AFROCHAIN is the first blockchain for Africa. It is the first step toward building a free economy for everyone, giving back the power in the hands of the people of Africa and Africa diaspora. An entire ecosystem is to be built on the AFROCHAIN blockchain. AFROCHAIN native coin is called Afrochain Token (AFR), a Afrochain Token suitable for African-market usage in line with its vision to provide access to financial services for everyone. Users will be able to their own project on the Afrochain mainet. The Afrochain ecosystem will enable users to have access to education, payments, exchange, trading and investing, and lots more.

With around 250 million immigrants on the planet sending over $600bn to help their loved ones back home each year, the settlement business is at the center of the considerable number of exchanges, a huge wellspring of subsidizing for some people what’s more, families over the world. Anyway Immigrants confront two huge challenges when executing cross-fringe and nearby cash exchanges.

The blockchain technology and cryptocurrency industry has begun to make immense impact and is playing a major role causing a major revolution technologically and this is affecting just about every sphere of our lives including health, business and even academics, in fact projected growth of this industry is estimated to be over $2 trillion by 2020. the mainstream public accepting the cryptocurrency industry Is a major reason for its growth and the fact is IT would continue to grow and usher us into a new world that is truly revolutionary, a world where endless possibilities exist and if you can think it then you can do it.

As a crypto investor and enthusiast, it is required of you to know the current and genuine project. And that is the reason I will be expatiating and talking on this great project Afrochain.

INToken is a digital mazuma for business referrals and presentations. Organizations purchase Token to compensate you for your assistance. Tokens make these prizes simple for everybody, it’s a соgnitivе аd nеtwоrk that еngаgеѕ users in a tаrgеtеd and dirесt mаnnеr. Believe me I have done a lot of research on this project and I give it a thumbs up for it.

Afrochain platform:

The Afrochain platform just permits Merchants to engage in a trustful conveyed worldwide economy. It additionally gives a platform to Merchants to reach the developing advanced resource economy through our installment arrangement. With the developing requirement for block chain innovation, Afrochain Token (AFR) will be the platform for effortlessly available block chain innovation that will be effectively coordinated in both private and government economies in Africa.

AFROCHAIN through its native coin Afrochain Token (AFR) is creating a worldwide, Distributed, trust and reputation solution that shall work seamlessly with mobile money gateways on the Ethereum blockchain riding on the smart contracts technology.

The Afrochain Token (AFR) framework is outlined so that at whatever point a exchange is made, the framework, that is, the blockchain, will record parts of the exchange including time, getting and sending wallet addresses, guarantee conditions, conveyance time and such other expected data to shield the trustworthiness and trust of the framework. To accomplish this, classified data will as it were be accessible to approved clients in an outlined UI. In view of those actualities, Customers and Merchants will have the capacity to enroll, resolve claims and rate one another, and so forth when an exchange happens, guarantee recorded, settled/uncertain in light of the buy points of interest recorded when the buy was made, survey composed, and so forth., the savvy contracts will consequently change the trust level for each of the gatherings included.

Token Information

Detail Token Afrochain: (AFR)


Symbol: AFR

Max Supply: 75M AFR

Total Supply: 26,250, 000 AFR ( Pre ICO & Public ICO)

Hardcap: 11,250 ETH ($5,625,000)

Softcap: 3,750 ETH ($ 1,875,,000)

Exchange Rate – Pre Sale: 5000 AFR = 1 ETH ( $0.1/AFR)

Project protocol: ERC20 ETHEREUM Platform

Target Price December/2018: $10 /AFR

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