African Coin Exchangeaims to change the way bitcoin along with other cryptocurrency is treated throughout Africa. Although the blockchain is naturally decentralized, Afce has decided to operate a centralized exchange, because that is the only way to protect Fiat’s currency (i.e. Rands of South Africa) into cryptocurrency. The South African cryptocurrency trading platform was created to offer detailed analytical charts for investment and cryptocurrency trading.

Afce works to provide the best cryptocurrency exchange rates. So, if you are a trader on an altcoin or a bitcoin trader, African Coin Exchange is your destination to go to the crypto market. this is a crypto currency exchange in Africa that has taken concrete steps about KYC threats and direction for consumers, now cross-border shipping is easy and fast. In addition, we have taken all security measures to provide the best cryptocurrency trading platform. The African Coin Exchange has high liquidity so you can easily buy / sell your bitcoin along with other cryptocurrency instantly.

The African Coin Exchange designs highly scalable trading machines to ensure fast execution of orders with multiple layers of security for the highest level of protection. The African Coin Exchange provides a trading / exchange platform to convert Fiat currencies into the most popular cryptocurrency. This platform is designed and built in such a way as to enable new entrants to the market and experienced traders to trade effectively and easily in a safe and reliable environment.


1. Register 
The first thing you have to do is Create your account in a few minutes 

2. Profile 
then Complete your profile and open the buy / sell limit 

3. Start Trading 
Complete your profile and open the buy / sell limit

 The African Coin Exchange was launched on March 29, 2019. There is a launch prize program for early users on the Afce platform. You can be part of the platform if: 

You are a cryptocurrency trader (you can buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrency here directly through South African Rands). 
If you are familiar with cryptocurrency traders, you can refer them and get discounts up to 25% *. 

Refer traders to others and get a 25% discount for your fees for the next 3 trades. 
3. If you have developed ICO / STO or other cryptocurrency and are looking to register on a cryptocurrency exchange. 

Please connect with Afce in the telegram group:
 Facebook group: . 

What is different from AFCE? 
 – High liquidity up to 6000 btc so your trade will be instant. 
 -70 + cryptocurrency on the way. 
 -Trade cryptocurrency directly with your Rands. 
 -High security & multisig wallet for storing your cryptocurrency. 

More Info: 
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