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Hello buddy, welcome to my blog. This time I will discuss about the new ICO program, Afrochain. 
AFROCHAIN ​​is the first blockchain for Africa. This is the first step towards free economic development for everyone, giving back power in the hands of the African people and African diaspora. All ecosystems will be built on blockchain AFROCHAIN. The original AFROCHAIN ​​coin is called the Afrochain Token (AFR), the Afrochain Token that is suitable for the use of the African market in accordance with its vision to provide access to financial services for everyone. users will get their own projects on the Afrochain mainet. The afrochain ecosystem will allow users to have access to education, payments, exchanges, trade and investment, and more. 

Introducing AFROPAY

Afropay is a Digital Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway. 
AfroPay is a unique payment solution to easily access and transfer funds electronically. 
Accessible from any location in the world, payment networks around the world, exclusive payment platforms, and global payment solutions ensure recipients of payments that they receive their funds in a timely and cost-effective manner. 
AfroPay is a trusted payment technology and service provider for top-level organizations in various industries. 
Payment recipients enjoy the benefits of quickly receiving their funds and the ability to choose the payment method that is most convenient for them, including local bank direct deposits, branded prepaid cards, and more.
Zero Transaction Fees, Decentralized blockchain technology allows transactions at zero costs, with the option to enter “mining costs” to complete your transactions at priority speeds. 

ICO Details 

Symbol: AFR 
Max Supply: 75,000,000 AFR 
Total Supply: 26,250,000 AFR (Pre ICO & Public ICO) 
Exchange Rate – Pre Sale: 5000 AFR = 1 ETH ($ 0.1 / AFR) 
December Target Price / 2018: $ 10 / AFR 
Purpose of funding (Soft cap): 1.875,000 USD 
Purpose of funding (Hard stamp): 5,625,000 USD 
Token for sale: 75,000,000 AFR 
Price of token: 1 AFR = 0,0002 ETH 
Minimum purchase: 2,500 AFR 
Maximum purchase: 50,000 AFR 
● Available for Pre-sale 10.00% 
● Maintained for the Development Team not specified 15.00% 
● Reserved for Future Development 25.00% 
● Requested for Marketing Bounties 25.00% 
● Public Sales ICO 25.00% 


Q2 2018 
Feasibility Study to help teams connect to exchange information on the PoS network. 
Preparation of whitepaper. Website & wallet development. 

2018 Q3 
Launches AFROCHAIN ​​Site, DdoS Attack Protection. 
The Presale program 7,500,000 million coins will be sold. 
Marketing & technical support, Improved Development Security. 

2018 Q4 
Initial ICO Program Coins (ICO): 18,750,000 million coins will be sold.
Launch of AFRO-DEX Platform Development (AFRO-DEX is a Decentralized Digital Asset Platform for ERC20 token Exchange.) 
Launch AFRO STAKING Platform 

Q1 2019 B 
Processing Registered on external exchanges and Development of prototype devices & Preparation for card issuance 
Launch Afro Marketplace 
Configuration and customer helpdesk support 

Q2 2019 C 
Start Nilechain Development on blockchain AFROCHAIN. 

Launch the Nilechain Foundation. Building the infrastructure of the African continent, Water projects. 

Compliance with technical and legal projects, and creating partnerships with business partners. 

Q3 2019 D 
Launch AFROPAY, Payment platform

Start Developing interfaces for Web Wallet, Android and iOS on AFROCHAIN ​​Mainnet. 

Q4 2019 
Launch of AFROCHAIN ​​Mainnet. 

Q4 2020-2022 
Improve Network security, Design new websites. New age from the AFROCHAIN ​​Block Chain. 

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