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APO Is Advanced Parimutuel Options, The APO platform enables participants to exchange subsidiary instruments (options) without collateral and without danger of non-installment, not at all like a centralized trade. The platform naturally makes a keen contract for the sale, which endures until the point when the lapse date, and ends subsequent to making installments to participants. The platform works without choice venders. APO does not go about as a coordinator of these closeouts, but rather plays out the elements of creating, keeping up and updating the source code.



All exchange exchanges are made through keen gets that certification installments to every one of the champs and give checking of the pool.


The APO platform does not require the investment of alternative venders – purchasers pay for the choice specifically to the pool, killing the danger of unfulfilled commitments.


The framework being produced depends on shrewd contracts in the separation, which stores all data about exchanges.


The platform does not partake in the exchange as a coordinator, but rather requires an expense for its arrangement, some portion of which will be appropriated among the holders of the tokens.


The APO needs ensure charges – a perfect instrument for the two excavators and speculators, securing against a falling business sector.


Every member can make their own choice – from double to extraordinary (at their own particular carefulness) or utilize standard ones.


On the APO platform, there are no spreads amongst free market activity, in light of the fact that there are no venders who can raise the cost to lessen dangers.

How it functions


The closeout date is set one week before the termination. The recurrence and span of sell-offs will be resolved amid the beta test.

The platform intends to utilize standard lapse terms for options:

2 weeks

1 month

3 months

In view of this, the recurrence of sell-offs will rely upon the nearest lapse of the agreement.

The fundamental target of the bartering is the estimation of rewards and installments in view of affirmed applications. Every member makes the coveted choice or chooses the coveted one from the formats and presents the strike-cost for a specific cash (BTC or ETH). From that point onward, the member picks the kind of request – market or farthest point and exchanges the essential measure of cash to purchase the alternative to the record of a brilliant contract.


The pool is framed when the bartering has reached an end and all cases are tallied. After the exchange, every member can sign into his record through a site or versatile application and see the accumulated options, and also screen their cost until termination.


The choice execution date is shaped ahead of time at the bartering, for instance, at 12 twelve on January 12, 2018. At the season of termination, the cost of the advantage is settled (the cost is dictated by information from a few large trades). Based on this value installments are made to the proprietors of options. After termination, every member can check his record.

ICO Details

Token Name – APO

Token Type – ERC20

ICO Starts – April 25th, 2018 at 10:00:00 AM UTC

ICO Ends – May 23rd, 2018 at 09:59:59 AM UTC

Soft Cap – 6,000 ETH

Hard Cap – 14,000 ETH

Token Rate

1 ETH = 15,000 APO

Min Transaction Amount – 0.1 ETH


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