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Post introduction of the internet, digitization has affected almost everything and everyone in a manner that has revolutionized the market structure. The traditional market structure is no more an option to lead any business.
The traditional markets are:
●Restricted in terms of their duration in work and also place
●Catering to a limited clientele
●Offering an insufficient variety
●Failing to create a stronger brand image.
Overcoming the above concerns, the internet has let everyone to cross the traditional
barriers and to step forward towards globalization.
Growth of the Internet
There were over 3.2 billion users who had access to the internet in 2015, which is very high as compared to 738 million users in 2000, as per ITU. In 104 countries, more than 80% of the youth population is online. In developed countries, 94% of young people aged 15-24 use theInternet. Owing to the online presence of the people at large and aforementioned limitations of traditional markets, over the last two decades, we have seen a shift of businesses from physical markets to digital markets. Marketers have shifted to internet-based platforms to pitchtheir product/service.
Businesses Going Online
The offline businesses make excessive investment inexpensive retail spaces. As a result, the operating costs are on the higher side for an offline business. The online business of any venture is a low-cost structure.
By shifting their business online, big companies benefit from managing 3 major activities
●Inventory control
Small businesses can reach a worldwide audience through simple e-commerce websites. An online venture offers convenience to customers, who can browse product reviews and place orders at their leisure.
We, at AdSigma, aim to restructure the existing arrangement in business model by removing the need for the middleman that exists in the form of ad networks, and help the publishers and advertisers to get the best out of online advertisements. We want to provide the benefit that publishers and advertisers receive from the ad networks but without making them pay for it and to let them relish the privileges of a B2B model alongside.

How AdSigma platform works?

AdSigma works on the following architecture in order to connect advertisers with publishers, which is easy to scale, transparent and which solves all the existing problems of traditional ad networks.

0 — Advertisers signs a transaction and broadcast it to all the relayers
1 — User Visits Publisher Page
2/3 — ADSigma SDK connects to the relayers and picks up the best matching Ad
4/5 — Adsigma SDK fetches the assets from IPFS
6 — Publisher writes the claim on the blockchain
7 — Smart contract verifies the proof and transfers ADSi tokens to the publisher
8 — Advertisers can verify the transactions and match it with their own tracking data and provide feedback and rating for the publisher.

Token Distribution

The tokens are allocated in accordance with the long-term development goals of the AdSigma platform and the community.

Pre-Sale Date: 5th April, 2018 at 10:00 UTC
Crowd-Sale Date: 20th April, 2018 10:00 UTC

Total hard cap: 19,000 ETH = 60 million ADSi
Soft cap : 15%

Pre-sale: 15 million ADSi = 4,000 ETH
During Pre-sale, 1 ETH= 3,750 ADSi

Token sale: 45 mln ADSi = 15,000 ETH
1 ETH = 3,000 ADSi


Q4 2017-Concept Development of Adsigma

Q1 and Q2 2018-Release of AdSigma White paper. Launch of AdSigma Token Pre-Sale and Crowd-Sale

Q3 2018-Releasing the protocol for relayers to build Real time Bidding Exchange

Q3 2018-Deploying the settlement smart contract for AdSigma advertiser publisher network

Q4 2018-Alpha launch — Testing the prototype, pilot installation of Adsigma SDK

Q1 2019-Beta launch — Advertisers will be able to setup ad campaigns and publishers will be able to monetize their apps/websites.

Q2 2019-Engaging in close collaboration with major media publications and advertisers. Agreement signing


With our team members stemming from diverse fields like Digital Marketing, Software Development, Blockchain/Cryptography, we have achieved a competitive market position, and we are already set on a path of converting our vision into reality.


Project Development, Operations, Co-founder

Suumit is the Founder and Head of three successful technology companies within web design and digital marketing industries. Suumit’s most recent venture, Grappr, is an Android app platform with a network of more than 1.2M users in less than an year. Suumit specializes in building tech products from ground up and constantly working on a solutions that will make digital marketing better and simpler for all.


Blockchain & Cloud Engineering, Co-founder

Kapil has years of software development experience. We worked mostly on Web app developments with Ruby on Rails. Along with that, he worked in areas of Image processing, distributed and parallel computing.
Kapil previously handled few big development projects for the companies like and TIBCO and he worked as technical consultant for a couple of big tech startups.


Blockchain & Web Development, Co-founder

Akshay is a Rails Enthusiast, developing some awesome Web and Mobile based products. He previously worked with companies like Big Binary, and as a full stack developer. He has a good understanding of Front-end Technologies and frameworks like JavaScript, jQuery, Angular. His last project, hyperlocal advertisement platform for the aggregators and shop owners was big hit.


Android Developer & Big Data Engineering, Co-founder

Ravi is a lead developer with a meritorious experience spanning across Mobile/Web Development, SEO Services, Digital Transformation, Social Media Marketing,Cloud computing services. Authored and actively run one of the top Android development blogs across the globe named: “Androidhive” with a monthly viewer base of 2M+. He also won Gold & Silver awards for Google Glass innovation.



Subhash is a founder of Risemetric, a successful digital marketing agency based out of Mumbai, India. He has helped companies like McDonalds, Sony, Viacom and startups like, TinyOwl, Urbanclap to scale their digital presence with his expertise in growth hacking. His marketing experience combined with drive for the perfection make him an integral part of the marketing team.​


Community Manager

Ashutosh is a business development and marketing head of Risemetric. He has 5+ years of experience in Digital Marketing.
Having worked with 25+ funded startups across the globe to scale their userbase, he understands the in-and-out of Digital Marketing.
He excels at quickly understanding new technologies and explaining their functionality to the general public.​​


Strategic Investor Relations​

Vivek is a product development guy who successfully delivered amazing projects to professionally diverse clients across the globe. His recent project, Cryptoground — Trade Simulator of various cryptocurrencies received 100k users within 1 month of launch. He understands the current problems in digital marketing niche and constantly keeps trying to find solutions for these problems.

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