Aeternum ICO Review

This time I will introduce a project that aims to create a platform, where each individual will be able to invest in intellectual property rights of scientists around the world.


cryptocurrency is making its way into the markets, exchanges with a robust mechanism and additional benefits will enhance the usage of this technology. It would encourage more & more people to join a safer medium for trade which secures their benefits.

About Aeternum

AETERNUM is a platform through which everyone can invest in the intellectual property rights of scientists around the world. This platform will be open to everyone who owns Aeternum Token, and not just a selected group of investors, and no contribution will be too small to profit from the implementation of deep scientific projects.

This platform will be open to anyone who has Aeternum Token not just a group of selected investors and there is no contribution that is too small to reap the return from the realization of a deep science project. Invest in a deep science-based business through a crowd funding platform that can be accessed by smart phone applications for each ecosystem user. The investment in the Aeternum Fund will only be made through a new cryptocurrency “BitLats” and the company will be able to exit by buying itself with BitLats. BitLat will also be used in the Aeternum Ecosystem as a means to complete rent, utility and other bills. Therefore, the Aeternum Fund will create a constant supply and demand for BitLat.

Some of the planned BitLats features :

  • Proof-of-individual concept. This will be safe from other people and if you lose your account or
    the wallet can be returned to you. We already know the solution how not
    lose your BitLat.
  • Scalable and fast transaction proof.
  • Milli-sec payments. You will be able to use it for direct shopping transactions.

Financial App
We will create a simple one-stop application for all Aeternum Ecosystem users. In this modern
age, comfort and speed are key factors. It is important that all available information is in one
place and today the media are smart phones.
The Aeternum Finance App will connect Aeternum Ecosystem users and help them exchange values
and help access goods and services provided by the ecosystem. Ecosystem growth
will ensure that the application will bring more value because more goods and services will be available for
buy cheaper through this application.

Aeternum Financial Application Features

  • Smart phone payment. Daily transactions from the Offline Mobile Application.
  • Services. Integration with selected third party service providers.
  • Asset management. Opportunities to invest money in promising startups.
  • Multi wallet. Crypto and fiat currencies in one place.
  • Multi-sign wallet. Storage space for tokens from various platforms.
  • Exchange. Fiat, crypto currencies and token and exchange management.
  • Direct sales. Users to crypto users and exchange tokens.
  • Multi-signature vault.
  • Segwit is ready.
  • Many languages.
  • P2P and direct loans for users of the Aeternum Ecosystem
  • Loyalty Services
  • Open the API

Smart City
The first step in the development of The Aeternum Ecosystem is the development of cryptocurrency, Aeternum Fund and Aeternum Finance App.
Then Aeternum Foundation will build a network of physical cooperative workspaces where participants can work, meet, develop new startups, and conduct research with the support of experts who are interested in the Aeternum Foundation. This will solve problems with blockchain and start-up science who are struggling to find affordable and suitable locations for their business.

One potential location for Smart City is Freeport of Ventspils. Freeport of Ventspils is one of the EU’s special economic zones (SEZs) which promotes all types of investments in production, research and development. Access to quality infrastructure and labor from production ports and parks has been appreciated by partners in the fields of engineering, chemical industry, wood processing, electronics, IT and others who have favored production in the Ventspils industrial zone. This will be a further step between the virtual environment and Crypto City, so that the Aeternum ecosystem can begin to function successfully in the near future. Science-based startups require a physical environment where they can experiment and develop new products. The aim is to create seeds for the foundation of Aeternum Smart City.

  • Visionary entrepreneurs and cryptographic technology
  • Deep collection of world-class capital and technical talent
  • Low taxes (3%) and friendly regulations
  • Culture of deep privacy protection and decentralized institutions
  • Supports BitLats by only accepting payments for Smart City to function in this business environment
  • Start-up ecosystems that support world-class service providers
  • The world’s leading educational and research institutions
  • A friendly, accessible and supportive government
  • A vibrant community and fantastic quality of life

Part of the sale of the crowd token will be used for real-estate acquisition. Think of it as a kind of co-working co-membership where your ALF token gives you access to ecosystems of business functions such as land, buildings for offices, production facilities, utilities, internet and other business needs. The more tokens you have, the more possibilities are open to you. This facility will be rented or rented using BitLat as an exchange currency.

Aeternum network
The Aeternum Ecosystem in Ventspils will serve as proof of concept and experiment of technology used. We plan to develop technology on how to transfer knowledge about other locations and how to combine them into one large crypto-economy that exchanges real goods and services with the help of crypto currencies.

Token Info

Name : Aeternum
Token : ALF
Platform : Ethereum

Pre ICO Price : 1 ALF = 0.01 EUR
Price : 1 ALF = 0.02 EUR

Minimum investment : 100 EUR
Tokens for sale : 27,000,000,000

Soft cap : 500,000 EUR
Hard cap : 3,000,000 EUR

Distribution of tokens
90% Crowdsale
10% Reserve tokens held



Our Team

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