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Greetings everyone, I can’t stop talking about cryptocurrency, I haven’t stop making more research trying to dig out the best, trying to get pretty early access to the blockchain technology innovation, since blockchain and cryptocurrency are still at it early stages its pretty much necessary for a lover to take advantage, I see new project adapting in to the blockchain technology every day, they are mostly cryptocurrency projects,

But I personally don’t like talking about a project I know nothing about, I make adequate findings, test and confirm before bring it to the public.

So today am going to discuss a project I just stumbled on while I was trying to figure out the best crypto wallets, you would say Exodus is the best yes I agree with you but there’s a wallet which is going to give exodus a race to run


Cobo_Wallet is one of the most secure and reliable place to store crypto-currencies, Cobo_Wallet could be compared to a financial bank where money are being kept, not forgetting that in crypto world, a secured place to store our assets can be hard to find, because of massive hacking activities around the crypto space, so Cobo_Wallet is offering the best and most advanced way for cryptocurrency to be kept, Cobo_Wallet is not wallet as usual, cobo comes with a lot of features that makes other wallet seems so behind, it’s a All in one wallet it comes both HP WALLET and CLOUD WALLET, Cobo_Wallet operates both Hot/Cold wallets meaning it’s up to the client to make their choice, Cobo_Wallet currently gives support to over thirty (30) different main chains including seven hundred (700) Tokens plus, whilst giving opportunity for new development, developers have access to create or develop a new project, it also gives the opportunity to create an exchange platform without stress, including lending platforms



With Cobo_Wallet you do not need network at all time to operate, you can run your wallet at anytime and anywhere


Cobo_Wallet takes the security aspect of the wallet so serious, eliminating all USB ports in other to prevent every hacking activity,

Also has web authentication enabled for extra security.

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Cobo_Wallet makes it easier and possible to carry out numerous transactions without the knowledge, wifi, Bluetooth software, or network


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Offering both offline and online access is the plan,

Currently Cobo_Wallet hardware is the most secured and reliable hardware wallet since leveling up the US security standard, Cobo_Wallet hardware wallet is a waterproof, not easily destroy.


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When a bomb like this hits the space its important to recognize the brains behind, I made my research and found that the team came together in two thousand and seventeen (2017) after so much plan and development the Cobo_Wallet was officially released in two thousand and eighteen (2018) and the project has been growing rapidly ever since then till this moment.


It’s very much true that the blockchain technology is the best that thing has happened to this generation, with this Cobo_Wallet we already found a great place to keep our assets, so in conclusion I recommend Cobo_Wallet to everyone reading this article. Than you.




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