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Adosia will leverage our industry experience in ad-tech to pursue an aggressive campaign towards creating a decentralized display ad ecosystem utilizing blockchain for ad targeting, delivery and measurement. Adosia believes blockchain technology can be leveraged to effectively measure an individualÕs learning ambitions, abilities and discrete progresses – and over a short time, that data footprint will aggregate to an effective measurement of human potential.

This information could be subsequently queried in a manner far more useful to prospective employers seeking to identify strong candidates for employment and much more effectively than resumes and potentially even interviews. Enabling applicants to anonymously submit learning records will also assist with mitigating potential systemic racial biases that could otherwise exist within an HR chain. Technology required to effectively address the high transaction volumes demanded by ad tech platforms for ad delivery and measurement of impressions, viewability rates, and user engagement while leaving headroom for innovation feature sets has not yet been realized.

To effectively disrupt ad-tech, Adosia intends to pair our proven ad serving and front-end placement technologies with high-speed blockchain based measurement and targeting mechanisms that require the performance of third generation cryptocurrency platforms. generated by their Adosia ad placements, and to enable Adosia IoT Platform end users to purchase Adosia IoT Hardware and issue monthly or annual subscription payments for Adosia IoT-related services.

Adosia platform users to create custom use cases to create a better quality of life, and is limited only by a user’s own imagination.

Adosia IoT: WiFi Products

BluPonix: Automatic irrigation in plantations and crops. Bluponix will become the first open hardware WIFI platform for growing plants, based on IoT. With a great vision of the future, ADOSIA, through its BluPonix hardware is positioned as a reliable alternative in the cultivation of marijuana and other crops, being able to do it comfortably in your home in an autonomous and automatic way. It will be available for the launch of the ICO.

TapLock – Capacitive sensors with passwords for door and door closers or secret and / or secure rooms. Taplock, is based on capacitive multitouch sensors that must be touched in a correct pattern or password, to unlock the terminal. The best thing about this system is that it can be hidden behind the mobility device or concealed between ornaments, since the system works even hidden and can be configured remotely from the Adosia platform. If, eventually, the lock is broken or fraudulently opened, the system will send an alarm signal. TapLock is already in the second generation prototype.

MailMan – Solar Mail Manager. WIFI solar module that manages your mail. It is in a schematic phase due to the need to develop the batteries, which will also be used in many of ADOSIA’s products.

GarageBug – Garage door opener and motion detector. Manage and learn about the status of your garage door remotely through a hybrid WIFI system linked to the ecosystem based on ADOSIA IoT. It is in the outline phase.

CryptoCam – Secret Security Camera & Room Occupancy Tracking Camera. CryptoCam is a discrete sentinel camera that can be activated to suit the consumer through ADOSIA software. You can record, detect if the room is occupied, record movement flows in the home or business, send alert images and, of course, activate other ADOSIA IoT hardware.

OpenPlug – Wifi, programmable and smart power points. OpenPlug is a Wi-Fi socket, programmable and intelligent that can be programmed to the consumer’s taste and, of course, that can be linked to the ADOSIA products available in the home. ADOSIA will enable an open API for developers to create their own applications using the ADOSIA IoT platform and its hardware.

Initial ADO Token Distribution

The total supply of ADO is 8,000,000,000 units.

Token Price : 0.08 USD (8 CENTS)

Accepted Currencies : BTC, ETH

Project Protocol : ETHEREUM

The 80% Public allocation includes public sale (93.164%) and private sale (6.836%) token allocations,ADO tokens may be acquired when purchasing authorized Adosia IoT hardware products and kits. ADO may also be purchased at any time by Adosia IoT Platform users having IoT hardware connected to the Adosia platform, or by Adosia Ad Platform users. Adosia Publishers will be among the Þrst public recipients of ADO, as they are now able to toggle between being paid in ADO vs Þat for the ad revenue generated by their web assets using Adosia Ads. Tokens issued or allocated to Adosia team and advisors will be locked, with 1/24 of an individualÕs total issued token amount unlocking monthly over a period of 24 months.

Adosia Budget Allocation
The majority of Legal and Administration spend is intended for legal services, and any unused allocations will be reserved as Contingency. The majority of allocated engineering spend will be directed towards engineer salaries, prototyping equipment and tools.
Adosia Advanced R&D is tasked with spearheading new product technology development, exploration and validation efforts. Adosia product initiatives not expected to generate revenue within 18 months are classiÞed as Advanced R&D.



Kyle Solomon – CEO, Lead Software Developer, Lead Hardware Engineer

Stefan Willmert – Head of Embedded Architects

Chris Hockaday – Hardware Engineer, Operation Marketing

Scott Stewart – Social Product Marketing Manager

Fedelyn Wester – Assistant Director of Sales

Melissa Mittman – Sales Manager inside

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Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.


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