that can be used to power various Adosia IoT products. MailMain is in the schematic stage, and the solar charging module may be turning into its own product family.

 GarageBug is a hybrid WiFi guard that allows the status of remote garage doors to be viewed (open / close) and controls from internet-connected devices. GarageBug also includes motion detect triggering and support for various custom IO configurations. One practical application of GarageBug is to check the status of the garage door remotely (to determine if the door is open or closed), while for additional security equipped with a radar detection setting to ensure delivery only between certain hours and only when the garage door is closed. The GarageBug product will initially be marketed as a hobby device and then switch to an integration device that targets garage door control and repair service industries and entrepreneurs. GarageBug is in schematic stage.

 CryptoCam is a discrete WiFi guard camera that can be activated by a combination of settings or triggers of the IoT Hardware Adosia device. CryptoCam can also be used to capture motion, detect room occupancy, movement of tracks flowing through the house or building, send a picture warning, and activate other Adosia IoT Hardware devices under countless conditions. As a simple example, CryptoCam can be installed to send an image warning if it senses two or more people have entered a certain space between specific time frames.

OpenPlug is a WiFi-Programmable outlet that can be setup to power on specific appliances based on a schedule or when any combination of settings or Adosia IoT Hardware device trigger conditions are met.  OpenPlug will support an open API to enable developers to create their own applications using Adosia IoT platform and hardware.  OpenPlug will ship in form factors designed to replace electrical outlets, as well as in consumer-oriented configurations that plug directly into existing outlets.

Initial Token Token Distribution

 * 80% Public allocation includes general sales (93.164%) and personal sales (6.836%) token allocation.

* ADO evidence can be obtained when purchasing authorized Adosia IoT products and hardware. ADO may also be purchased at any time by users of the Ios Platinum Adosia Platform that has IOT hardware connected to the Adosia platform, or by Adosia Ad Platform users. Adosia publishers will be one of the first ADO recipients, as they can now switch between paying ADO vs. fiat for ad revenue generated by their web assets using Adosia Ads. Publisher Adosia is actively generating ADO and the first ADO payment will be issued to publishers in June 2018 (for March earnings cycle).

* Adosia will sell discount tokens when releasing our first IoT hardware product. Unallocated public tokens will be secured and stored in the Adosia address. Adosia will use tokens that can not be allocated from time to time to allow easy allocation of ADO for distribution for fiat-initiated payment of subscriptions, to issue payments to Adosia Publishers or hardware miners, to create public funds, employees or other funds wishing to know, to issue awards, incentives, payments, or to undertake a development initiative. This allows the appropriate means to continue project funding and organizational sustainability.

* The token issued or allocated to the Adosia team and the advisor will be locked, with 1/24 of the total number of persons issued each month for 24 months (see ADOVault.sol in git).

* 2% social / marketing team allocation will be secured in Adosia address and available for immediate operational use.

Adosia Budget Allocation 

 Adosia will have significant resources to maintain highly sophisticated engineering capabilities. This approach will instill an ongoing culture that is rooted in rapid innovation while ensuring ongoing Adosia’s ability to navigate and induce cascading disorders while applying high potential initiatives.
The majority of Legal and Administrative expenditures are intended for legal services, and any unused allocations will be reserved as Contingencies. The majority of the allocated technical expenditure will be directed to the salaries of engineers, equipment and prototype tools.
Adosia Advanced R & D is tasked to pioneer the development, development and development of new products. Unexpected Adosia product initiatives generate revenue within 18 months are classified as Advanced R & D.


Roadmaps and the Future Adosia is currently developing our executive team to fill the gap for specific marketing executive roles. The latest Adosia executive team can be viewed through the Adosia website at

Adosia will publish regular progress updates for each roadmap initiative to the Adosia site. While the Adosia roadmap is ambitious, some of Adosia’s current product plans have yet to be strategically presented for strategic purposes.

Future projects outlined in the Adosia roadmap require some decentralized open source initiatives with potential changes in the world. This last roadmap initiative was initially funded from the Advanced R & D budget until they can turn to profitability / sustainability. The successful development and implementation of this latest initiative is dependent on the upcoming third generation crypto-crypto. Adosia will position itself to utilize this technology appropriately when it is available.  

Appendix B: Education is mature
This annex outlines the synopsis of the Advanced R & D initiative “Curriculums” Adosia. A brief overview has been included to convey an understanding of the potentially disruptive potential of the Advanced R & D Adosia initiative. Further details relevant to the Adapt R & D Advanced initiative will be released with future progress updates.

Adosia’s view that secondary and higher education is primarily for disruption. Currently the amount of valuable high-quality educational content available to the general public hardly holds true. Individual and relevant access to such content is limited by:

1. individual accessibility to the internet,
2. the ability of individuals to effectively identify and consume desired content in a way that achieves their learning objectives (effective “search skills”); and,
3. Individuals own individual ambition and self-encourage better through continuous learning

Adosia believes that higher education is readily available to any Internet-connected individual who is willing to invest the time, effort and dedication necessary to self-self-self-esteem, as the company has proven that they are willing to pay for the consumption of such online content in the form of digital advertising. income.

Adosia proposes a curriculum initiative based on the simple idea that we can utilize a hybrid platform consisting of a centralized web-based ecosystem capable of facilitating different levels of self-education, while integrating a decentralized and queryable blockade to record and measure anonymous individual self-learning capabilities, continues.

Adosia believes that blockchain technology can be used to effectively measure individual’s individual ambitions, abilities, and progress – and in a short time, data traces will be combined into effective human potential measurements. This information can then be asked in a way that is much more useful for prospective entrepreneurs who want to identify a stronger and more effective worker candidate than a resume and even an interview. Allowing applicants to anonymously deliver learning notes will also help mitigate potential systematic stimulus threats that, if not in the HR chain.
How the Blockchain Curriculum Platform May Work

The ability to search for content effectively is a learned skill that often takes years of practicing mastering, and requires full attention when algorithmic change changes and is inconsistent across multiple content platforms. By organizing content in detail according to various topics, the creators of a well-rounded curriculum will use the online platform to outline effective learning tools for use by individuals who do not yet have personal content search content of their own.

The creator of the curriculum is effectively the next generation of teachers (incentivized) the next generation. They are identical to content managers, and will be subject guides and knowledge retention evaluators. Teachers of the curriculum will create and maintain curricula of various subjects with deep knowledge. The curriculum will consist of freely accessible information available on the web, including video and text content, both internal and external to the platform. Teachers will be rewarded with total share earnings (generated from online advertising, from mining using student student hardware, and as sharing bounty transactions for certain content conditions). The income that curriculum creators can generate is proportional to the overall level of student involvement and their specific curriculum exposure (s) is achieved. Students may assess each curriculum and / or appropriate curriculum subcomponent that gives more insight to the participants of organic education that is more competent / effective and thus generates more revenue. Content creators will also earn a portion of the overall revenue generated based on their use and the achievement of their content.

Students will have the ability to control the specific data set of prospective employers who can be associated with their identity when applying for a job. To achieve this, students will be able to create different sub-identities within the curriculum platform, with the ability to divide each of these identities into groups of subjects tailored to the knowledge that has been collected for submission to potential superiors in addition to the resumes. To generate additional revenue, the platform can enable multiple data search services to help entrepreneurs gain useful information from student data.

As Adosia adapts to ad-tech technology and further decentralizes the Adosia IoT network, we want to start engaging and building a community of mutual interest to significantly interfere with education and in exploring resolutions for additional global socioeconomic issues. Please see the Adosia Site Community Site ( for more information on how to participate in the Adosia community.




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