Africunia Bank is???

Africunia Bank is an innovative Banking Technology created to build Digital Currency and financial investment.
We are talented, passionate and hardworking individuals from all over the continent, combining efforts to manage coding, creating and building relationships in the financial arena.
Our leadership has a solid foundation in financial technology, crypto currency, venture capital, entrepreneurship, product development, asset management and legal regulation.


After establishing a network system with Blockchain Technology, we aim to create technology and a wave of social revolution that will open health care, insurance and modern government departments.
As the third generation of Digital Bank we will use internet to know the wave of digital currency. Once we have applied our stupid proof methodology, our standards will align its technology with the goal of responsible innovation. Just like any other conventional bank, we will not establish a branch or a physical front office. We will be accessible to people in all walks of life throughout the day and night.


1. Our bank offers most tokens (AFCASH) in the form of fully crypto-oriented investments or pegged to transact for gold and currency currencies. Parties interested in decentralization, transparency and exchange can leverage our platform.

2. Investor trust will be boosted once the token fund has been approved by the legal counsel. Risk factors will be transformed into opportunities to sustain the investment process.

3. Through the development of standard platforms, large investments will be withdrawn through a token fund. Our Bank believes that we will continue to introduce industry standards for the purpose of setting up a token investment forum.

4. Investment managers will get approval using the AFRICANIA BANK platform to enable them to establish and run a token investment fund. This is possible without going through the development of IT payload and infrastructure.

5.Openness and accountability will be elaborated through tokenisasi interests of funds and profit shares.
Blockchain is an undeniable discovery and the good news is that we are developing it.
Our Blockchain technology will decentralize every system, and will incorporate the following features: scalability, flexibility, and usability. This will be expandable, will have a SMART CONTRACT with provisions for Blockchain applications and other businesses for the development of our Blockchain. Africunia Blockchain Technology will include browser-based ECOSYSTEM for simplicity and adaptability. We also develop Digital Pass Technology and most importantly we will meet the requirements of Security and USER EXPERIENCE (UX). We built something based on a Security Token (Digital Coin), which has an additional layer, called the legal layer to incorporate standard KYC / AML banking protocols, so we combine features and attributes of modern banking with digital. currency.
Since its launch in 2009, Blockchain Technology along with its basic technology has triggered a wave

AFRICA plans to scale to offer traditional and emerging banking products in a tech-driven Blockchain era, which eventually becomes a one stop shop for all banking requirements.
We are in the process of implementing AFCASH – crypto-based on the AFRICUNIA Protocol Consensus Algorithm (APCA) to address the currently solved, partial issues of truth, consensus and utility. Our main goal is to develop new standards for forested investment that will act as a catalyst to bridge the gap between fiat and cryptocurrencies.

We offer a vision for a new standard of tokenized investment vehicles that will help bridge the gap between conventional and crypto universes. In particular, the AFCASH platform will be a one-stop shop solution for asset managers who want to create and manage the appropriate funds.
In essence, AFRICUNIA BANK will implement the benefits of Blockchain technology everywhere in the world of traditional investment. If you ever hesitate to use Blockchain Technology for a classic investment, then our AFCASH is your solution. It combines all aspects of tokenized vehicle investment ranging from technology to infrastructure and legal compliance to creating responsible “cryptocurrency”.
You envision a bank that offers the best financial and investment services available to everyone without limitation, where you can safely store and manage your crypto assets, and where you can make transactions and exchanges safe and fast. It’s here now – your bank and financial market – AFRICA.


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Rules Facebook and Twitter Campaign:

1. A user can participate in both campaigns at the same time.
2. Joining with multiple accounts is not allowed. Users found to be using multi accounts, will be blacklisted
3. Twitter Accounts must have a Minimum of 200 Followers. and Facebook accounts must have a minimum of 200 Friends.
4. Your audit score must be more than 80%.
5. Twitter/Facebook accounts must be original. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted.
6. You must be an active and regular Twitter user and must be retweeting/sharing AFCASH official tweets and updates.
7. You need to make 5 retweets/publications (and 5 likes per week) maximum 2 tweets/post in a day. Create at least 3 tweets/post about Africunia in a week. with #AFRICUNIA #AFCASH.
8. Terms and Condition can be changed or more can be applied.

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Blog/Media Bounty : 20%

Write a blog post or Video quality.
All blogs and Videos will be divided into 3 different categories, and will be rewarded as follows:

Good: 100 Stakes
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Normal: 40 Stakes

All content will be judged on the quality, traffic, views, and effects.


1. Low quality blogs and videos will not be accepted.
2. Blog must be longer than 800 characters, less than 800 characters will not be accepted.
3. Blogs and Videos are definitely original. Copying graphics, text and other content is not allowed. You can use official images, logos, graphics posted on websites, ANN threads, Facebook and Twitter
4. Video must be at least 02:00 minutes, shorter videos will not be accepted.
5. To prove ownership of your blog or media you must add your bitcointalk profile link to your blog post footer, and for video creator, your Bitcointalk profile must be added in the video description.
6. The blog and Videos must have a link to the official website and  Link whitepaper, Facebook, ANN Thread, Bounty Thread, and Twitter.
7. Manager and Team Africunia save the rights to increase or change any rules, payment structure and anything else if necessary.[

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Translation 20%

Whitepaper: 250 Stakes
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Video: 200 stakes
Moderation/Management: 5 Stakes per Valid Post.


1. ANN thread translator will be responsible for the moderation as well (we have additional rewards for moderation). The translator must keep the thread active by translation of official announcements, news, posts.
2. Translations must be original, using any kind of tools such as Google are not allowed. If found the translator will be blacklisted.
3. We do not need any Single Post Dead Thread. If you failed to keep the thread active and up to date, your reward can be reduced to 50% of the actual payment or you could simply be disqualified.
4. Newbies i.e. users with no previous experience of translation will not be accepted. Always ask before beginning translation and post your previous translation work.
5. Increasing the moderation post count by spam posts, posting false posts or paying other to ask questions in your thread is not allowed.
6. We are not responsible to pay or accept any kind of translations if done without reserved approval. first get approval for your reservation than start translation
8. Manager and Team Africunia save the rights to increase or change any rules, payment structure and anything else if necessary.

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