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Hello, guys today I will introduce AFRICAN COIN EXCHANGE, WHY AFRICAN COIN EXCHANGE & HOW DOES IT WORK? before we enter the subject matter we must know in advance what background and objectives are established.

AFRICAN COIN EXCHANGE is are an authentic centralized African Cryptocurrency Exchange with African culture and background. African Coin Exchange is aimed to transform the way bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies treated throughout Africa. Although blockchain is decentralized by nature, we have decided to operate a centralized exchange, as that is the only way to convert Fiat currencies (i.e. South African Rands) into cryptocurrencies. This South African cryptocurrency exchange is designed to provide detailed analytical charts for cryptocurrency trading and investments. We have developed a highly secured multisig wallet to store bitcoins, altcoins, litecoin, ripple, ERC20 tokens, and other updated ether token versions. We are working to provide you the best cryptocurrency exchange market rates. So, if you are an altcoin trader or a bitcoin trader, African Coin Exchange is your go-to crypto-marketplace.

AFRICAN COIN EXCHANGE the cryptocurrency exchange in Africa who have taken a sincere step on risk and KYC management for users. Not only this, but we have taken all the security measures to provide you best cryptocurrency trading platform. African Coin Exchange have high liquidity so that you can easily trade your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies instantly.

AFRICAN COIN EXCHANGE in the development of an exciting new App to suit your every need. AFRICAN COIN EXCHANGE developing exciting Apps for iOS and Android that will provide top security and ease of use.

Best Cryptocurrency Trades African Coin Exchange
African Coin Exchange is one of the most believed digital currency trade stages on the planet. It is likewise the biggest advanced resource trade stage on the planet. Dealers are permitted to buy and sell bitcoins utilizing their financial balance in South African Rands.



  1. Trading
    Fast and scalable trading engine designed that provides real-time execution of orders.
  2. Funds Transfer
    ACE exchange is a secure platform for funds deposits and withdrawals with 2FA Authentication.
  3. Liquidity
    Fast and high – volume order execution, access to high liquidity orderbook.
  4. Security
    ACE provides secure trading by allowing users to activate Two Factor Authentication and Google Authenticator.
  5. Referral Program
    With referral program users on the exchange can refer the ACE platform to their friends and get paid in return with a referral commission.
  6. Margin Trading
    Automatic funds borrowing with 1:2 and 1:3 leverages.


  1. Sign up
    Create your account within minutes
  2. Profile
    Complete profile and unlock buy/sell limits
  3. Start trading
    Start to buy and sell

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Cryptocurrency: Version 2.0 of money. Cryptocurrencies like ether, bitcoin, ripple, Litecoin, dogecoin, IOTA, NEO, EOS, OMG, Tron, etc have been very popular since 2017. People are continually making huge profits by buy and sell of cryptocurrencies in exchanges at best exchange rates worldwide. The distributed ledger technologies such as cryptocurrencies are also computer-based technologies which use electric energy to work. On cryptocurrency exchanges, any token is it ICO or STO representing solid ideas can be listed. These tokens can be further buy or sell via cryptocurrency exchanges. Today in this article we will talk about one concept that is “green energy supported tokens and how bitcoin mining is affecting nature”. This article will give idea to user why one must understand ICO or STO token logic and read whitepaper before buying tokens from cryptocurrency exchanges.

Take part in AFRICAN COIN EXCHANGE project and follow the latest developments of an innovative and promising company! Your decisions today, determine your future tomorrow! This project includes a number of best things, great team, great product, great idea, great start! We need products and ideas! I’m sure the company will occupy a leading place in this world! AFRICAN COIN EXCHANGE project A very promising company is very popular and has a good reputation among investors. I recommend all investors to invest their capital in this worthy platform and get excellent dividends!

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