Times are changing, and new advancements are assuming control

the world. Blockchain technology is one of the greatest

what’s more, most critical manifestations of the 21st century.

AdTraxis, an organization comprising of experienced worldwide

PC researchers, architects and advertisers, has

chosen to use the abilities of blockchain technology

what’s more, brilliant contracts which incorporate effectiveness,

straightforwardness and security, to make a decentralized

computerized advertisement serving stage.

Our point is to streamline the deficiencies of the current

promotion components and guarantee that distributers get an incentive for

their cash by wiping out extortion totally.

As indicated by Jonathan Barnard, the set out toward guaging

at ZenithOptimedia, the prospect that on the web and portable

stages would catch more advertisement dollars than TV progressed toward becoming

unavoidable over the most recent quite a long while. As of not long ago,

promoters were plunging into their print spending plans to encourage

their advanced promotion buys. The shocking thing is that promotion

dollars are currently quick spilling out of TV to advanced.

Web publicizing is required to achieve new statures in

the coming years. The following is a nitty gritty chart appearing

web publicizing spending worldwide from 2010 to



Advertisement Industry Problems and AdTraxis Proposed Arrangements

-Total disregard of user privacy including sensitive data.
Consistent tracking of consumers’ online activities and
sharing data with third parties has become a contentious
issue all over the world. This problem has become so
serious to the point where America’s Federal
Communications Commission (FCC) introduced some
rules meant to protect user privacy online.
Some of these rules include seeking the permission of
consumers if ad companies want to gather information
deemed sensitive like financial information and users’
browsing history.
With the help of blockchain technology, AdTraxis will be
able to hugely anonymize data gathered to protect user
privacy. Only statistical information will be released.
AdTraxis will also safeguard the internet protocol
addresses which identify connected devices and their
-Non-transparent ad bidding methods
Blockchain transaction speeds could allow for real-time
and transparent bidding to be handled. The robust
AdTraxis system will have the capability of targeting,
bidding and verification. It will have a ledger to track that
the campaign is targeted against the right audience and
eventually reached that audience, with every step, and
source of verification, identified. Upon verification the
services rendered, a transfer of value can happen. The
secure ability of blockchain to transfer value between
independent parties will be handled through encryption,
such that both parties are protected.
Our system aims to enhance transparency in advertising.
Players in the advertising industry will be able to use
AdTraxis to find the media they are looking for, who is
selling or buying it and validate its legitimacy.
All communications in ad tech will be moved to the
AdTraxis platform, powered by blockchain of course,
therefore eliminating the need for transaction validators
such as impression pixels.
AdTraxis will also have an open access ledger that tracks
the complete journey of an ad impression.
-Lack of value for money spent
Blockchain-based protocols and technologies like
AdTraxis are seeking to change how digital advertising is
purchased, delivered, measured, and valued. Oftenly,
companies spending on digital advertising find
themselves in a quandary over the transparency of
figures given to them by publishers.
With the rise of digital advertising in the past decade,
publishers have been able to make money by generating
traffic – much of which involved the popular pay-per-click
system where the publishers get paid more in tandem
with the higher rate clicks or impressions on any ad.
Invariably, this has led to abuse from certain publishers
who have somewhat deceived their clients with bogus
numbers by using automated bots.
The AdTraxis platform will be effective in ensuring
accountability. The stakeholders can also expect better
results for their ad campaigns as the technology will
completely disregard fraudulent traffic and record only
actual conversions.
According to Jeremy Epstein, CEO of Never Stop
Marketing, “Any industry that is full of intermediaries has
a lot of value lost along the transaction path, and lacks
transparency and trust is an industry that is ripe for
blockchain-driven disruption.”
A decentralized ad tech protocol like AdTraxis, with
independently verified actors with a good long-standing
reputation, will provide people with the transparency they
The technology would also enable them to precisely know
who is paying for the ad they are seeing and whether the
company or individual could be trusted while reducing the
instances of fraud and increase accountability.
-Complicated ad platforms
Many centralized ad platforms currently in operation have
one thing in common; Complexity. They are difficult to
use making life difficult for amateurs. AdTraxis will
definitely be a game changer. With our easy to use
features, everyone will have a smooth time interacting
with our platform.
-Growing use of ad blockers
One major challenge in the online ad industry is the
continuous use of ad blockers. More than 600 million
people have installed ad-blocking software to stop their
email inboxes and or favourite websites from being filled
with advertisements, and the number of users is growing
by the day.
Ad blockers cause a $22billion loss annually for
publishers. AdTraxis’ unique data gathering techniques
will help fight the use of ad blockers by ensuring only
personalized content is delivered to the end user.
-High costs of advertising
AdTraxis will use blockchain tech to cut out the
advertising middlemen. This will in turn lower the costs
for the advertiser. Middlemen sadly take up to 60% of all
ad revenue.
By using the AdTraxis platform, publishers can get paid
more for their content while charging advertisers less and
creating a transparent ecosystem that benefits all key
stakeholders in the industry.
The AdTraxis Token
AdTraxis Tokens (ADTX) will be the main tokens for the
decentralized digital ad serving platform. All payments
and fees on AdTraxis will require ADTX tokens. Publishers
sell the ads to advertisers using ADTX. This is a real time
ad bidding system.
Advertisers shall buy ADTX tokens to pay publishers.
When an ad is displayed on a publisher site from an
advertiser, an amount of ADTX tokens is transferred from
the advertiser to the publisher based on the results of the
automatic bidding system.
Publishers will earn tokens for displaying ads, and they
can store the ADTX tokens or redeem them.

About AdTraxis ICO

AdTraxis Crowdsale will finance the full development and adoption of the AdTraxis network.

The ICO will start on May 1, and on May 31, 2018, the end of the ETH or 5000 ETH will be reached. The soft cover is 1500 ETH.

Public sales start from March 27th to April 25th.

The total token source will be 100,000,000 ADTX.

Creation of an additional ADTX token will not be allowed. 80%

During ICO, 12 of total ADTX supplies will be distributed.

Total Supply Amount: 100.000.000 ADTX

Purchase Amount of Tohoku Tokens in the Market: 87,000,000 ADTX

Hard Cap: 5000 ETH

Soft Cap: 1500 ETH

Market Cap: 58,000 ETH / $ 50,460,000 (during publication) *

Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 1500 ADTX

Information about AdTraxis Token Bonus

Presale: March 27 – April 25: 35% bonus (2025 ADTX)

1 May: 25% bonus (1875 ADTX)

2 – 9 May: 20% bonus (1800 ADTX)

10-17 May: 15% bonus: (1725 ADTX)

18 – 25 May: 10% bonus: (1650 ADTX)

From May 25 to ICO: No bonus (1500 ADTX)

Hard Cap: 5000 ETH

Soft Cap:: 1500 ETH

Market Cap: 58,000 ETH / $ 50,460,000 (on air) *

Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 1500 ADTX

AdTraxis Token Distribution;

  • 2% – Award program (2.000.000 ADTX)
  • 5% -communication (5,000,000 ADTX)
  • 3% -AdTraxis Founding Team and will be fully locked for 4 years (3,000,000 ADTX)
  • 10% with 6-month cliffs (10.000.000 ADTX) – Company reserve. They can be used for different purposes, such as employee motivation programs, research and development activities, and promotional packages for business partnerships.
  • 80% – Crowdsale tahsisi

Information about AdTraxis Team Fines;

  • Ethan Jacobson (CEO)
  • Akihiko Kuroki (COO)
  • Stacy Brown (CFO)
  • Guang Yang (Blockchain Engineer)
  • Sonia Mukerji (9 Marketing Manager)
  • Glenn Atkinson (Senior Software Developer)
  • Isabelle Sorensen (Chief Legal Officer)
  • Charles Baldwin (Fintech-Blockchain Advisor0)
  • Andrew Scotford (UX / UI Web Designer)
  • Emmett Finn (Chief of Security)
  • Karen Miller (Communication & Public Relations)
  • Leonardo Matteo (Web Designer)
  • Sarah Fitzgerald (Digital Marketing Specialist)

AdTraxis Communication Tools;

Bitcointalk Adress:;u=1564092


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