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AFRICUNIA is registered in the United Kingdom as AFRICUNIA LIMITED, providing Global Banking and Financial Services. The “CUNIA” in “AFRICUNIA’ comes from the Latin word “PERCUNIA” meaning “money” or “cash.” whereas “AFRI” is the abbreviated version of AFRICA. Therefore translated – AFRICUNIA means African Money or African Cash.

AFRICUNIA intends to bring investment globalization, transparency, and decentralization to the next level by leveraging the ubiquitous Blockchain Technology. AFRICUNIA offers a vision for the new standard of tokenized investment platforms that will help to bridge the gap between the fiat and the crypto universes. At its core, AFRICUNIA will focus on all aspects of tokenized investment vehicles ranging from technology and infrastructure to legal compliance and the corporate structuring. In a nutshell, here is how AFRICUNIA intends to revolutionize aspects of tokenized investments:

• Providing instant, low-cost international payments by allowing conventional banks adopt the proposed Blockchain Technology just like SWIFT BIC.

• Assisting financial institutions to transfer money to international banks in real-time across diverse multi-layer networks.

• Ensuring a technology that complies with regulatory and security requirements.

• Implementing Digital Pass Technology that will serve as automation and digitalization system which integrates several industries to access financial and industrial services at a click.

• Developing the first Crypto-based POS (Point of Sale) System

• Developing a cost effective, seamless and easy to mine non browser-based and browser-based coin mining for simplicity.

• Projecting and enabling Internet of Value across global e-commerce

• Developing a Hybrid Technology that combines two systems in one, that is Proof-of-Work (POW) and Proof-of- Stake (POS) with proven high speed performance and intensified/elevated security

• Developing SECURE WALLETS Systems (Offline Wallets, Online Wallets, Ultra Thin Smart Wallets) with high security and safe storage.


Our primary goal is to become the industry standard and a one-stop shop for setting up tokenized funds, regardless of whether these funds invest in the fiat or crypto universe. We intend to bridge the gap between these two worlds while taking the advantages of both worlds.

Our primary value propositions are:

• Offering best of both Fiat and Cryptocurrency world:

The majority of tokenized investment platforms are either fully crypto-oriented or are pegged to some tradable assets such as gold or fiat currency. This siloed approach hinders diversification. AFRICUNIA intends to create a platform that allows users to gain from both including decentralization, transparency, and exchangeability.

• Promoting sustainable investment of funds:

All the tokenized funds will be reviewed and approved by our legal advisors to make sure they are fully compliant with the existing laws and regulations. By sorting out these risks from the beginning, AFRICUNIA will improve the investor confidence and offer necessary sustainability of the investment process.

• Developing a standardized platform:

Setting up a proper investment structure is a difficult and costly endeavour. Not all the tokenized funds set up have an appropriate structure thereby increasing the regulatory risk to investors. AFRICUNIA believes that this is the right time to launch industry standards for setting up the tokenized investment platforms.

• Scalable fund development:

By using the AFRICUNIA platform, any approved investment manager will set up and run a tokenized investment fund without going through the pain and effort of developing the necessary IT and legal infrastructure.

• Market leading compliance:

All the tokenized funds will be constantly reviewed by our legal advisors to make sure they are fully compliant with the existing laws and regulations. By sorting out these risks from inception, AFRICUNIA will improve the investor confidence and offer necessary sustainability of the investment process.

• Enhanced transparency:

The tokenization of interests in funds—or shares in profits—provides accountability and transparency to the investment process. This much needed transparency will significantly improve the accountability of the investment managers.

• Development of a standard platform:

Our development team is creating a scalable low latency standardized platform that will allow different user categories to have access to different features. Both those in the investment market and those privately investing will benefit from a user friendly custom made platform.



The basis of AFRICUNIA BANK is capital invested increasing in accordance to the customer development in turn maximizing profit return. Also, as far as our technology security is concerned our network architecture is decentralized. Therefore, data storage, cryptograph encryption and security mechanism for identification, authentication and authorization of individuals or companies are connected by instruments. Nevertheless, processing of data is automated by means of applied AI algorithms.


It is a fact that the Blockchain Technology facilitates fast and low-cost transactions that are not controlled by any centralized source. While the economic gains of the current Blockchain Technology are without doubt indisputable, there are still challenges that must be addressed.
At best, these hurdles can be looked at from three perspectives: correctness, consensus, and utility.


The distributed system should be able to differentiate between a valid and a fraudulent transaction. In the conventional fiduciary settings, this work should be done by institutions and cryptographic signatures that guarantee that a transaction is indeed coming from the institution that it is claiming to be coming from. However, in the decentralized systems, there is no such trust, as the identity of all the members in the network are anonymous.


Consensus helps to achieve a single global truth in the face of a distributed accounting system. For instance, a malicious user can make two concurrent transactions with only enough funds in their account to cover each transaction individually, but not both together. In such a case, the transaction will be valid, but the whole network is not aware of both transactions.


By utility, we mean the usefulness of the distributed payment system, which in most cases, simplifies to the latency of the network. For instance, a decentralized system that is both correct and in consensus but which takes one year to process the transaction is of course not useful. At best, a high utility system that incorporates levels of computing power to offer correctness and consensus.





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