AFROCHAIN – The First Decentralized Blockchain for Africa

Bitcoin accepted by many has gained legitimacy among millions together with Ethereum, It is centralized and seems to offer a one dimension approach to cryptocurrency market but not providing a comprehensive solution to the prevailing problems that blockchains and cryptocurrencies face (especially relating to the Financial Service Industry) .

Together, Bitcoin and Ethereum have proven that blockchain technology, decentralized systems, and global collaborative communities can work. But, at the same time, vast improvements and innovations are needed to meet the true promise of blockchain technology in the Financial Service Industry.

is the first blockchain for Africa. It is the first step toward building a free economy for everyone, giving back the power in the hands of the people of Africa and Africa diaspora. An entire ecosystem is to be built on the AFROCHAIN blockchain.


Afrochain is the only project from many platforms in the world, the first decentralized blockchain for Africa. This is a very interesting idea for many crypto users in the world.
AFROCHAIN native coin is called Afrochain Token (AFR), a coin suitable for African-market usage in line with its vision to provide access to financial services for everyone. Entrepreneurs will be able to build their own project on the Afrochain mainnet. The Afrochain ecosystem will enable users to have access to education, payments, exchange, trading and investing, and lots more.
The Afrochain Token (AFR) system is designed in such a way that whenever a transaction is made, the system, that is, the blockchain, will record aspects of the transaction including time, receiving and sending wallet addresses, warranty
conditions, delivery time and such other required information to safeguard the integrity and trust of the system. To achieve this, confidential information will only be available to authorized users in a designed user interface. Based on those facts, Customers and Merchants will be able to register, resolve claims and rate each other, etc. when a transaction occurs, claim recorded, resolved/unresolved based on the purchase details recorded when the purchase was made, review written, etc., the smart contracts will automatically change the trust level for each of the parties involved.
Payment solutions through Mobile gateways – With the aid of the Ethereum Blockchain one can make payments with 1 step & 1 fee, which results in accepting payments at an economical fee. After integration with AFROCHAIN, merchants will be able to: – Use our Distributed trusted and reputable system. Accept Ethereum based tokens. Accept mobile payments. Exchange cryptocurrency to their locally acceptable fiat currency.

The Platform

The Afrochain platform has features that users who join will have their own mainet on the Afrochain Platform. By developing the Ecosystem from Afrochain, users can easily access payments, exchanges, investments, and other things that users need. Afrochain’s distributed system is more efficient than others, with trust in the blockchain system Etherium Smart contracts can also be owned by the Afrochain platform. Afrochain Tokens (AFR) allows traders and customers to participate in Afrochain’s more competitive global distributed trading. Blockchain technology can be developed by Afrochain to improve conditions in Africa through the Afrochain ecosystem of users getting services and access to the benefits of Afrochain.

Our Vision

To use Blockchain Technology to improve the lives of people of Africa and friends of Africa. To Bank the unbanked by giving them access to financial services through Education and equipping individuals and merchants with tools and access to the Afrochain ecosystem.

Token Details

Symbol AFR
Max Supply 75,000,000 AFR
Total Supply 26,250, 000 AFR ( Pre ICO & Public ICO)
Hardcap 11,250 ETH ($ 5,625,000)
Softcap 3,750 ETH ($ 1,875,,000)
Exchange Rate – Pre Sale 5000 AFR = 1 ETH ( $ 0.1/AFR)
Target Price December/2018 $ 10 /AFR
Project protocol: ERC20 ETHEREUM Platform

Token Distribution

10% Available for Pre-sale
25% ICO Public Sales
15% Retained for Team & Developer
25% Reserved for Future Development
25 %Reserved for Marketing Bounties


● Decentralized:
The servers are decentralized and distributed into various
servers which connected to a single network.
● Anonymous:
With Afrochain (AFR), you don’t have to provide your personal
information or credit card info. This secures your privacy rights
against the legal whims of future administrations and makes
identity theft virtually impossible.
● Secured:
Afrochain (AFR) is protected by next generation cryptography – beyond
current military standards. This ensures that no one, including state
actors, can unilaterally transfer your funds.
● Transparent
Everyone can view the transaction history on the AFROCHAIN
Blockchain here on the Etherscan Block Explorer .

The NileChain Foundation

The NileChain Foundation is a decentralized private company (DAO), enabling a decentralized system to increase the African market. The Nilechain project is built on Mainnet Afrochain and improves African infrastructure so that they can enjoy the convenience of smart ecosystems. Nile The Foundation also provides governance services for the Nilechain Token (Nile) ecosystem economy. make everything develop better.
Using Blockchain Technology, Nilechain is able to build decentralized real estate and rental ecosystems that will enhance Africa’s quality, facilitate the purchase, sale and rental of services or properties for their convenience.


Useful Links

Afrochain Slinde:
GitHub: : funkyies



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