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A value-for-money project for potential investors and investors is one of the fastest-growing projects in which digital asset volatility begins to emerge this year. It is a huge increase. The definition of this network by using the value of the balance sheet and investment process more value than the amount of capital needed in the context of a single thread and modern transactions in the world’s most basic chain block. AEN is the first mass market platform to bring creative creative ideas to Singapore’s economic and economic markets. It can personally deal with the digital exchange platform of property.

This is one of the groundbreaking results of the chain industry, where AEN investors have created excellent work and great ideas based on more open systems with symbolic investments. . The foundation is one of the first blocks, the company pays more attention to the recession, but many people around the world are experiencing mutual support to the concept that investment can be treated people Key points of the AEN platform Key points Is that most registered investors and potential investors start trading on the entire platform.

This is an income source that provides a balanced value of economically viable ecosystem between buyer and seller, and AEN meets common platform requirements. In this case, the investor is an economic concept in which the average sales exceeds the return on investment and the token’s profit is distributed to investors who want to make a profit. This platform. The ability to connect with the next project is a major effort in the tobacco business and legitimate tokens and safety chains in the chain business, and the balance between strategy and ideas is diverse. Investors use trading and analysis system operations. It was created. AEN will deploy a block-building platform to build investments that affect the positive aspects of fund management invested in this platform. This platform is available to investors worldwide. right.

AEN This year, AEN Partners, a coding company with several market coding and specific attributes with current market dominance, will have great success in the future. Transactions in the world of cryptocurrency are not out of the swing of change and dollar currency exchange, and commercial password companies are natural. In addition, the company can protect the system from investment, but there is no original idea, but of course it is a catastrophic disaster due to the destruction of the company. Disruptive funding for mass market platforms for investors worldwide is an effective philosophy of this platform. Mutual understanding of the vision and profit mission between the project owner and the token owner This year, in many markets around the world in the field of coding, many competitors in the business have to work more unique, but transactions have to be made, functionality and creativity, One of the successes.

Sell ​​Token (AEN)

As well as online and offline media mainstream, AEN will have tools, connections, skills and expertise internally to make this project available for successful network setup. Senior website porn sites, free websites, blog porn, webcam sites are used to directly promote Pornscope. Mainstream media Key applications and TV channels are used to communicate porn images to millions of viewers. VOD Platform Our demand-based porn platform provides porn users with the opportunity to experience how to make porn movies. Sex Shop Adult online stores and retailers are used to advertise Pornscope and all AEN partners. Gallery Transformation Direct sex acts provide the next generation of live entertainment and the power to deliver unique content to pornographic content. Our porn producer (partner) offers unique features and tells customers how to make porn videos. Escort Platform A great escort team, dancer, and stripper who are responsible for both online and offline marketing. Distribution Network Adult products are used not only for awards and rewards, but also for profitable tools for entertainers.

The company has a very special market value in every trading platform. Facilitating potential investors is one of the things that businesses generally think of as encrypting the world, but it provides clear information and details, and if you are looking for a central market with a very informed trading currency, Is one of the most important choices of cryptographic block chains. Innovative Technology Platform The demo market system built into the AEN chain block is one of the currency trading markets and passwords, providing significant benefits for shareholder profitability. It also has the advantage that AEN is a place to trade with other markets and can better explain encryption.

There is a new trading platform based on a successful block-chain approach that represents the AEN market and transforms the functioning of the financial ecosystem. This system is a way to support a great asset class trading process using platform partners. The platform also uses a known encryption scheme known as a token transaction. Developers want to create very large liquidity goals to hold token transactions and support token owners. The goal of this platform is to be a leader in innovating many financial assets using mass market technology. If you decide to participate in a commerce site, you will be able to continue to invest in the creative ideas of the founders and experience a strong profit, and to perform transactions and personalize business benefits.

Future platform AEN platform The first generation market is to provide a solution to the problem of investors who do not have time to encrypt, increase passwords every time to increase or decrease the price, this platform is delayed to provide. Automatically notify your mobile device to leave the world with minimal activity in the world. We look forward to building a conceptual intercultural understanding between merchants and users of the ecosystem and can build a platform that can continually support the stability of sales. It fixes it to solve the problems that most investors often encounter, while providing a platform and intelligent solution that can improve performance and facilitate AEN access to your account.

AEN Token

Total AEN Token supply: 350.000.000 (350 million).

The total amount of AEN Tokens released will be 350.000.000. The Pre-Sale will be held from June 15, 2018 until July 29, 2018.

The AEN Public Token sale will be held from 13 October, 2018 until 24 November, 2018

Early presale participants will benefit from guaranteed profits associated with significant discounts up to 50%. Details can be found by logging in to your personal AEN dashboard.

The AEN Token is an ERC20 utility token build on the Ethereum Blockchain, meant to fuel the entire decentralized AEN ecosystem.

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